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Christmas Eagle Logo.png This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.


EVE University is one of the oldest corporations in EVE Online. Since EVE University has a naturally high turnover of members, the collective history of the corporation is quickly dispersed. This page aims is to collect some of the stories. This page is a collection of the recollections of various past and present members, so it is of course subjective. As significant time has passed since some of these events sources are rare, there may be some inaccuracies. Some of this information is sources from EVE University founder Morning Maniac's two-hour history lecture in March 2007: EVE University History, Past Present and Future. It covered the history of EVE University from its founding as a chat channel. However, well over half the EVE University's history happened after this talk.


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EVE University established - March 2004

EVE University was founded on 15th March 2004. The founder, Morning Maniac, had been answering questions in the Help channel and wanted to provide something more helpful than what 'Help' had become. The heart of the operation was the EVE University public chat channel. Early on, the principle was established that EVE University would remain neutral so that students can have the widest possible choice of future corporations.


Early wardec - October 2005

On 4th October 2005, EVE University had an early wardec via the EVE Online forums. This appears to be prior to the founding of The Big Blue.

The Big Blue established - October 2005

EVE University was one of the founding corporations of 'The Big Blue' alliance, together with N.A.G.A. Corporation, Four Horsemen, and others. The Big Blue (always with the definite article) was founded in October 2005 and held sovereign null sec. The Big Blue built two outposts in Geminate: the Blue Pill in BWF-ZZ and Masada Station in 8MG-J6. The Big Blue was interesting in that it maintained NRDS and a non-aggression policy, which was a rarity in null sec space.


Dissolution of The Big Blue - August 2006

In June 2006, Mercenary Coalition declared war on The Big Blue. A month later, Four Horsemen withdrew from The Big Blue, removing much of The Big Blue's PvP power. Subsequently, attacks by Euphoria Unleashed and others rendered the situation untenable, and N.A.G.A. Corporation and EVE University dissolved The Big Blue and withdrew from the region[1]. An interesting historical consequence is that the EVE University's TeamSpeak server was hosted with N.A.G.A. Corporation until late 2009. After The Big Blue's withdrawal, BWF-ZZ developed a reputation as a cursed system, which no group could hold onto for very long.

Break-away of TGRAD - August 2006

At the time EVE University retreated from Geminate, a group of EVE University members wanted to remain in null sec, allying with ISS, an organization which itself maintained neutrality. EVE University as a whole felt that this would nevertheless jeopardize its neutrality. Twenty-six EVE University members left to form a new corporation called The Graduates (TGRAD), and take over the Cassini outpost of ISS in EC-P8R.

Ivy League established - September 2006

The newly formed TGRAD found that the Cassini outpost was isolated from the rest of ISS. TGRAD was forced out of the region and joined with EVE University in forming the Ivy League Alliance, which was created on 17th September 2006 with EVE University as the Executor corporation.

TGRAD leaves Ivy League - October 2006

TGRAD maintained POSes in NPC null sec, under the Ivy League flag. However, the difficulty and expense of maintaining these POSes, and the disparity between EVE University's primary mission and the null sec focus of TGRAD, put a strain on the relationship between the two. Subsequently, TGRAD left Ivy League on 13th October 2006 to join Brutally Clever Empire (BRUCE), then an up-and-coming null sec alliance. They are currently the largest corp in The Initiative., and still recruit preferentially from EVE University.

Ivy League Research Foundation established - November 2006

Ivy League Research Foundation (2KNOW) was established on 5th November 2006.


The Drone Regions - late 2006 to April 2007

The drone regions of space were added to the EVE universe in November 2006. At some point after leaving Geminate, until about April 2007, EVE University held space in the Drone Regions (S-R9J2), while remaining headquartered in Korsiki. In April 2007, Invictus attacked and eventually forced Ivy League out of null sec again and we retreated to Korsiki. By the end of 2006, there was a precursor to the ship replacement plan, though it only covered frigates and destroyers.

War with the Privateers - January 2007 to April 2007

Back in Korsiki, the first of the wars with the Privateers started. In January 2007 TGRADS rejoined Ivy League, and around the same time, the Privateers alliance declared war on Ivy League, one of the 50 war decs they had at the time. According to Privateers they were acting as mercenaries. Speculation at the time was that the hiring body was Multiversal Enterprises, Inc. The Privateers attacked the Ivy League home system of Korsiki in March and April 2007. This led to a large battle with Invictus on 23rd April 2007.

Formation of the Low Sec Apprenticeship Group - mid 2007

In mid-2007, the Low Sec Apprenticeship Group was formed, possibly in a fit of absent-mindedness. After Master Akira's departure from EVE University in mid-2008, the group was reorganized under Dlardrageth. Division 6 grew out of a subsequent reorganisation.

Formation of the ILN - July 2007

At the end of July 2007, Silentbrick took a poll to gauge interest in forming a professional Navy, which became the Ivy League Navy.

