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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: Missing information on Pochven stargates..

Stargates (often just “gates”) in EVE are used to jump from one system to an adjacent system. For most pilots in New Eden, gates are by far the most common way to travel from system to system.

In high security space, gates can't be used by capital combat ships (carriers, force auxiliaries, dreadnoughts, supercapitals and titans).

Jump Proximity

When you command your ship to jump through a stargate, the jump will be immediate if you are 2500 m or less from the gate. If you are further away you will approach the gate and jump when you are less than 2500 m from it. If you are cloaked, you will approach the gate until it decloaks you (i.e. when you are less than 2000 m from it) and then jump.

Spawn Distance

When you jump into a stargate you will land in the next system, 12 km away from the gate. As stargates have different sizes, the actual radius where someone lands can be huge. To know how far someone jumping into a stargate will land away from someone sitting on a gate at 0, you can just add the size below to the 12km drop-out range.

Stargate radii by region and type
System Constellation Region Border
Amarr 4946 m 4646 m 14 km 26 km
Caldari 7065 m 8998 m 15 km 28 km
Gallente 6754 m 9412 m 10 km 37 km
Minmatar 4995 m 25000 m 24 km 42 km

Gate Cloak

Screenshot of Jump Cloak Timer

When you drop out of a stargate, you will be protected by a jump cloak which renders you invisible as well as invulnerable for 60 seconds. This is a game mechanic to make sure people jumping into a system have time to load the system without people waiting in that system being able to engage you right away. The time remaining on your jump cloak timer is shown, usually at the top-left of the screen.

If you jump into a system in low- or null-security space and find the gate camped by hostiles, don’t panic. Your gate cloak will give you precious time to assess where you are in relation to the enemy ships, and whether your chances are better returning to the gate or trying to warp out within system.

Gates and Timers

If you have a weapon timer because you engaged in PvP combat within the last 60 seconds, you cannot jump through a gate. This means that if you attack someone on a gate and your target does not fire back or use offensive modules, but rather jumps through the gate, you cannot immediately follow.

Other types of timer do not prevent gate jumps.

See Also

Advanced ships can move around New Eden using jump drives, and some ships can create a “jump bridge” which allows any ship to make a long-distance jump drive jump.

Players in sovereign nullsec space can create their own gates, Ansiblex Jump Gates, which work quite like normal gates but need to be fuelled and can have controlled access rights.

Filaments allow any ship to travel long distances, but only in one direction, and with a strong element of randomness.