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A list of icons for easy access, maintenance and visibility. Use icons like you would any other image uploaded to the UniWiki.

If you're interested in the source for these or for use outside the wiki, see CCP's official Image Export Collection (IEC) or Image Service.



Remote repairs Icon Size
Remote hull repair Icon remote hull repair i.png 64px
Remote armor repair Icon remote armor repair i.png 64px
Remote shield booster Icon shield transporter i.png 64px
Remote capacitor transmitter Icon remote capacitor transmitter i.png 64px
Utility modules Icon Size
Remote tracking computer Icon tracking computer i.png 64px
Remote sensor booster Icon sensor resolution.png 64px
Remote ECCM projection Icon eccm projector i.png 64px
Warfare link Warfare-links.png 64px

Electronic Warfare

Name Icon Size
Warp scrambler Icon warp scrambler i.png 64px
Warp disruptor Icon warp disruptor i.png 64px
Stasis webifier Icon stasis webifier i.png 64px
ECM / Jamming Icon target max.png 64px
Remote ECM burst Icon remote ecm burst i.png 64px
Target painter Icon target painter i.png 64px
Energy vampire Vamp.png 64px
Energy neutralizer Icon energy neutralizer i.png 64px
Remote sensor dampener Icon remote sensor dampening.png 64px
Track disruptor Icon track disruptor 64.png 64px


Turrets Icon Size
X-Large Beam Lasers Icon turret beam xl.png 64px
Large Beam Lasers Icon turret beam large.png 64px
Medium Beam Lasers Icon turret beam medium.png 64px
Small Beam Lasers Icon turret beam small.png 64px
X-Large Pulse Lasers Icon turret pulse xl.png 64px
Large Pulse Lasers Icon turret pulse large.png 64px
Medium Pulse Lasers Icon turret pulse medium.png 64px
Small Pulse Lasers Icon turret pulse small.png 64px
Missiles Icon Size
X-Large Railgun Icon turret railgun xl.png 64px
Large Railgun Icon turret railgun large.png 64px
Medium Railgun Icon turret railgun medium.png 64px
Small Railgun Icon turret railgun small.png 64px
X-Large Blaster Icon turret blaster xl.png 64px
Large Blaster Icon turret blaster large.png 64px
Medium Blaster Icon turret blaster medium.png 64px
Small Blaster Icon turret blaster small.png 64px
Missiles Icon Size
X-Large Artillery Icon turret artillery xl.png 64px
Large Artillery Icon turret artillery large.png 64px
Medium Artillery Icon turret artillery medium.png 64px
Small Artillery Icon turret artillery small.png 64px
X-Large Autocannon Icon turret autocannon xl.png 64px
Large Autocannon Icon turret autocannon large.png 64px
Medium Autocannon Icon turret autocannon medium.png 64px
Smal Autocannon Icon turret autocannon small.png 64px
Missiles Icon Size
XL Torpedo Icon missiles citadel torpedo.png 64px
XL Cruise Missile Icon missiles citadel cruise.png 64px
Torpedo Icon torpedoes.png 64px
Cruise Missile Icon missiles cruise.png 64px
Rapid Heavy Missile Icon missiles heavy rapid.png 64px
Heavy Missile Icon missiles heavy.png 64px
Heavy Assault Missile Icon missiles heavy assault.png 64px
Light Missile Icon missiles light.png 64px
Rocket/Rapid Light Missile Icon missiles rocket.png 64px
Turrets Icon Size
Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator Icon turret entropic disintegrator xl.png 64px
Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator Icon turret entropic disintegrator large.png 64px
Heavy Entropic Disintegrator Icon turret entropic disintegrator medium.png 64px
Light Entropic Disintegrator Icon turret entropic disintegrator small.png 64px

Weapons Upgrades

Name Icon Size
Ballistic Control System Icon ballistic control system.png 64px
Entropic Radiation Sink Icon gyrostablizer.png 64px
Gyrostabilizer Icon gyrostablizer.png 64px
Heat Sink Icon gyrostablizer.png 64px
Magnetic Field Stabilizer Icon gyrostablizer.png 64px
Missile Guidance Computer Icon missile guidance computer i.png 64px
Missile Guidance Enhancer Icon missile guidance enhancer i.png 64px
Bastion Icon bastion.png 64px
Industrial Core Module icon industrial core i.png 64px
Triage Icon triage.png 64px
Tracking Computers Icon tracking computer i.png 64px
Tracking Enhancer Icon tracking enhancer.png 64px
Vorton Tuning System Icon vorton tuning system.png 64px



Normal containers Icon Size
Large container Icon container large.png 64px
Medium container Icon container medium.png 64px
Small container Icon container small.png 64px
Large secure container Icon container large secure.png 64px
Medium secure container Icon container medium secure.png 64px
Small secure container Icon container small secure.png 64px
Coloured containers Icon Size
Large green container Icon container large green.png 64px
Large cyan container Icon container large cyan.png 64px
Medium green container Icon container medium green.png 64px
Medium cyan container Icon container medium cyan.png 64px
Small green container Icon container small green.png 64px
Small cyan container Icon container small cyan.png 64px


