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Ship Fittings Removal

Announced: July 26th, 2020
Posted by: Rayanth (UniWiki Manager)

EVE University has announced that they will retire and remove the repository of ship fittings from the UniWiki.

This is part of EVE University's efforts to refocus and improve their core purpose of training new pilots in the world of EVE Online. By removing the ship fittings and focusing more on teaching how to create a fitting for a ship, pilots will be better prepared for future changes to modules and the game 'meta'.

In place of fittings, EVE University and the UniWiki will:

  • Replace Ship Fittings with links to other websites where fittings can be found
  • Develop new in-game classes to teach the process of creating fittings
  • Update existing articles and/or add new articles on the following topics:
    • Additional focus on each ship's Ship Article describing what their strengths and weaknesses are
    • How to create a fitting for a specific ship / purpose
    • How to evaluate fittings from other sources for their applicability to a specific purpose
    • How to discover fittings in other manners, such as zKillboard

The removal process is expected to commence via automated script on the weekend of August 8th, 2020.