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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
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Production Department

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The goal of the EVE University Production Department is to build stuff for students to lose to gate guns.

Active Programs

  • Fleet Support Program: It aims to support content creation from FC's by providing doctrine fits of the FC's choice at staging stations of the FC's choice.
  • Strategic Ops Support: The Production Department provides logistical support for Strategic Ops planned by the FC Team or the Communities.
  • Flight Deck Production: The Production Department produces fits for use at the Communities Flight Decks which are maintained by the Quartermaster's Department.
  • UNI Fuel Production: The Production Department produces fuel for Ivy League-owned structures that is distributed by the Quartermaster's Department.

Production Staff


The production management oversees the overall production processes, deal with requests and issues, and decides on changes to the department as a whole.

Arkady Marten.jpeg Arkady Marten Production Manager

Senior Production Officers

Senior Production Officers deal with daily operations that exceed regular industry operations, such as fuel production, taking care of smaller logistical processes, managing contracts for fleets and requests.

Arieathellare.jpg Ariea Thellare Senior Production Officer Harry Heinee.jpg Harry Heinee Senior Production Officer Lazaren.jpeg Lazaren Senior Production Officer Jack RipperJr.jpeg Jack RipperJr Senior Production Officer
PanchoGila.jpeg Pancho Gila Senior Production Officer PeterVanstead.jpeg Peter Vanstead Senior Production Officer

Production Officers

Production officers are the core of the actual production process, as they are taking care of all manufacturing, science and reaction jobs. A part of the officers are reserved to engage in profitable production activities for Eve University.

Quazimodem Cathulu.jpeg Quazimodem Cathulu Production Officer Amoeborin Cell.jpeg Amoeborin Cell Production Officer MarcelenDistel.jpeg Marcel en Distel Production Officer SeraphinaSansil.jpeg Seraphina Sansil Production Officer
BruceWii.jpeg Bruce Wii Production Officer MaeveNightshade.jpeg Maeve Nightshade Production Officer Draffut.jpeg Draffut Production Officer JehDeeTech.jpeg JDTech Production Officer
Gortack.jpeg Gortack Production Officer ErganEto.jpeg Ergan Eto Production Officer KathrynIvanova.jpeg Kathryn Ivanova Production Officer
Sandaen Maulerant.jpeg Sandaen Maulerant For-Profit Officer CorneliusSanchez.jpeg Cornelius Sanchez For-Profit Officer

Notable External People

Faye Enkelli Logo Designer
Falling Snow KumaMoto Original Department Wikipage Creator

Joining the Production Department

The Production Department regularly recruits new members at various levels to ensure the smooth operation of the university logistical services. During recruitment drives, the department manager will post on the EVE University forums and/or send out a corporation-wide evemail with information regarding the open position(s) and directions on how to apply. There are no official clone state or skill point requirements for positions and only Freshmen title is required. As you might imagine, the Production Department necessarily has access to corporation assets and isk. With the proliferation of spies, saboteurs, thieves, and other nefarious creatures in EVE Online, the department must place a heavy emphasis on proven trustworthiness when reviewing applications. We are here solely to provide logistical support to unistas and to the corporation as a whole. Our department is open to current unistas only, from any community.


From time to time, Production Department personnel may request help from or offer services to the university-wide community using the ingame chat channels or the forums. Additionally, department members will gain access to the following EVE University services for communication:

  • A dedicated Discord channel, through the Production Manager
  • The Logistics and Staff Office subforum
  • Various department specific spreadsheets

Requirements and Infos

We recognize that EVE University is first and foremost a place of learning, which is the reason we have basically no application requirement. With that in mind, some of the roles in the department can be done with next to no training and minimal skill points. Other industrial jobs require months or even years of dedicated training for both the character and the human player. The following pages provide some general information regarding the deep complexity of industry in EVE Online:

  • Industry, gives basic information regarding industry and the ingame industry window.
  • Manufacturing, explains how to build things.
  • Research, provides instructions for improving blueprint originals in terms of time efficiency and material efficiency. Also describes the procedure for copying blueprint originals to produce blueprint copies, and why a person would want to do this.
  • Invention, takes the reader on a trip down the rabbit hole that is advanced T2 module, drone, ammunition, and ship production.
  • Hauling, explains how to safely and efficiently move stuff from A to B (without getting blown up at C).


The links provided above discuss some skill point investments that are relevant for specific tasks. Players are strongly encouraged to train skills that support the activities they enjoy doing in the game. While the department does not require any skill to join, the following skills can help you become a more efficient member of the department. The skills are grouped roughly by the Industry areas they relate to.

  • Icon skillbook2.png Industry (1x) and Icon skillbook2.png Advanced Industry (3x) both reduces manufacturing time and are prerequisites for a great many production-related tasks ingame. Advanced Industry also reduces research time.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Mass Production (2x) and Icon skillbook2.png Advanced Mass Production (8x) allow additional manufacturing job slots.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Laboratory Operation (1x) and Icon skillbook2.png Advanced Laboratory Operation (8x) provide additional slots for science jobs.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Reactions (1x) and Icon skillbook2.png Mass Reactions (2x) both reduce reaction time, while Mass Reactions also provides additional slots for reaction jobs.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Science (1x) improves blueprint copying speed, and is a prerequisite for a great many production-related things.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Research (1x) improves blueprint time efficiency research speed and is a prerequisite for building some rigs and T2 ships.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Metallurgy (3x) improves blueprint material efficiency research speed and is a prerequisite for building some rigs and T2 ships.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Remote Reactions (3x) Icon skillbook2.png Scientific Networking (3x) and Icon skillbook2.png Supply Chain Management (3x), are convenience skills that allow the start (and completion) of production from a distance.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Jury Rigging (2x) allows construction of rigs and subsystems. Level III in this skill is required to open up all of the other rigging skills, which then allow construction of the relevant rigs.
  • Icon skillbook2.png Cybernetics (3x) allows players to use increasingly powerful (and expensive) implants, some of which can improve production-related performance.
  • Science Skills:
    • Icon skillbook2.png Gallente Encryption Methods (5x) and their other racial counterparts are prerequisites for invention of racial T2 ships and items and higher levels give higher invention success rates.
    • Icon skillbook2.png Gallente Starship Engineering (5x) and their other racial counterparts prerequisites for invention and manufacturing of racial T2 ships and higher invention success rates.
    • Icon skillbook2.png Mechanical Engineering (5x) is a prerequisite for invention and manufacturing of all T2 ships and higher invention success rates.
    • Icon skillbook2.png Advanced Industrial Ship Construction (3x) and the other Advanced Construction skill are prerequisites for manufacturing of T2 ships of the respective size.
    • Icon skillbook2.png Electronic Engineering (5x) and Icon skillbook2.png Laser Physics (5x) and the other Physics and Engineering skills are prerequisite for invention and manufacturing of T2 (non-ship) items.
      • Icon skillbook2.png Astronautic Engineering (5x) is a useless skill that does not serve any purpose in the game anymore, so it can be ignored.
  • Skills currently not used by the Production Department:

It should be noted that most of the above skills rely on attributes of Intelligence and Memory, for those students who are familiar with Neural Remaps.