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What is the Hauling Department?

The Hauling Department aims to provide a space where new Haulers can learn efficient Hauling and to support EVE University and its members in transporting goods between communities, trade hubs and fleet staging systems.

If you are interested in joining the Hauling Department, find all relevant information in this Post in the EVE University Forum

Current Staff

Hauling Management

Samsam.jpg Samsam James -

The Hauling Management oversees EVE University's hauling staff and coordinates hauling services required by EVE University with the Logistics Directorate

Hauling Officers

  • Roger Alleile
  • Hideo Date
  • Nexdoom Atruin
  • Lore Ashe
  • Edward Audeles

Hauling Services

EVE University's Sponsored Community Shipping Service provides Unistas free shipment of goods between EVE University communities, graciously supported through a group of dedicated hauling staff volunteers.

You can find all information about supported systems/stations, procedures, donations etc. in the above forum post.