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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

First of all, anyone can run an event. EVE University staff are here to provide help and support to anyone wishing to run an event. This is a general guide and not exhaustive, if you have any questions contact a member of EVE University staff. The more experienced you are at running events, the more you can customize and streamline the procedure.

Decide on the event type

The first thing to do is to decide on the type of event you want to run. You may want to re-create a previous event, this is often the easiest way if you are new to running events. To help with this, we have prepared the Events Page for some of our most popular events to allow anyone to use them as a guide. If you are feeling more inventive, you may want to create a new variation of an event, or you may have an idea for a completely new type of event.

Develop your idea

Once you have a general idea of the event you want to run, you should make a plan detailing the key areas of the event:

  • What are the aims of the event.
  • What preparation and set-up are required.
  • What are the event rules.
  • How will the event be run.
  • What prizes may be offered.

When to run the event

When scheduling the event, make sure it does not clash with any other events or classes. Advertise the event at least a week in advance to ensure as many people as possible get notice and can arrange to attend. For events that require significant preparation such as teams to sign ups, a longer notice period is preferable. Take note of surrounding calendar events and how recently similar events have been run, as these may affect attendance.

Draft your forum post

The public face of your event is your forum post. It should clearly and concisely set out the date and time (in EVE Time) of the event, the event plan, any rules that need to be obeyed, what people need to do to join, and any prizes on offer. If you wish, you can send your draft post to the member of the EVE University staff you have been dealing with and they will check it for you. If this is your first event, you must get your draft post checked.

Post it up

Post your event in the Corporation Events section on the forum. Event subjects should start with the date of the event in EVE Time using the YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM format, followed by the name of the event itself. If you have the Sophomore title or higher, you should add the event to the in game calendar. If not, contact a member of the EVE University staff who will add it to the calendar for you. You should create a Alliance event using the [EVENT] tag and the event name from your forum post. Make sure you include a link to your forum post and that the time and duration match those in your post. If you have to cancel an event, you should change the tag on the calendar and forum to [CANCELLED]. For more information see EVE University Calendar.

Organising prizes

Directors can provide reimbursement for prizes, or ship prizes to your event's location if requested. If you would like to distribute hulls or fits as your prizes, you can use the Production Department's Fleet Support Program. Event support requests differ slightly from the regular fleet support requests:

  • Mention that you are requesting prizes for an event in the Additional comments section in the request form.
  • If you are requesting hulls, they will have to be recorded in EFT format in the Fits section of the form. A hull EFT looks like this: [Merlin, Merlin].

Running the event

Before your event is due to begin, double check that any preparations are in place. For example, if you have set anything up in space, make sure it is still there! You should announce the event in the Alliance chat channel 15 minutes before the start time and again when it is about to begin. You can use Fleets or on-demand Mumble channels to run your event. Make sure you have a clear idea of how you want to run the event and have your event notes to hand. Begin by summarizing the event and running through the rules. Remember that this is your event and you are in charge. You should feel free to deal with rule breakers, be polite but firm. If anyone is disruptive, inform an officer and they will be dealt with.

After the event

Post in your event thread summarizing the event results, and announcing any prize awards. If you took out a fleet, you should also send an EVE University staff member a brief AAR detailing any successes or problems with the event and any suggestions for improving the event in the future.

Congratulations, now get ready for your next event!