Murder-Death-Kill war - August and September 2007

On 27th August 2007 - Murder-Death-Kill (MD-K) declared war on Ivy League, having first taken the trouble to set up a POS in Korsiki under an alt corporation (Vajayjay), in which they could shelter completely safe from attack - in high-sec, shooting at the 'neutral' POS would be a CONCORD-able act. They also used the tactic of putting neutral alts in among their drones, to prevent smartbombs from attacking their drones. Both of these were seen within EVE University as dirty tricks. MD-K had around sixty members at the time, composed of veteran PvP'ers. They had recently left the Triumvirate alliance and had at one time advertised as mercenaries. It is not known whether their war with EVE University was hired by a third party. Interestingly, MD-K had absorbed a corp of former EVE University members, Direct Intent, a few months previously. This caused some internal conflict for MD-K, as a number of their members refused to fight Ivy League.

EVE University declared war on MD-K's alt corporation, Vajayjay, on 29th August 2007. This was a rare EVE University wardec, to attack the POS in which MD-K was sheltering. On 2nd September 2007, MD-K next wardec'd Ivy League Research Foundation (2KNOW), who owned Ivy League's assets, suggesting strongly that their primary target in this war was the Korsiki POS. MD-K's attack was particularly significant since EVE University had a capital ship array anchored at the POS in Korsiki. Game changes had made it impossible to re-anchor such an array in high-sec space, so an irreplaceable asset was under attack. Soon after the wardec, MD-K attacked the POS in Korsiki. The attack was beaten off, but barely, since the POS was not configured for defense. EVE University management decided on 30th - 31st August 2007 as a defensive measure to remove Ivy League Research Foundation from Ivy League; that is, to remove the POS from the wardec. Unfortunately, this caused some trouble. At this time, it was common practice for players to log off at the POS, to avoid being camped in at stations. The departure of the POS owners from Ivy League meant that some EVE University members were ejected from the POS on login, with no warning, into the waiting guns of MD-K. Others bounced off the POS shields to a similar effect.

On 3rd September 2007 CCP, with no warning, unanchored all high-sec capital construction arrays, preventing any more capital ships from being constructed in high sec. Their stated reason for doing so was that the advantage given to the owners was unfair. Using a capital ship in high sec for war purposes was eventually made a petitionable action. After the removal of the highsec capital arrays, the MD-K war quickly wound down, and Ivy League Research Foundation rejoined Ivy League on 5th September 2007.


The Really Awesome Players (TRAPS) - April 2008

The Really Awesome Players, then a corporation in the Privateer alliance, war-dec'd the Legion of Lost Souls (LOLS) on 2nd April 2008. LOLS had a history with EVE University going back to The Big Blue. LOLS refused to pay a ransom to TRAPS and joined the Ivy League alliance for mutual support. TRAPS later claimed that the cause of the LOLS wardec was LOLS' smack-talking[2]. After a week of the war, TRAPS failed to renew the wardec and the war ended on 15th April 2008. However, they joined the Privateers Alliance a few days later, and the shooting started again.

Ibn Sahl, Open-I - April 2008

On 26th April 2008, EVE University was dec'd by a one-man corp. EVE University's membership was about 1,200 at the time. The diplomatic team contacted Ibn Sahl to see why he wanted to take us all on. The answer: Honor. (After honor was satisfied, Ibn Sahl declared war on the Privateers.)

Privateer Wars - Spring -June 2008

In March of 2008, the Privateers announced on the EVE forums that they would be accepting contracts against EVE University[3]. It was widely believed that senior leaders in the Privateers had developed personal grudges against EVE University. For the following two months, the Privateers maintained continuous war against EVE University. The Privateer Alliance was founded to facilitate high sec PvP for its members. Wardec fees at the time scaled only with the number of simultaneous wars the defender had; this made it possible for Privateers to maintain a large number of simultaneous wardecs. Prior to April 2007, they typically had 75 to 80 simultaneous wardecs - which provided them with wide scope for shooting people. The wardec fees were sustainable because of the large size of the alliance, which spread the cost around. Privateers' corporations were able to sustain themselves from the loot of their kills, but the system depended on having a lot of valid targets in high sec. The Revelations 1.4.2 patch in April of 2007 changed the calculation of wardec fees to factor in the number of wars the aggressor was maintaining, so that huge numbers of simultaneous wars were no longer practical. This changed the nature of the Privateers' operations.

Lack of DPS in EVE University fleets has been a recurring problem throughout the corporation's history. After over a month of war with no break, a battleship loan program was started to get more battleship-capable pilots flying the big boats in war fleets.

To prevent the recurring war decs, EVE University instituted a 'DecShield'. This was a game mechanic that EVE University used to discourage casual War Declarations by making them more expensive to the potential aggressor. The Decshield was removed on 23rd June 2008, and Privateers immediately declared was again. In July Privateer alliance internal disputes and an interest in faction warfare lead to them retracting the wardec.

