Quartermaster's Department

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Quartermaster Department

What is the Quartermaster's Department?

The Quartermaster's Department oversees the organization of the buyback systems of the communities, maintains fuel levels in University Structures, and stocks the Flight Decks across communities.

Current Staff


Nexdom.png Nexdoom Atruin - Send a forum PM

The Quartermaster oversees buyback organization, coordinates fuel delivery and flight deck stocking for the communities.

Senior Supply Officers

EdswifaRova.png Edswifa Rova
Julius Frontinus.png Julius Frontinus
Nelliver Cadigal.png Nelliver Cadigal
Sandaen Maulerant.jpeg Sandaen Maulerant
Tal Traycn.jpg Tal Traycn
William Archer.png William Archer

Supply Officers

Buranka.png Buranka
Colbalt Hawking.png Cobalt Hawking
Dain tarkus.png Dain Tarkus
Galixa.png Galixa
Halcyon Clarke.png Halcyon Clarke
Jerrad Sorrtek.png Jerrad Sortek
Jordareen Cyla Athonille.png Jordareen Cyla Athonille
Kaelis Morganhill.png Kaelis Morganhill
Manda doomsslayer.png Manda Doomsslayer
Martin vayzl.png Martin vazyl
Ray Zolo.png Ray Zolo
Tane Tengu.png Tane Tengu