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Shuttles are a cheap and fast way to travel between systems. They are cheap to construct and buy off the market and they move fast for their price, thus making them an excellent choice for travel. They have very limited cargo space and cannot fit any modules. Pilots can fly any race's shuttle.

Shuttles are the only ship class that are naturally immune to Interdiction Warp Distruption Probes, Warp Disruption Field Generators, and Mobile Warp Disruptors, allowing them to travel within nullsec without the risk of being caught in bubbles.

Compared to a Capsule, a shuttle has a faster sub-warp speed and warp speed, with their additional 10 m3 cargo hold they can bring small goods like blueprints and boosters. However, shuttles are extremely vulnerable to gate camps smartbombs, and it is advised to use other ship with better tanking to haul valuable goods.

While shuttles have been known to be used as scout or survey ships, their most common use is to travel to pick up other, more expensive ships. A repackaged shuttle is only 500 m3, allows you to bring them with your battleship, without leaving them behind.

Standard Shuttles:

Rare and Unique Shuttles: