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This page details many different ways of helping EVE University in its mission. For information specifically regarding donations, see Donating to EVE University.
Christmas Eagle Logo.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The aim of EVE University is to teach players about EVE Online. We see thousands of new students come through our doors every year, and it would not be possible to assist them without the help of our members and the wider EVE Online community. We take the view that even brand new players have something they can share and help out other players with. This page sets out just a few of the ways people can help EVE University in its mission, and will hopefully provide some ideas about how you personally can support us.


As a member of EVE University, you will have already benefited from other members helping you out, whether it was:

  • The Intake Officer who reviewed your application to join
  • The member who answered your questions when you were stuck
  • The Teacher who ran your first class
  • The Fleet Commander who lead you on a fleet
  • The Logistics team member who reimbursed your ship when it exploded
  • The donor who donated the ship you used from our hangars

Or any one of a huge number of people who are willing to spend their own time helping others. Even if you have only just joined EVE University, its very likely that you know something that another new member doesn't, so you really are able to help out from day one. The list below is not exhaustive, but it might give you an idea of where to start.

Answering questions

The most direct way you can help out other members is by being present in EVE University and answering questions other members may have.

Chat channels

We have various chat channels for members. If you want to help out keep the channel open and if you know the answer to something someone is asking then tell them. Provided you know what you are talking about (try to avoid spreading misinformation!) don't be shy. You don't have to be an expert in an area to answer a question on it. If they ask a follow up question and you don't know the answer that's fine, just tell them. Maybe someone else knows and can help you both out. We have various chat channels but these ones in particular are good to keep an eye on:

  • Q&A.E-Uni - This channel is designed specifically for people to ask questions, so set it to blink and answer any questions you know the answer to. If a member is asking a question which requires a detailed answer, tell them in the channel that you will convo them and send them a convo request so as not to clog up the channel.
  • General (EVE Uni) - This is the general chat channel most of our members use, so a lot of people (particularly newer members) ask general questions in there. Keep an eye on it and see if you can help them out. This is also the channel where new members are welcomed by the Intake Officers, so be sure to make them feel welcome.
  • EVE University - This is the channel used by Intake Officers to call applicants for their interview. If you're a member then you've already gone through the application process, so from an applicant's point of view you're an expert! Even just sharing your own experiences will help our nervous applicants out. E-UNI is also listed as a public help channel, so it's almost always busy with questions about the game from non-members who are often very new to the game. Even if you're new yourself, it's very likely you can help them out.

Aside from the channels listed above there is a list here of our chat channels. If you have an interest in a specific area of the game, see if there is a chat channel on it where you can help out. If you are in a community, join their chat channel and see if there are any questions you can answer.


As part of the application process we asked you to download and install Mumble. Mumble is where a lot of people feel comfortable asking questions. It can be quite daunting to answer questions in voice, especially if you are shy, but there is nothing to worry about. If you know an answer to a question someone is asking, be brave and answer! You can also learn a lot yourself just by sitting in Mumble and listening to the general conversation. If there is not much going on in the public area, try moving to one of the community channels. Be sure to always check the title of a channel first to make sure you are allowed to join, and don't just jump into a fleet channel unless you are in that fleet.


You can use the same login details you used for the EVE University Tool (where you applied) to log into our forum. We have several sections of the forum where people may ask questions:

  • Questions and Answers - The most obvious place to start is the Questions and Answers section, which is divided up into different areas of the game. There is also a forum titled "What's Next?" for people who are looking for some direction.
  • EVE University - This encompasses all the forums on EVE University itself, including the Hi and Bye forum (go and say hello to a few people, its always nice to feel welcome), general discussion and web services.
  • Public EVE Discussion - You don't have to be a member of EVE University to sign up for a forum account. We sometimes get general game questions in this section from non-members or applicants.

Running events

Anyone in EVE University can run an event; you don't need to be a staff member. This page will give you some ideas on how you can get involved in running an event. It can either be an event which is your own idea or an event we have run before. We keep a category of popular events if you need some ideas.


Have you ever been on a fleet before? If you have, you have a distinct advantage over the dozens of newbros who join EVE University every day having never been in a fleet. There are a bunch of ways you can help out in fleets, both PvP and PvE/mining fleets:

  • Helping the Fleet Commander advertise the fleet beforehand
  • Being a squad or wing commander
  • Support roles like logistics (for combat fleets), scouts/pickets, providing fleet boosts, or hauling (for mining fleets)
  • Answering questions from newbros in the Fleet chat who have gotten a bit lost
  • Commanding a fleet yourself

You do not have to be an expert to lead a fleet – feel free to organise one at any time! Make sure you're familiar with the basics (Rookies guide to fleet ops) first and don't panic if you get totally whelped! Make sure you post an After Action Report on our forum, it will help you review what happened and what you could have done better, and will help other people learn also. If you enjoy combat fleets you may even want to try out our FC Team


If you are good with a pen (or keyboard, in this case) you can help out by writing pages or articles for other people to read.

Editing the Wiki

EVE University has one of the best resources for new players to EVE Online in the EVE University wiki. If you have an EVE account you can already edit most wiki pages, without any further ado. Just login at the top right hand corner. There are some pages which are 'Protected' so they can only be edited by certain people (e.g. the Rules page, the Management list, etc.), but don't let that stop you. If one of those pages needs some changes, contact the Manager/Director of the relevant department or the Wiki Manager for assistance. We have so many pages on the wiki that it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. If you're not sure, we have a To-Do list which will give you some ideas. Some of the changes needed are big, like creating a new page on a subject area, or rewriting an entire page, and some are smaller, such as grammar changes and updates. If you'd prefer more specific guidance, you can contact the Wiki Manager for assistance.

