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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
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What is the FC Team?

The Fleet Command Team is apart of the Chief Executive Officer's division within EVE University. It is led by the FC Team Manager. See EVE University Management for details on other departments and directorates.

Its main aims are to help train and develop the next generation of Fleet Commanders, and to organize strategic operations for the University. The team provides a forum for prospective fleet commanders to learn and experiment, maintains doctrines for University FCs to utilize for fleets, and provides resources along with other university departments for training new players in the basics of PVP fleet operations.

The FC Team is a successor to the old Fleet Commanders Course that was closed in early 2020. The FC Team was created in its place primarily to remove restrictions and requirements on members, as well as consolidating its focus on PVP fleet command only.

FC Team Organization

FC Team Manager

John Juulianos.jpg John Juulianos - Send a forum PM

The FC Team Manager leads the community aimed at teaching members how to become excellent FCs.

FC Team Officers:

Sparklez Ripper.jpeg Gideon Mastracci jr.jpeg Arps 331.jpeg
Sparklez Ripper Gideon Mastracci Arps 331

Fittings Team

The Fittings Team is a subsection of commanders within the FC Team who help create and maintain EVE University's Doctrine Library, which can be found on the Forum here

Current Members:

  • White Orchid/Lonez (Fittings Team Lead)
  • Yto Itnen
  • Conci Furiram
  • Niro Redirob


The FC Team consists of three main sections: Junior FCs, Fleet Commanders, and Senior FCs.

  • Junior FCs are entry-level members for those who lack prior FC experience, or experience from long ago in EVE's past. Anyone can lead a fleet within EVE University, but Junior FCs have access to internal team resources and FC Team members to facilitate their education in basic fleet command. JFCs are encouraged to pursue any fleet operations they find interest in, whether that be large strategic operations, smaller quick response fleets (QRFs), or public NPSI fleets (such as Spectre Fleet or Bombers Bar)
  • Fleet Commanders are members of the team who have demonstrated basic fleet command experience after several fleets in different regions of space and of at least Cruiser-sized compositions, and are beginning to learn more advanced or nuanced aspects of Fleet Command. They are expected to share their experience with Junior FCs, and help expand FC Team resources for members to reference.
  • Senior FCs are commanders who have proven, exceptional skill with various types of fleet commanding within EVE. They are considered experts within the Team, and are excellent resources to draw from. Senior FCs are expected to work with the FC Team leadership to help continually improve the FC Team program and help determine its future.

FC Team members can request a performance review with FC Team management to evaluate what they need to improve on, or to be considered for a promotion within the team. This can be done by contacting a FC Team Officer.

Joining the FC Team

  • EVE University members who are interested in the FC Team see - Becoming an FC in EVE University. There are no requirements to apply to the FC Team; a day 1 Newbro interested in learning Fleet Command is welcome to join!
  • Most applicants will enter as the team as Junior FCs, but you may request a Fast Track to FC rank if you can prove or provide experience of prior fleet command.
  • If you are an Alumnus or non-member who is interested in Guest FCing for our members, see our Guest Fleet Commander Program for more details.


The FC Team aims to provide out-of-game resources for Fleet Commanders to reference as they learn. Some of these resources are internal to the team and can be found on the FC Team Sub Forum

In addition to the Forum and Discord channels, FC Team members can reference the After Action Report Library to learn from recent Uni fleets and get ideas and feedback for future fleets. Members are encouraged (but not required) to contribute to the AAR Library with short writeups explaining what occurred during the fleet, and what they learned from choices made during any engagements.

If you have not organized a Fleet before within the University, you can refer to Forming fleets in EVE University to get an idea for planning your first fleet. The Fleet Command Basics page is useful for getting an idea as to what to expect when sitting in the captain's chair for the first time.

EVE University is a new player friendly organization, and you are likely to have pilots who have never joined a PVP fleet before. The Rookie's Guide to Fleet Ops is an excellent reference, both to point new fleetmates towards, and to know what you should go over during a fleet Newbro speech if requested.