One of the effects of the extended war was greatly tightened wartime standard operating procedures. The general war rules had previously allowed mining and missioning as long as it was done several systems away from the Korsiki-Jita pipe and in quiet systems (i.e. not major mission hubs). For the Privateer wars, that was no longer considered sufficient. Since an essential part of the war strategy was to deny the enemy kills and loot, first mining and then missioning were banned altogether during the Privateer wars. Travel was still allowed, except during local lockdowns.

One Man and His Drake - August 2008

Well, there was this one guy, see, with a Drake. One Man and His Drake was also his corp name. He thought he'd developed the ultimate tank for the Drake. He still got blown up, and he wasn't a good sport about it.

Departure and Return of Sabre A

The Tribute to Sabre A: [1]


Formation of Battlegroups - early 2009?

Battlegroups were part of the Ivy League Navy (ILN). The original idea behind having multiple Battlegroups was to group interested players by time of activity. It was thus broadly linked to time zones. Members were not restricted to their physical location, but they were restricted to a single Battlegroup. A leader was chosen from each group. There were initially (as of December 2009) three main Battlegroups, roughly placed in the US, EU, and Pacific times. This was later expanded and as of July 2012, there were six Battlegroups, covering active timezones of 5 hours. As of July 2012, there were minimum activity requirements for Battlegroups, in terms of the number of fleets they were required to run.

Formation of Division Six - around March 2009

Division 6 was formed by Wolf VanBerg as a special program aimed at exploring and living in wormholes, just before the Apocrypha expansion. Members lived in wormholes almost exclusively, and at its height, it had around 40 - 50 pilots. There was a minimum skill set required for membership, and the group tended to fly in remote-repair armor battleship gangs with battlecruisers for point defense

Seppuku Warriors / Vertigo Coalition War - April to May 2009

Seppuku Warriors had declared war on EVE University simultaneously with Dynaverse, a larger corporation with no previous interaction with the EVE University. The war opened with Seppuku Warriors suicide-ganking a hauler before the formal onset of hostilities, which should have been a hint. Sepukku Warriors assured EVE University management that they wanted a clean war and that they weren't interested in the EVE University POS. So it was a bit of a surprise when 50+ battleships arrived to assault the POS on 4th May 2009. The war had been timed to fall during the final exam period of many real-life universities, which limited EVE University's forces available. EVE University leadership present at the time decided that they couldn't contest the Dynaverse and Sepukke Warriors fleet, and ordered a total lockdown to prevent losses. The POS was put into reinforced mode, and the battleship fleet left. SW insisted that of course, they wouldn't blow up the POS -- they just wanted to teach EVE University a lesson. They also expressed regret that EVE University hadn't come out (in a largely frigate-and-cruiser fleet) to fight. (Remember that at this time, EVE University had very few battleship-capable pilots).

EVE University leadership kept its plans quiet, but the student body was spoiling for a fight. Independently, many students started planning either to repair the POS shields and modules or to fight a fleet if there was a subsequent attack. When the POS came out of reinforced mode on 9th May 2009, a large Dynaverse fleet again showed up to attack it. EVE University fleets responded, and a battle royale ensued. Dynaverse and Sepukku Warriors, in addition to their superior firepower, had parked neutral alts in shuttles in the middle of their drone swarms. This led to perhaps the lightest moment of the day - Dierdra Vaal, who had used smart-bombs to clear the enemy drone swarm, running away from Concord at high speed, toward low-sec, in a series of vehicles. Dierdra's security status had dropped instantly from +5 to -6 as the "neutral" shuttles and pods got destroyed. Dierdra then discovered, in order, that (a) You can't successfully tank Concord and station/gate guns in a battleship, and (b) you can't cloak your covops in high-sec if Concord is after you. Unfortunately, the POS was destroyed in the end. A replacement POS was donated to EVE University by the members of Division 6, so the material loss was mitigated, but the emotional impact on EVE University membership was enormous.

Ivy League Research and Development established - May 2009

A corporation called Ivy League Research and Development (IL-RD) was formed on 13th May 2009 and joined Ivy League on 15th May 2009.

Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams (FRICK) - May 4-12

Another mercenary group that wardec'd EVE University hot on the heels of the POS takedown, FRICK was very, very good at small-group combat. Fighting them was educational - they camped several stations at Korsiki with elegant teamwork and well-chosen bookmarks. It had become apparent to many by this point that someone with a lot of spare cash was upset at EVE University. We were getting wardecs every week and from mercenaries every time.

