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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.


PC9 Top Station

The location of the EVE University Null-Sec Community is often referred to as the PC9 pocket which refers to the Y4Y7-Q constellation. The staging system for most services being PC9-AY itself.

In PC9-AY we consider the NPC Station: PC9-AY III Intake Commerce Trading Post as our Headquarters. This is the station serviced by EVE Uni’s different programs. This station is often referred to as Top Station as well, since it's the station on top of the list you see when you right-click in space (in system) and hover over 'stations'.

Null-Sec differs from High- and Low-Sec in a couple of ways. The biggest differences you will notice: - No CONCORD NPCs coming to the aid of capsuleers fighting, no security status hit either - Warp Disruption fields, commonly referred to as ‘bubbles’ can be utilised to hinder travel/warp - A lot of the reward systems in EVE are directly linked to the system security e.g. bounties of NPC rats, abundance of Planetary Industry resources and many more. Hence, living in Null-Sec often offers better rewards for higher risks.

Coming to PC9-AY

Every Unista is welcome to join the Null-Sec Community, as there are no skill requirements.
However, flying in Null-Sec comes with its own risks and we recommend brand new pilots to get familiar with basic mechanics before moving to Null-Sec. Furthermore, Unistas are highly encouraged to follow some basic security procedures to arrive safely in PC9.

  • When traveling to PC9, you should always do so in a Shuttle. They are very fast (fast align and fast warp-speed), cheap and offer immunity to Warp Disruption Fields (Bubbles).
  • Especially for newer pilots, we do not recommend traveling to PC9 in any ship other than a Shuttle. You will find a selection of PvP and PvE ships on contract in Top Station upon your arrival and EVE University's Hauling Service will allow you to bring your assets for free to PC9.
  • If it is your first time coming to PC9, join the Standing Fleet and Mumble - there are always helpful Unistas who will provide you with tips on how the best move to PC9, as well as help scout for you.

Clone Bay

We suggest considering the following stations to install a jump-clone:

  • PC9-AY III - Intake Commerce Trading Post (900k ISK since it's an NPC station)
  • T22-QI - Varris Thellere (EVE University structure - 1 ISK)
  • PC9-AY - Lah'mu (Blue structure - 0 ISK)

Please be mindful when installing clones in a structure other than an NPC station, as Upwell structures (player owned) can be destroyed at any time.

If you are planning to stage out of PC9, it is highly recommended to make Top-Station (PC9-AY III - Intake Commerce Trading Post) your Home Station.

PC9 Standing Fleet

While being active at the NSC, joining the PC9 Standing Fleet is highly recommended. Being part of the fleet will have some advantages:

  • You’ll be able to join fleet content (PVP or PVE) asap
  • You see information on ‘bubbles’ we anchored ourselves
  • Other people in fleet can warp straight to you (warp to 0) when in the same system if you ever need help.

When you need to go AFK for a prolonged period, we recommend dropping the fleet to ensure that members of the standing fleet can easily identify who is currently active.

If no Standing Fleet is up, please create one!

Rules of Engagement: NBSI

In Null-Sec (not just our Staging, but all of Null-Sec, and also wormholes) Eve University’s Rules of Engagement are straight forward: Not Blue, Shoot It (NBSI). This means that all capsuleers that are not in Ivy League, Ivy League Alt Alliance or otherwise ‘blue’ (positive standings) to the Uni are targets (and vice versa).

In short: every person not marked green/blue or purple (in standing fleet) should be assumed hostile.

Community Lead

Alastair Thomas.jpg Alastair Thomas

The Community Lead NSC oversees the Null-Sec Community

Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators in the NullSec Community guide EVE University members in exploring this unique null-sec region. They support interested members in a diverse range of activities, including PvP roams, ratting, mining, PI, industry, and more; fostering an environment of adventure and learning within EVE University's null-sec endeavors.

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