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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

What is neutrality?

EVE University is a 'neutral' corporation. This means we avoid getting involved in the politics of EVE Online.

It is important to note that while EVE University is neutral, we are not pacifist. We will defend our assets and communities where required, and we consider PVP a core part of the game.

Why is EVE University neutral?

EVE University is a teaching organisation and we recognise that the majority of our members will at some point leave EVE University and join another corporation.

The reason we stay neutral is we want our alumni to be able to pursue whatever path they choose after they leave EVE University. What we don't want is for our actions, or those of our members, to prevent a person joining a corporation/alliance or doing what they want to do in the game. Through this policy we have a wide network of alumni in almost every large group in the game, which provides a range of opportunities for our members.

How does EVE University as a corporation maintain its neutrality?

Maintaining neutrality in EVE Online is incredibly difficult! Anything that involves interacting with third parties has a possibility of affecting our neutrality so we have to be careful as a corporation not to invoke any bias.

  • We are open to non-aggression pacts in specific cases which are mutually beneficial to both sides. Members should not be engaged by those with a non-aggression pact, and any incidents should be reported to diplomats.
  • We are keen to encourage guest lecturers to come and teach our members about EVE Online, to assist us in our mission of education. However we do not show preference towards any third party/particular group or alliance.

What do EVE University members need to do to maintain our neutrality?

To maintain neutrality we require our members to limit their gameplay in some ways. While we understand this can sometimes be frustrating on a personal level, we strongly believe that it is in the best interests of the corporation. We ask members to:

  • Follow the rules of engagement we set out in our Rules page
  • Follow our rules on engaging structures, set out below
  • Not run any sites in a wormhole occupied by a corporation that is +5 or +10 to EVE University

Engaging and defending structures

Structures are an important part of EVE Online. Players and groups may own their own structures, and they can be very valuable as well as providing strategic advantages. In EVE University we use the phrase 'player-owned structure' to cover a range of items, including citadels, POSes, POCOs, or any other permanently placed structure owned by a player or a player organisation.

  • Taking any action against a player-owned structure can only be done during a strategic operation, and will be organised and lead by our senior FC team. The only time our members are permitted to take action against a (non abandoned) player-owned structure is with permission from either the FC Team Manager, or a Director.
  • However, if a structure is in an 'abandoned' state and is neutral or below, permission to attack it can be obtained from a Director, FC Team Manager, or Diplomat.
  • Senior FCs are permitted to organise and carry out strategic operations against corporations and alliances Ivy League is at war with and do not need permission to aggress their structures.
  • The above rules also apply to using entosis links against player-owned structures.
  • Members may only defend structures owned by corporations or alliances which are +5 or +10 to EVE University, including those owned by alts of members. But we do not take responsibility for defending any structures other than our own.

Other characters and spying

It is quite normal in EVE Online for people to have multiple characters. We generally do not mind what people use their other characters for, provided they are not doing anything to harm the interests of EVE University. We also allow players to join EVE University on a character that is not their 'main' character.

The following actions are not permitted:

  • Using EVE University membership, communication channels or resources to benefit another group. For example, by using their status as an EVE University member to spy on another group and maintain an innocent appearance.
  • Using another character that is clearly linked to EVE University or a character in EVE University to bypass any of EVE University's rules, including those on neutrality.
  • Using EVE University communication channels to discuss or coordinate anything that would breach EVE University's neutrality.