Move to Aldrat - late July 2009

After the SW/Dynaverse war, the number of 'real' wars decreased. However, a huge number of 'faildec' wars were declared in this period - 7-10 member corps who'd show up for a day of fighting, lose a ship or two, and then hide for the rest of the week, causing EVE University membership to spin in station. EVE University leaders suspected that a large part of this problem was being a very large corporation located in the highest-population region of space. Several solutions were considered, and it was decided to move EVE University to a quieter region of space. They looked around and decided on Aldrat - a quiet region near Hek, but not so near as to cause trouble. Aldrat is also near the infamous pirate system Rancer, which greatly increased PvP learning opportunities for students. It's also at the head of a cul-de-sac in space, which has certain practical advantages. The move to Aldrat around the end of July 2009 (temporarily) decreased the number of wardecs EVE University had, though cleaning the low-grade pirates and can-flippers out of the region occupied people for quite a while at the start of the move.

Because Aldrat is also near NPC null sec space, EVE University leadership took the experimental step of opening NPC null sec to students, allowing students to dip a toe into null sec without the political repercussions of entering sovereign space.

Uniwiki launched - summer 2009

In late summer 2009, EVE University wiki (Uniwiki) was first launched, as a resource to provide information about EVE Online.

EVE High established - prior to September 2009

EVE High was created as a kind of 'virtual corporation' for members interested in joining EVE University. It was created as a consequence of a significant number of war declarations, to allow potential members to take advantage of EVE University's learning opportunities without subjecting them to the risks inherent to joining a corporation at war. Applicants could indicate during the admission process that they wished to join EVE High and if successful they would be granted access to some (but not all) EVE University services without actually joining the corporation. EVE High was eventually abolished and is no longer active.

Marius Labo writes: EVE High was an option at the time I had applied to join EVE University in late 2010. It was well established when I was accepted into the recruiting department as a rookie Recruiting Officer (now Personnel Officer) in January of 2011. EVE High essentially discontinued as a viable option when Kelduum brought in significant changes to the recruiting process in early 2012 leading up to the Inferno expansion, which brought in major changes to the War Dec system.

Seamus Donohue writes: "EVE High" was already in use when my application was accepted in September 2009.

The Dynaverse Wormhole POS Siege - November 2009

John Haldane writes: One day in November of '09, Reese Walker scanned down a POS in a wormhole. Her voice came over the Teamspeak channel: "Hey, guys -- guess what I found!" That turned into a week or so of frantic activity, since what she had found was a wormhole system where some members of Dynaverse were maintaining POSes. We quickly arranged to get some scanning alts into their wormhole, and got hold of Silentbrick. Soon, Silent had called for a fleet to... take care of the problem, and D6 was trying to provide logistic support, scanning services, and wormhole management and training for a Uni siege fleet, on short notice and with little practice (or sleep). The siege was successful -- the POS owners sued for terms, and the ILN carried home the Dynaverse POS tower as part of the surrender terms. A lot of Unistas got a real education in WH operations over the weekend. But to this day, we all flinch when Reese says "Hey, guys!"


EVE University changes CEO - February 2010

On 1st February 2010, Morning Maniac announced that he was stepping down as CEO of EVE University, after almost 6 years at the helm. Kelduum Revaan, the former Director of Operations, replaced Morning Maniac as CEO. Morning Maniac remains an EVE University member and Director Emeritus.

Division Six is dissolved - February 2010

Division 6, EVE University's wormhole group, was dissolved by EVE University management on 11th February 2010 amidst a storm of drama. Many of the members of Division 6 moved on to Everset Dropbears [EDROP].

Ivy League Research Foundation leaves Ivy League - June 2010

Ivy League Research Foundation (2KNOW) was removed from Ivy League on 27th June 2010.

Sisters in EVE established - summer 2010

In the summer of 2010 EVE University played host to a community of female EVE players called Sisters in EVE, created by Rain Coehati. This included setting up a restricted section of the EVE University forum open to (female) members of the group only. Its existence caused some controversy among members. It was eventually closed on 1st June 2011 due to inactivity.


Holding Corp One - April 1 - April 16

This was a war declared with the purpose of using the WSOP against the students as a way to bring about some negotiations over the actions of the then Director of Intelligence and their treatment of members both internal and external. As a measure to try and lessen the demands of the (alt) who initiated this war, the WSOP was essentially not in-force. The deccing corp made many publicly available demands pointing to the situation.

Ivy League Holdings established - June 2011

Ivy League Holdings was formed and brought into the Ivy League Alliance for storage of assets on 29th and 30th June 2011.

Null Sec Campus established - May - September 2011

In May 2011 EVE University established the first iteration of the Null-Sec Campus in the Fountain region. Unfortunately, the first iteration was not entirely successful, and the Null Sec Campus was forced to leave camp prematurely, and once again return to Empire space. Then one day, in September 2011, a handful of brave, perhaps foolhardy Unistas followed a gibbering madman named Tinman Spectacular into Syndicate, pitched their tents, and settled in for the long haul. So Null Sec Campus 2.0 was born out of the initiative of EVE University students.