Blog posts

On the front page of our website we have a blog which is updated with current events and news on EVE University. We always welcome contributions to this, just log in with your forum account and you can submit a draft post. Once you're done, send a mail to a Director and they will be able to review, edit and post it.

You can also follow EVE University on Twitter and Facebook.

Volunteering as a staff member

EVE University relies on a huge number of staff members to keep everything running smoothly. Every staff member is a volunteer and receives no payment for their service. There are too many to list them all here but the EVE University Management page will give you an idea of the different departments and how they all fit together in the grand scheme of things. Members are always welcome to contact a department manager if they are interested in joining, though some departments may not always be looking for new staff members.

Becoming a Mentor

Mentors are the people who volunteer to help out new players one-on-one through our Mentor Program. In order to help out as a mentor you need to either be a Graduate or have the equivalent experience level of a Graduate member, and be willing to spend a few hours a week with your assigned mentees. As a mentor you can have the satisfaction of seeing your mentees grow to become helpful and productive members of EVE University. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, see the Mentor Program page for the requirements and how to apply.

Becoming a Teacher

Teachers are the life-blood of EVE University, and are responsible for running our Classes. You can teach classes on any area of EVE you are comfortable teaching about, whether with one of our established classes, or an entirely new class. Most of our classes are done on Mumble, though we have also had classes run on Twitch, and even classes by text (in a chat channel). If you volunteer as a teacher you should normally be either a Sophomore or a Graduate member, and you will be expected to teach at least one class per month. If you'd like to try it out, see our page on Joining the Faculty.

Becoming a Intake Officer

Intake Officers are the ones who spend their time reviewing applications to EVE University and conducting interviews for applicants. We receive dozens of applications per week, so the Intake Department needs a lot of staff to process them and is almost always looking for more Intake Officers. Intake Officers are the face of EVE University to new players, so you will need to have a reasonable knowledge about EVE University and the communities, and Sophomore title is preferred, though lower titles will be considered. You will be expected to do at least some work every week. In return, you can be responsible for bringing new players into EVE University and seeing them thrive. If this sounds like something you can commit to, see this page on Joining the Intake & Progression Department.

All the departments will need to replace staff at some point, so if you are interested in helping out a particular department keep an eye out on our forum and in-game mails for any advertisements for volunteers. Each department will have their own requirements for members, so some will be more suitable for you than others, but don't be disheartened if you aren't successful in the first one you apply for. The more active you are around the Uni, the more likely you will be successful in applying for a staff position.


One of the best ways to get involved in EVE University and meet people is by joining one of our Communities. All of our communities are run by volunteers, and they often need more help with running programs, keeping activity levels high, and making sure everything is running smoothly. If you are active in a community, think about any ways you can help out. Each community has a set of staff members, and they will advertise any positions which are open. Even if they are not looking for staff, there are lots of other ways you can help out. Are there any gaps in knowledge for your fellow community members which you can run a workshop on? Do you have an alt you could use to help haul new members' stuff to the community? If your community doesn't have a formal freighter scheme, could you do runs to the nearest trade hub for members?

Donating ISK or items

EVE University is run almost entirely on donations. We do not charge any money (ISK or otherwise) for the information we provide, but if you have some items or ISK to spare we'd be very happy to use it to support our mission. Even if its just a skillbook you accidentally bought two of, we can always pass it on to a newbro who will make use of it. You can donate to EVE University anywhere, and no amount is too small. You can find more information here on Donating to EVE University.


We are always grateful for the many players who are not members of EVE University, but who nevertheless appreciate what we do enough to want to help us out. We really could not do this without the support of the wider EVE Online community. Even as a non-member there are plenty of ways you can get involved and help us out.

Answering questions

Non-members often have a huge wealth of knowledge, and you are always very welcome to assist in answering our members' questions. In particular:

  • E-UNI - This is our public in-game chat channel which is listed as a public help channel, and is also used both by players applying to EVE University. You are welcome to join and help out by answering questions in this channel. Just be sure that you are aware of our Communications Policy, which includes no profanity, no scamming and no recruiting for other corporations.
  • EVE University forum - Many helpful sections of our forum are visible to non-members, including our section on "Questions and Answers".
  • Mumble - On our private Mumble server we have a public room where members often ask questions. You are very welcome to join. Remember that the same Communications Policy applies.

Teaching a class

You are able to teach EVE University classes even if you are not a member by becoming a Guest Lecturer. There are no requirements for becoming a Guest Lecturer, other than sufficient knowledge about the area of the game you want to teach about, and the willingness to teach. Our Education Department will help you with the logistics of setting up a class and advertising it. If you are interested in teaching a class, see Becoming a Guest Lecturer. If you find you enjoy teaching and would like to do so in a more official capacity, you can always apply to join EVE University as a teacher once you've run a few classes.

Running a fleet

We welcome the experience of non-members and we are always happy to accept Guest Fleet Commanders. If you are willing to take out a band of adventurous newbros, we can provide them. Make sure you read our page on the Guest Fleet Commander Program, and specifically EVE University's Rules of Engagement which you will need to follow.