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Verifying information on the UniWiki helps to keep the wiki up to date with ever changing game that is EVE Online. In any given month, game updates can change ship and module stats, game mechanics, or add new feature. These changes can compound to make past writings outdated or even inaccurate. As such, flagging suspect info with a [Verify] tag can make those areas more evident and expedite an update. To add the verify tag use template {{Verify}}.

Flagging Outdated Info

Finding outdated info can be tricky, but if you:

  • See stats on the wiki that don't line up with what you see in-game (e.g. ore reprocessing stats)
  • See metagames descriptions that vary significantly from that in the same space that you're familiar with

But don't have the means to verify that info right away, it is useful to add a [Verify] tag to flag that there may be an issue with that info so that it's clear that something may need to be fixed.

Verifying Info

If you happen upon a piece of info with a [Verify] tag and are looking to help find out that info, here are some examples on how to go about it:

  • If the statement involves raw stat numbers (e.g. a module's optimal range), those can be verified against live game stats.
  • If it involves a deadspace site, signature or anomaly, running the site yourself can help clear any confusing info on its corresponding page. Be sure to take screenshots to keep a record of wave sizes, any locations of interest, etc.
  • If it involves tactics, this may require the view of a subject expert who feels up to date with the current meta associated with that piece of info. If you're not that subject expert but still want to help, try asking around for someone who is to see if they can help you out.
  • If it about something that is not easy to test, consider if using the Singularity server can help. Most items (including PLEX) are seeded at 100 ISK on Singularity, and the server has strict rules on nonconsensual PvP.

Through one of these routes, you can hopefully double check the tagged info, and then determine whether the information is still correct (in which case you can remove the tag) or outdated (in which case you can give that section a rewrite with more correct info).

To find items that need verification, see Category:Candidates for verification