Marius Labo writes: The first, rather unsuccessful interaction actually happened in 2012. It was sparked by the invite of former Unistas who had founded Ponywaffe (PWWN) who had established themselves in TEST. As the Student Relations Manager at the time I was part of the discussions leading to our then Director of Human Resources, Darian Reymont, to help get this off the ground. They were trying to foster what it was like to live out in NPC Nullsec in the NPC (Serpentis) pocket in Fountain, the Phoenix Constellation. At this time EVE University had strict rules about not entering Sov Null. Part of its concept was based on the largely successful Student-led ongoing event known as the Low-Sec Camp (which later became the Low-Sec Campus). The Syndicate-based NSC occurred later in 2012.

No SOP Month - September - October 2011

To try and foster an appreciation for EVE University's Wartime Standard Operating Procedures (which were becoming more and more unpopular) the CEO announced a "No SOP Month" where Unistas were free to do as they liked during wartime. The results were that many Unistas who would have dropped for wartime due to the restrictions of the WSOP, stuck around and carried on and morale was good through this experiment.

"Operation" Dec Shield - October 2011 - May 2012

Technically not a proper operation, CEO Kelduum Revaan, after consulting with CCP on the wardec mechanics, established an effective "shield" against the constant incoming wardecs (usually we had a wardec on for a week, maybe two, then a week of peace, followed by another wardec) by setting up approximately 20 mutual wardecs started with alt corporations. This effectively raised the cost of declaring war against Ivy League to a grossly large amount of ISK, with its associated escalating costs, and thus made declaring war against EVE University very unattractive for the ISK needed to spend. Towards the end of this "operation", shortly before the release of the Inferno expansion, there was a notable and fun war with RvB. It could be argued that this dec shield tactic fostered some dislike towards EVE University in the wider community which may have led to the phenomena of "Perma-Dec", started by Mentally Assured Destruction (U-MAD) and its associated alliances up to its current alliance, The Pursuit of Happiness (-BRO), and had other so-called High Sec mercenary corps and alliances get in on continually wardeccing Ivy League after the wardec mechanics changed with the Inferno expansion (May 2012).

The Low-Sec Camp - October 2011 - onward

As a result of a lack of PvP opportunities from the Dec Shield, and a desire to help Unistas so inclined, a persistent student-run event called The Low-Sec Camp was established, for those to come and go, and learn to live in low-sec, and get some PvP action. There were ILN pilots and non-ILN pilots, and "carebears" of all stripes. They were quite successful and tried to operate outside of the administrative structure of EVE University, but sticking to the rules. The only support they depended on, due to corp mechanics, was for corp hangars. As with anything new or different, several culture clashes occurred, and many originators lost their enthusiasm to running this ongoing event. EVE University management became involved in the running of the campus, and it was relocated. Eventually, this student-led persistent event became the first official management endorsed and run Campus, later called the Low-Sec Campus.


Ivy League Hall of Residence established - March 2012

On 28th and 29th March 2012, Ivy League established a new corporation called Ivy League Hall of Residence for alts of EVE University members, which opened its doors on 3rd April 2012. The catalyst behind the change was changed mechanics behind war declarations, which linked the cost of declaring war to the number of members in the alliance being war decced (so adding alts to Ivy League made it more expensive for people to declare war on it). Although the war dec mechanics were later changed again, some members found it useful to have an alt within Ivy League, which enabled them to fly in EVE University fleets under the rules of the time, so the Hall of Residence remained open.

The Amarr Mining Campus established - March 2012

The AMC, originally the Amarr Mining Camp, started in a similar vein to that of the Low-Sec Camp in 2011, was created to establish formal mining operations so that miners within, and their alts, could experience proper mining operations and fleets. The Camp eventually became the Amarr Mining Campus.

Marius Labo writes: My recollection is the Mining Camp started in late 2011, but I can't be completely sure.

Libold becomes a 'Frigate Free For All' system - June 2012

In June 2012 the system of Libold, a dead-end system behind EVE University's then-HQ of Aldrat, was designated as an EVE University Frigate Free For All (FFA) system. This meant that any EVE University members in a T1 frigate in that system was game for PVP. It provided an opportunity for friendly PVP practice at minimal cost to members, since it was restricted to T1 frigates only and there was a 'no podding' rule. Its use was promoted through contests and giveaways.

Operation Fortress established - September 2012

On 6th September 2012 Operation: Fortress was established by Korr’Tanas. It was a permanent standing fleet for members who were in the Aldrat area, to allow members to react more swiftly to attacks from war targets.

Wormhole Community established - November 2012

Although EVE University had taken forays into wormhole space previously (notably with Division 6 and a previous failed attempt to establish a wormhole campus), in summer 2012 talks among EVE University management were initiated to establish a new Wormhole Community. In October 2012 the final decision to go forward was made and the Wormhole Community began preparation to open its doors once more. Unistas found a live-able system and erected a POS towards the end of November 2012 and it was then launched with tons of work by Scrapyard Bob and Frood Frooster, with the first Wormhole Community manager being Sylvanium Orlenard.


