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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

EVE University's Guest Fleet Commander Program allows Fleet Commanders from different corporations and alliances within EVE to act as fleet commanders for EVE University fleets, allowing the students to gain a wider range of experience from FCs with different skill- sets and styles, preparing them for the wide range of command styles and doctrines used in EVE.

Guest FC Program Form

Click Here to Access the form to apply

Guest FCs are outside Ivy League

This program is intended for Guest FCs who wish to remain in their current corporation. If you have an alt within EVE University, or intend to create one, you can register that Alt into the FC Team directly as a regular member.

Conduct & Language

  • All Guest FCs are expected to follow the Communications Policy when utilizing EVE Uni comms, which includes Mumble and Discord. TL:DR No Bigotry, RL Politics/Religion, Be Respectful
  • This includes a ban on discussion of EVE politics/drama and inter-corp sniping within FC Team channels. Guest FCs are currently welcome to engage in this within other EVE University channels.
  • A Guest FC may let fleet comms be 'unrestricted', but the fleet should be stated as being 'NSFW' during its formation if this is the case. We ask that most fleets be kept family-friendly whenever possible.
  • E-UNI/IVY members should follow the normal E-UNI Rules and ROE during fleets, however the Guest FC is free to conduct themselves how they wish within EVE.

Forming fleets

  • Fleets should be scheduled 24-48 hours in advance there possible, to allow for maximum attendance. Check the E-UNI Calendar for anything which may clash.
  • When forming the fleet, the Guest FC should request an IVY member post notice of the fleet formation in Alliance, check for any existing fleets (in order to co-ordinate with existing FCs), and assist in getting members in the fleet.
  • Normal fleet Mumble channels should be used, and the Guest FC should use the relevant command channel.

OOC Participation

  • The Guest FC may use his or her OOC character to command the fleet, as long as the E-UNI RoE is still followed. Blues, et. al. will still need to be identified and so some alternate method will be needed to do this if the FC is not a member of Ivy League.
  • Members of the Guest FC's organization may also participate in any roles that the Guest FC deems useful and especially educational.

Valid Targets and Locations

The Guest FC should ensure that all EVE University Rules of Engagement are followed at all times. EVE University are NRDS in high sec and NBSI in low sec, null sec and wormholes.

The Guest FC should also ensure the fleet follows EVE University's Neutrality Policy, which means we do not get involved in any way in structure fights that do not involve EVE University structures.

After Action Reports

  • Guest FCs will be provided access to the relevant E-UNI forum for posting AARs. We greatly welcome AARs posted by Guest FCs in the style they would normally post them, otherwise a member of the fleet should be nominated to write up the AAR.

More Information

To join the Guest FC program or for more information, please contact the FC Team Manager.