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What is the Buyback Department?

The Buyback Department oversees they buyback systems of the campuses and ensures that EVE University has an income and that members get paid.

If you are interested in joining the Buyback Department, find all relevant information in this recruitment post in the EVE University Forum.

Current Staff

Buyback Management

Gideon Mastracci.jpg Gideon Mastracci - Send a forum PM

The Buyback Manager oversees buyback staff and coordinates buyback systems of the campuses.


  • lacobus
  • Greenbolt
  • Lazaren
  • Kithian Hastos
  • Apo bong
  • Sandaen Maulerant
  • Viridi
  • rebelscout
  • Abraham Pek
  • Chakravanti
  • Aels Adoudel
  • Cornelius Sanchez

Buyback Services

... tba