Dust University established - January 2013

In 2013 CCP announced plans for a first person shooter which took part in the same universe as EVE Online. This was launched in May 2013 as Dust 514. In preparation, Ivy League launched a sister corporation to EVE University in January 2013, called Dust University. Dust University had the aim of teaching new players how to play Dust 514 in the same way EVE University teaches new members about EVE Online.

EVE University POS destroyed - February 2013

In February 2013 Red v Blue (RVB) declared war on EVE University. EVE University and RVB have a history of 'educational' wars. On this occasion, RVB successfully destroyed EVE University's POS in Aldrat. This caused a significant loss of morale to EVE University members. It should be mentioned this was a blessing in disguise as the CEO of the Ivy League corp (IL-RD) that owned the POS was not responding, assumed away-from-game, and the use of this POS was limited. The succeeding POS that was set up was much more functional and useful to EVE University members.

EVE University changes CEO - March 2013

On 15th March 2013, Kelduum Revaan stepped down as CEO of EVE University. He appointed Azmodeus Valar, then Director of Operations, as the new CEO of EVE University.

Operation Conga Hammer - July 2013

EVE University members discovered a Class 5 wormhole that contained a POS belonging to An Astonishing Bunch of Idiots, members of the alliance Whores in Space who regularly wardecced EVE University. On 26th July 2013, EVE University mounted an eviction operation[4]

Ivy League Industrial Assets Division established - August 2013

A corporation called Ivy League Industrial Assets Division (ILIAD) was formed on 16th August 2013 and joined Ivy League on 21st September 2013. ILIAD was created and staffed by the Logistics Division to control Ivy League structures, including the new POS, and was a replacement for IL-RD due to control and communications issues.

Operation Surprise Dragon - October 2013

In early October 2013, a member stole a bunch of ships from the EVE University hangars and left the corporation. Unfortunately for him, EVE University chanced upon the location of a wormhole belonging to his alt's corporation, Requiem Liberators. On 27th October 2013 EVE University led a fleet into the wormhole under the cover of a "Dragon Slayer" fleet (which normally targets capital ships). The fleet destroyed 2 POSes and 4 billion ISK in assets in total.


Chilltown - PvP "University" - March 2014

Sabre A (as Cpt Jack 5parr0w), former Combat Director, returned to EVE University after much consideration from Management, to assist with some welcome and rather informal PvP instruction. Chilltown was an unofficial training element of EVE University, and many of its members helped establish the High Sec Group (later to become the High Sec Campus).

Ivy League Research and Development left Ivy League - June 2014

Ivy League Research and Development (IL-RD) left Ivy League on 4th June 2014. It previously hosted the EVE University POS in Aldrat. It was superseded the previous year by the Ivy League Industrial Assets Division (ILIAD) but was not removed from the alliance until this time because of the same control and communications issues that warranted its replacement.

Operation Griefseed - October 2014

In 2014 the Wormhole campus stumbled upon a wormhole with structures belonging to Hounds of Haides, an alt corp of Public Enemy who were a frequent war-deccer of EVE University. Our members quietly seeded the hole (leaving alts logged off in it) and prepare for an invasion. In an operation led by Titus Tallang spanning two days, EVE University successfully destroyed Hounds of Haides’ large POS and several player owned customs offices (POCOs) with a fleet of 130 people.

Operation Bulbasaur - October 2014

By October 2014 EVE University had been wardecced by Pursuit of Happiness for several months, leading to a great deal of frustration to members. So when Sabre A (as Cpt Jack 5parr0w) called for action, he got an eager response. A group of EVE University members, particularly those who did not usually engage in PVP, temporarily deployed to Pursuit of Happiness’ home system of Anttiri to play them at their own game - station games. After a few days of content-deprivation Pursuit of Happiness dropped their war dec against EVE University, and victory was declared.


Chilltown winds down - January 2015

Sabre A, having felt Chilltown had done all it could to foster PvP and bring a different angle in from many veteran guests through-out EVE Online, decided to move onto another project, that being the revival of an old and infamous alliance, Mercenary Coalition, through his corporation, Licence To Kill.

High Sec Group becomes High Sec Campus - April 2015

On 26th April 2015, the High Sec Group (which was itself formed from the remnants of ‘Chilltown’) was adopted as an official EVE University campus, under the leadership of the first High Sec Campus manager - Unstable unit.

Operation Homulilly - May 2015

Tempest Legion, war targets of EVE University, were found to be living in wormhole system J235117. When the wormhole campus discovered the wormhole in question, preparations began for an eviction, led by Alex Robles and Arimos. On 10th May 2015, after a three day operation, EVE University successfully evicted Tempest Legion from their wormhole, including destroying their structures and causing over 20 billion ISK worth of damage.

EVE University HQ moves to Slays - August 2015

After 6 years in Aldrat, EVE University moved its headquarters to the Slays system on 1st August 2015. This meant the headquarters was only a few jumps from the majority of EVE University campuses, making the lives of students and our logistics team easier. The move required a huge amount of effort, with backstock and blueprints spanning several years being moved.

