External Recruitment Policy

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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

EVE University is a teaching corporation, and we encourage our members to move on to other corporations once they have learned what they need to in order to play the game as they wish. As such, we welcome other corporations recruiting from our member base. However, we have some set criteria for corporations who wish to recruit from EVE University.

We do not allow recruitment from corporations in our chat channels or in Mumble. The only approved place for corporation advertisements is our Work Fair forum. You do not need to be an alumni to access this forum, all you need is an EVE University forum account, which you can do by logging into EVE University Auth using CCP's "single sign on" (SSO). Go to Services and activate the phpBB3 forum. If you are interested in helping EVE University we would encourage you to register as a Guest Lecturer or as a Guest FC.