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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

EVE University's primary purpose is to teach new (and old) players about the basics of life in EVE and various aspects of game play. To that end we hold regular classes, both theoretical and practical. This page explains how to attend our classes, or, if you are unable to attend a live class due to time zone differences, how to find recordings and transcripts of our previous classes.

Most of our classes are public! You do not need to be a member of EVE University to attend them!

To attend our classes, you will need to join our discord and mumble servers.

If you are interested in giving a class yourself, please see Teaching Classes at EVE University.

Finding classes

Our class times are advertised in several places.

EVE University forum

All upcoming classes are posted on the "Scheduled Classes" board of the EVE University forum. Announcements of new classes, and any changes or cancellations, will be posted there.

This board is visible to any visitor, but if you want to reply to threads there you will need to register for our forums first, by registering on the EUNI Portal page.

The Scheduled Classes board is the most stable and the most publicly-accessible record of upcoming teaching.

Discord #ping-class channel

EVE University has a publicly accessible Discord server where classes will be announced in the channel #ping-class. Teachers typically ping this channel some hours before the class, and as the class starts.

In order to see the pings, you have to join the Class group through EVE University Auth.

In-game calendar

EVE University members will also be able to see upcoming classes on the in-game corporation calendar, where each class is posted with a link to the relevant thread on the forums. This is probably the easiest and most convenient way to keep informed of upcoming classes, and is one good reason to join the University.

Other calendars

E-UNI has the corporation calendar published as an iCalendar feed, which is usable on a number of other applications and systems. This allows anyone to add the feeds to their preferred calendar software on their phones, tablets, or PC. See this page for details on setting this up.

Class types

Main article: CORE classes

CORE are designed to give brand new EVE players an introduction to a broad range of game mechanics, offering a solid foundation of information to build on throughout your EVE career. These are the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to play the game effectively. CORE classes are designed to be easily understandable, commonly include both slides and in-game screen shares, and usually take 30–45 minutes to cover (not including Q&A). A related practical is sometimes delivered as a follow-up to the class, so that pilots can put the skills taught into action. CORE classes are always open to the public, though fleet-based practicals might not be (Instructor/FC's discretion).

While CORE classes are the classes most regularly taught in the University, members offer classes on a wide range of more advanced or more niche topics too. Such classes will not be tagged with "[CORE]" in their announcement posts and on the calendar, and can take a wider variety of forms, including mostly-practical exercises and fleets. Although CORE classes are on more fundamental topics, no one is required to attend some first, before attending other classes; there is no formal "curriculum".

Attending Classes


Mumble Classrooms

The vast majority of our classes are publicly accessible. The audio for these classes will be held in the Mumble Classroom channels. The Mumble page provides instructions for how to connect to the Mumble service.

Public Discord

EVE University also maintains a Discord server. There is a lot of openly available information on our Discord server, even for the general public, and all of our visual sharing for classes will now be done via our publicly accessible classroom channels on Discord. Please follow our Discord instructions at the provided link to set up your EVE University Discord and Portal accounts, so that you are ready to participate in classes ahead of time. Once set up, you will see our classrooms channels on the Discord App:

Classrooms: Our classrooms do not have active audio enabled. All audio is delivered via our Mumble server (see above).

Joining a Classroom Chat Channel - Click the Chat Bubble Shown in a Red Box in the Image
Discord Classroom Channels

To watch a teacher's stream on Discord:

  • Find the teacher in either #classroom-alpha or #classroom-bravo in Discord. They will have a "Live" symbol next to their name once they are streaming.
  • Join the classroom channel by clicking on it.
  • The presenter will have a "Live" tag next to their name in the chat channel - hover over the name and click the "Watch Stream" option to watch their presentation.
  • To view the chat for the stream, click the "Show Chat" button in the top right corner of the classroom channel. This is where questions can be asked during the class, links will be provided for further information, and more!
  • When the class is complete, click the "Disconnect" button to leave the presentations channel.

In-game channels

Channel icon.png

We maintain an in-game channel that is used, during classes, for students to ask questions and for the teacher to link in-game items or images, graphs, etc. This channel is Class (EVE Uni).

You can join this channel by clicking the small speech bubble icon just above your chat window, and typing Class (EVE Uni) into the box that pops up. Press Join, and you are now in the E-UNI public class channel.

Note: This is generally not used, with the Discord chat channels being now favored for chat purposes. The in-game channel is still available however and may be called upon by teachers wishing to utilize links to in game resources during class (e.g. link an item).

Other mediums

Occasionally our teachers will hold classes in other places, such as a different server or If this is the case, all the details can be found in the relevant post in the Scheduled Classes forum linked above.


Is any pre-requisite knowledge required for classes?
Not normally. If there is, the relevant post in the Scheduled Classes forum will note it.
Do I need to be anywhere in particular to attend a class?
Not normally, although practical exercises sometimes require you to be in a specific system in-game. You can always just listen in to the practical part even if you can't take part! If you do need to be somewhere, the relevant post in the Scheduled Classes forum will tell you.
What if I have questions?
Normally you can ask any questions you may have during the class in the Discord #class-questions channel. If a different channel is being used for this class, the relevant post in the Scheduled Classes forum will tell you.
I have another question about classes!
Ask in the E-UNI in-game channel, or if that doesn't produce an answer, feel free to contact any member of the Teaching Department.

Class Library

You can find a large number of previously recorded classes at our Class Library page, available for download in MP3 format and listening to in your own time on your own MP3 player of choice.