New Ivy League Logo - August 2015

In 2015 CCP announced that they would be allowing alliances to submit new designs for alliance logos and as part of this all existing alliance logos would be removed from the game. Ivy League took this as an opportunity for a completely new alliance logo. A competition was run, and the winning design was the new shield origami logo, which was designed by Janton Raudhir and Jurius Doctor. The logo was officially changed in August 2015.

Operation Fragile Unicorn - November 2015

In November HORSE-KILLERS, a local group in Solitude, declared war on EVE University. They were quickly found to hold assets in Syndicate. In operation Fragile Unicorn EVE University destroyed one POS and four POCOs were destroyed.

Kelon and his team wins Amarr Championship - November 2015

In 2015 CCP held a one-of-a-kind tournament, the Amarr Championship, to appoint a successor to the Amarrian throne. Capsuleers were able to enter teams into the tournament to represent potential successors to the throne. EVE University’s own Kelon Darklight was nominated with his team to represent the house of Tash-Murkon. In a dramatic final at Fanfest 2015 Kelon’s team was successful and brought home the throne to Tash-Murkon.


Operation Unihorde and the Daft Archer - March 2016

PIRAT had once again declared war on EVE University. Herc Stormsailor then found POCOs belonging to Tactical Pixies Incoming, a member PIRAT. These POCOS were then destroyed in an EVE University operation. Then it was found that Lizaveta Corporation was an alt corp of PIRAT and that it had 50+ POCOS near Amarr. On March 18th these findings were revealed when EVE University declared war on Lizaveta Corporation. For a week after the war declaration EVE University was deployed in Amarr space and destroyed over one hundred POCOs, culminating in major battles in Kehour and Jarshitsan aided by RABBLE forces.

Operation Fortuona - March 2016

White 0rchid found a wormhole belonging to one of our regular war targets, PIRAT, which contained 10 POCOs and a large POS. By the time approval was given from management for an operation, White had moved on from EVE University and PIRAT had removed their POS. Nevertheless, we carried out another large wormhole operation, this time led by Kyle Hargrove. The operation involved cross campus cooperation and successfully destroyed 10 POCOs belonging to PIRAT.

Amarr Mining Campus and Project Solitude - April 2016

On 19th April 2016, the Amarr Mining Campus and Project Solitude became official EVE University campuses. Jefferson Spence became the first official Amarr Mining Campus manager and Sally Digital the first Project Solitude manager.

Querious Deployment - May 2016

EVE University temporarily deployed to the Querious region in May 2016. Sovereign null security Querious was home to the second iteration of the Querious Fight Club (QFC), a group of new player oriented Alliances all mutually agreeing to prohibit structural warfare and regional aggression. The 2 week deployment took a month to prepare. During the first week of deployment the region was invaded by Broski/Dawninism and EVE University was enlisted by the QFC members to help in the defense. The incursion was successfully repelled in a fleet battle led by Uni members with heavy losses suffered on both sides. Unbeknownst at the time, however, was that the offending forces were allied with Triggerkittens, owners of the E-Uni staging station. Bryce, their CEO, was summarily ejected from the QFC after some harsh words were exchanged by QFC leaders and fueled by a Uni FC. In retaliation, Bryce reset EVE University's standings which rendered the station and its assets inaccessible, leaving a lone E-Uni Diplomat within to negotiate an evacuation. Bryce would not be convinced that E-Uni was not a player in what he believed to be a region-wide conspiracy to displace his corporation. Several days later, Brave Collective (in what would be Bryce's self-fulfilling prophesy) captured the system's TCMs which liberated the station, restored EVE University access, and ultimately drove Triggerkittens from the region. E-Uni displaced to a Red Frog Freeport several systems away and withdrew from the region as planned with little further intrigue.

Dust University closes down - May 2016

On 30th May 2016 Dust 514 was officially closed down by CCP, and so Dust University was also closed down.

Project Solitude assembles Gravity Well - August 2016

The Fortizar Gravity Well finished anchoring at 00:15 on August 16 YC 118 and was the first upwell structure for Project Solitude and the second citadel built and anchored by EVE University after Azmo's Large Innuendo. The campus hangars and services moved from their short lived home in Vecodie to the new home at GW in June 2017 after industry and science modules had been installed.

Structure fights in Null Sec Campus - June 2016

The Null Sec Campus based in PC9-AY, Syndicate was under relentless assault from Cynosural Field Theory. (CFT) against its POCOs for the entire spring. On 9 June, CFT aggression culminated in their attempted anchoring of an Astrahus on grid with the NPC station which EVE University occupied. E-Uni's planned counter assault on the anchoring citadel was openly discussed on their forum and subsequently "leaked" to Reddit. E-Uni called upon aid from The Graduates (TGRAD), Mercenary Coalition (MC), Digital Vendetta( DIVE), and WAFFLES to assist with the operation. The ensuing free-for-all resulted in elements of Pandemic Legion, which were also called to ally in the citadel destruction joining with those uninvited third party forces notified by the Reddit announcement in destroying the entire E-Uni defense fleet and allied TGRAD Hurricane battleships within minutes of its undocking. Following E-Uni leaving the field, the third parties successfully destroyed the CFT Astrahus with little resistance, and the operation itself was declared a success despite heavy losses.

