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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

What is the FC Team?

The Fleet Command Team is a part of the Chief Executive Officer's division within EVE University. It is led by the FC Team Manager. See EVE University Management for details on other departments and directorates.

Note that the FC Team is focused on PVP FCing only. There are other places you can learn PVE and mining FCing.


The FC Team project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a structured and supportive environment for fleet commanders within EVE University.
  • Promote the progression and skill development of FCs at various experience levels.
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices among FC Team members.
  • Provide practical training to prospective FCs to improve their skills and confidence.
  • Enhance fleet coordination, efficiency, and effectiveness in PvP operations.
  • Form relationships and collaborate with other departments within EVE University.
  • Maintain a comprehensive documentation system to support FC training and fleet operations


On joining the FC Team, members will be allocated to one of the following ranks:

  • Junior FC: For members new to FCing, with little to no experience, but who have participated in PVP fleets.
  • Skirmish FC: For members with FCing experience, who are regularly leading fleets, and capable of mentoring newer players.
  • Senior FC: For experienced members who frequently lead fleets at an advanced level, who are capable of both providing mentorship to newer FCs, and/or contribute to strat ops and Uni PVP strategic planning

Rules and Expectations

To maintain professionalism and ensure a conducive environment within the FC Team, the following rules and expectations apply:

  1. FC Team members must actively lead fleets. If they are unable FC for a while members should let the FCTOs know. If the FCTOs notice a team member has not run a fleet in a while they will check in to see if the member is still interested and see how they can provide support.
  2. Members are expected to reflect on their fleet experiences and evaluate their performance, noting strengths and areas for improvement. AARs are highly encouraged, with the option for other members to provide feedback.
  3. Skirmish FCs and Senior FCs must be willing to mentor Junior FCs to help them in their progression. This might be by inviting them to 2IC, involving them in command channels, back seating their fleets as support, assisting with practical exercises, providing feedback on AARs etc.
  4. FC Team members represent the FC Team and are expected to maintain respectful interactions with each other and other members. Complaints or issues regarding attitude may result in removal from the FC Team, regardless of rank.
  5. FCs are responsible for ensuring the well-being of new players within fleets, either through a short speech by the FC or by designating individuals to assist new players. The majority of our fleets should be new player friendly, and thought should be given to which flight deck ships a new member can fly to join in

Outreach and Practical Training

To improve practical skills and confidence of FCs the following may be arranged:

  • Guest Speakers: Experienced FCs from other corporations will be invited to share their FCing experiences with FC Team members.
  • Guest FCs: External FCs will occasionally lead fleets to introduce members to alternative fleet commanding approaches.
  • Practical Exercises: Opportunities for practical exercises, such as spearfishing and capital ship operations, will be organised, in cooperation with the PVP Study Groups.
  • Summer Camps: Special events to build camaraderie and give FC team members experience of the logistics of FCing from a different perspective
  • Sleepovers: FC team members may be given the opportunity to temporarily join another corporation to get experience of the way they do things, and then are fast-tracked back into EVE Uni afterwards

FC Team Organization

FC Team Manager

Lonez.jpg White 0rchids -

The FC Team Manager leads the community aimed at teaching members how to become excellent FCs.

FC Team Officers:

Gideon Mastracci jr.jpeg Gideon Mastracci Jr
John Parmelee.jpg John Parmelee
Iron Ludwig.png Iron Ludwig
Menelmir.png Menelmir

Fittings Team

The Fittings Team is a subsection of commanders within the FC Team who help create and maintain EVE University's Doctrine Library, which can be found on the Forum here

Current Members:

  • White 0rchid/Lonez (Fittings Team Lead)
  • Conci Furiram
  • Morra Deovindice
  • Nexdoom Atruin
  • Xyrin Bacard
  • Ying Ti Charen-Teng
  • Yuri Levnik

Joining the FC Team

At the FC Team, we welcome members of all skill levels, from seasoned PVP FCs to those who are dipping their toes into the world of PVP fleet command for the first time. Our mission is to provide a structured and supportive environment for aspiring and experienced FCs alike. But hold on, there's a small prerequisite: we kindly ask that you've participated in at least a couple of EVE University PVP fleets before applying. This is so we know you have the hang of how EVE University specifically does things, and understand basic fleet commands and movements.

As a member of the FC team you can expect:

  • Rank Progression: Whether you're a rookie or a veteran, we've got a spot for you. Our ranks span from Junior FCs, Skirmish FCs, to Senior FCs, allowing you to grow and learn at your own pace. In addition we have the new rank of Strat FC.
  • Mentorship and Training: Our seasoned FCs are here to guide and mentor you every step of the way. We believe in learning by doing, and what better way to learn than under the guidance of experienced pilots?
  • Practical Experience: From leading frigate fleets to coordinating large-scale battles, you'll get hands-on experience in various fleet compositions and tactics.
  • Collaboration: We're not just a team; we're part of EVE University as a whole. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with other EVE University departments and NPSI groups to expand your horizons and share your knowledge.

So, are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as a PVP fleet commander? Join us, and let's make EVE Online history! Remember, no matter your level of experience, a passion for learning, leading, and of course, space explosions, is all you need.

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