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The UniWiki is a public knowledge repository about EVE Online provided by EVE University. All the content is available under a Creative Commons license, which means you are free to share and adapt it. We just ask that you give appropriate credit to the UniWiki.

UniWiki is run as a dictatorship, just like EVE University. Articles in the UniWiki namespace are maintained by the Wiki Department. You can learn about editing the UniWiki by reading the Editing Guide. Read about ways in which editors of all skill levels can contribute to the UniWiki by reading the To-Do List and Projects page.


UniWiki uses a variety of channels for discussion and communicating with UniWiki users:

UniWiki ideals

UniWiki is created and maintained by volunteers, both within and outside EVE University, bound by a common set of ideals.

Balance Tradition And Innovation

If you have an obvious solution to a problem that no one has ever solved before, think again. Either you are a brilliant inventor or you didn't foresee difficult problems your predecessors faced. Do not think you can or should destroy everything and rebuilt the UniWiki.

Iterative improvements can only get you so far due to diminishing returns. Work smarter not harder. Brave new ideas are always welcome and can be tested on sandbox pages.

There is wisdom in tradition. Innovation moves us towards plenty, beauty and truth. If you are new to the UniWiki, lean towards tradition. If you are a seasoned Wiki expert, lean towards innovation. But never disregard either or both.

Do Not Place Power Over Virtue

UniWiki editors can change pages. Wiki Curators have expert power to set standards and conventions. Administrators can prevent a page from being edited. Bureaucrats can ban anyone from the UniWiki. Interface administrators can change the look of the whole UniWiki.

Use your powers sparingly and with great forethought. This is especially true when it comes to UniWiki newcomers.

Do Not Trade Liberty For Security

Vandalism is exceedingly rare even though any capsuleer can edit the UniWiki. Embrace this observation. Treat your fellow editors with dignity and assume they have good intentions. Don't prevent editors from contributing by protecting a page.

Protect pages only after vandalism has occurred, not before. When you protect a page indefinitely you take full responsibility for its maintenance because you are now among the very few who can can edit it.

Maintain A Single Source Of Truth

Each piece of information should have one and only one home that is kept up-to-date. This applies to templates, categories, pages, sections and paragraphs.

Don't copy and paste. Keep the number of templates, categories and rules small, strongly worded and concise. Link and reference.

Cost Of Perfection Is Infinite

Arguing over conventions or standards or traditions and how they should change and how there are conflicting exceptions to a rule is counterproductive. Standards and conventions are often arbitrary, come from tradition or are best practices learned from experience. They are set to avoid ambiguity and time waste.

Feel free to suggest how they should change, but once a decision has been made, honor it. Don't let the lack of consistency drive you crazy. The UniWiki is vast and ancient.

Cooperation Over Competition

Add, append, modularize, extend, reuse and link, don't duplicates, don't write redundant pages. Talk with your fellow editors. Don't lead an edit war of attrition to see who is more persistent. Suggest and propose changes in your personal or public sandbox.

Pursue Beauty And Truth

Let's make the UniWiki the most beautiful and the most truthful publicly available knowledge repository in all of New Eden. Be bold! Don't let your fear of messing things up keep you from editing. You cannot break the UniWiki. If you don't make an edit, no one will.

UniWiki Will Outlive Us All

What you write will be read a thousand times, long after you are done with the UniWiki project. Many hands will change the original page. When making sweeping changes or working on a major project think about your legacy and all those who will come after you. Avoid increasing complexity because it will burden newcomers. Avoid self-aggrandizement. Good template documentation is the hallmark of a useful template.

UniWiki guidelines

For information about the UniWiki's house style see UniWiki:Manual of Style

The UniWiki defers to those guidelines set forth by Wikipedia, because it has set a standard of excellence that the UniWiki seeks to emulate.

In particular, the UniWiki can be considered to operate under the following guidelines used by Wikipedia:

The UniWiki does not require citation, though editors may choose to include it. All information contained on the UniWiki is assumed to be correct and verifiable, and should simply be edited if found to be otherwise.

Edit warring is unacceptable.