WinterWar - December 2016

In December 2016 a friendly war was organised between Ivy League and RVB, called WinterWar 16. Jurius Doctor made the arrangements from the EVE University side. The 'war' was limited to a single region, which was Black Rise, including a high sec island that limited the involvement of third parties. Various events were organised throughout the war, including brawls, new player, and training events.


EVE University changes CEO - March 2017

On 15th March 2017, Azmodeus Valar stepped down as CEO of EVE University after 4 years. He appointed Laura Karpinski, then Director of Operations as the new CEO of EVE University.

Ivy League Industrial Assets Division and Dust University leave Ivy League - March 2017

Ivy League Industrial Assets Division, which was by this stage no longer being used for industry due to changes in the game mechanics, left Ivy League on 15th March 2017. Dust University was no longer operational, due to Dust 514 having closed down, so it was also removed from Ivy League on 15th March 2017.

Project Solitude assembles Event Horizon - November 2017

On November 13th the large engineering complex "Event Horizon" was assembled, armed, and rigged in Boystin. This brought the Project Solitude structure count to two.

Stuff that needs to be fitted in somewhere

  • SPS-es (Summer 2007)
  • Uni fight club (definitely active Nov '07)
  • Chilltown
  • Rote Kapelle declares war on E-Uni in Syndicate.
  • Introduction to Agony
  • Operation Lootgrab (October 2013)
  • The Rampart project was a program bringing more experienced students out to the 0.0 outpost in the drone regions to bolster the defence
  • Castle Greyskull and the Disappearing POS - November 2008
  • HSC Fight Club
  • Anchoring Citadel in Amygnon, HSC
  • Operation Short Trip
  • Operation Medium Trip


AMC moved from Amarr
As a result of the Triglavian invasion Niarja went into Pochven. That meant that it was about 40 jumps from AMC to HSC. So AMC was moved to a system much closer to HSC.
At the end of the year, Solitude campus was closed.

Corporations Related to the Uni

Uni-related FW corps

  • Thukk U (Minmatar)
  • 7th Golden Lancers (Amarr)
  • 13th State Grenadiers Militia (Caldari)

(Incomplete) List of former-Unista Corps

  • The Graduates (TGRAD)
  • Direct Intent
  • Internal Anarchy (much of then-BG 1 moved here, circa Fall 2009)

Swguru writes: The large group of BG-1 that left to join Internal Anarchy left 2 months later and formed Dead Pilots Society on 2010-01-15. We mostly did some highsec pvp and mercenary work, including a short stint in The Privateer Alliance. Internal Anarchy itself was not a corp formed wholly from Unistas.

  • Central Research Nexus (CRN) (Faction Warfare)
  • Child Head Injury and Laceration Doctors (CH1LD)
  • Art of War (?)
  • Adhocracy (ADHC)
  • Seppuku Warriors (TANTO)
  • Everset Dropbears (EDROP)(formed when D6 was shut down, Feb 2010)
  • Future Corps (FCFTW) (Formed from the old leaders of the Wormhole Club Dec 2010)
  • RUSE/TDROP - There have always been players in EVE University who don't like PvP or can't join fleet ops for practical reasons. Over the years, Kelduum Revaan started a couple of corporations to accommodate them. TDROP was the earlier of the two. RUSE was in use until mid-2009, approximately, when another series of wardecs caused the Uni to stop using drop corps for the moment. TDROP was active in the MD-K period -- Aug '07. At some points, there was a waiting period to get in, as the CEO was still training corp skills.

Kelduum writes: The Dropouts [TDROP] was formed by myself as a 'safe haven' for members during war - basically maintained by an alt, the idea was to keep a few of the members together and let them know how the war was going. Eventually, it got wardecced pretty quick, so was dissolved. If you check Keldalt Revaan's corp history, you should be able to find the time it was founded and closed. R.U.S.E. [RUSE] was the second incarnation of TDROP, and the name was chosen by a poll on the forums here. Officially "Rafe Udall Spacelane Enterprises", after the CEO (again, an alt of mine, and you should be able to find the info in my corp history), unofficially the name stood for "Respite Until Shooting has Ended". Eventually this also attracted wars, which lead to its dissolution and closure, and the reform in channels, starting with "EVE High" which became Chat.E-UNI and similar.

  • PonyWaffe (PWWN) - founded by a large number of the Personnel Department and ILN officers - went on to join TEST for a long period
  • Digital Vendetta (DIVE) - an alliance founded by Pro Dive Shop - several Unistas are involved in this
  • Licence To Kill (0O7) - professional mercenary corp, re-founding Mercenary Coalition