Ore Icon Size
Veldspar Ore veldspar.png 64px
Scordite Ore scordite.png 64px
Pyroxeres Ore pyroxeres.png 64px
Plagioclase Ore plagioclase.png 64px
Omber Ore omber.png 64px
Kernite Ore kernite.png 64px
Jaspet Ore jaspet.png 64px
Hemorphite Ore hemorphite.png 64px
Hedbergite Ore hedbergite.png 64px
Gneiss Ore gneiss.png 64px
Dark Ochre Ore dark ochre.png 64px
Spodumain Ore spodumain.png 64px
Crokite Ore crokite.png 64px
Bistot Ore bistot.png 64px
Arkonor Ore arkonor.png 64px
Mercoxit Ore mercoxit.png 64px
Minerals Icon Size
Tritanium Mineral tritanium.png 64px
Pyerite Mineral pyerite.png 64px
Mexallon Mineral mexallon.png 64px
Isogen Mineral isogen.png 64px
Nocxium Mineral nocxium.png 64px
Megacyte Mineral megacyte.png 64px
Zydrine Mineral zydrine.png 64px
Morphite Mineral morphite.png 64px
Heavy Water Mineral heavy water.png 64px
Helium Isotopes Mineral helium isotopes.png 64px
Hydrogen Isotopes Mineral hydrogen isotopes.png 64px
Liquid Ozone Mineral liquid ozone.png 64px
Nitrogen Isotopes Mineral nitrogen isotopes.png 64px
Oxygen Isotopes Mineral oxygen isotopes.png 64px
Strontium Clathrates Mineral strontium clathrates.png 64px
Ice Icon Size
Blue Ice Ice blue ice.png 64px
Clear Icicle Ice clear icicle.png 64px
Glacial Mass Ice glacial mass.png 64px
White Glaze Ice white glaze.png 64px
Thick Blue Ice Ice blue ice.png 64px
Enriched Clear Icicle Ice clear icicle.png 64px
Smooth Glacial Mass Ice glacial mass.png 64px
Pristine White Glaze Ice white glaze.png 64px
Dark Glitter Ice dark glitter.png 64px
Gelidus Ice gelidus.png 64px
Glare Crust Ice glare crust.png 64px
Krystallos Ice krystallos.png 64px


Triglavian Filaments Icon Size
1-Pilot Triglavian Filament Triglavian Filament 1.png 64px
5-Pilot Triglavian Filament Triglavian Filament 5.png 64px
15-Pilot Triglavian Filament Triglavian Filament 15.png 64px


Mutaplasmid Icon Size
Decayed Mutaplasmid Decayed Red Mutaplasmid.png 64px
Gravid Mutaplasmid Gravid Green Mutaplasmid.png 64px
Unstable Mutaplasmid Unstable Orange Mutaplasmid.png 64px


Empires Syntax Icon Size
Amarr {{icon|amarr}} Logo faction amarr empire.png 128px
Amarr {{icon|amarr2}} Logo faction amarr empire clean.png 128px
Amarr {{icon|amarr3}} Logo faction amarr empire chinese.png 128px
Amarr {{icon|amarr4}} Logo faction amarr empire shiny.png 128px
Caldari {{icon|caldari}} Logo faction caldari state.png 128px
Caldari {{icon|caldari2}} Logo faction caldari state clean.png 128px
Caldari {{icon|caldari3}} Logo faction caldari state chinese.png 128px
Caldari {{icon|caldari4}} Logo faction caldari state shiny.png 128px
Gallente {{icon|gallente}} Logo faction gallente federation.png 128px
Gallente {{icon|gallente2}} Logo faction gallente federation clean.png 128px
Gallente {{icon|gallente3}} Logo faction gallente federation chinese.png 128px
Gallente {{icon|gallente4}} Logo faction gallente federation shiny.png 128px
Minmatar {{icon|minmatar}} Logo faction minmatar republic.png 128px
Minmatar {{icon|minmatar2}} Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png 128px
Minmatar {{icon|minmatar3}} Logo faction minmatar republic chinese.png 128px
Minmatar {{icon|minmatar4}} Logo faction minmatar republic shiny.png 128px
Jovian Empire {{icon|jove}} Logo faction jove empire.png 128px
Name Syntax Icon Size
Ammatar Mandate {{icon|ammatar}} Logo faction ammatar mandate.png 128px
Angel Cartel {{icon|angels}} Logo faction angel cartel.png 128px
Blood Raiders {{icon|blood raiders}} Logo faction the blood raider covenant.png 128px
CONCORD Assembly {{icon|concord}} Logo faction concord assembly.png 128px
Drifters {{icon|drifters}} Logo faction drifters.png 128px
EDENCOM {{icon|edencom}} Logo faction edencom.png 128px
Guristas Pirates {{icon|guristas}} Logo faction guristas pirates.png 128px
InterBus {{icon|interbus}} Logo faction the interbus.png 128px
Khanid Kingdom {{icon|khanid kingdom}} Logo faction khanid kingdom.png 128px
Mordu's Legion {{icon|mordu}} Logo faction mordus legion.png 128px
Outer Ring Excavations {{icon|ore}} Logo faction outer ring excavations.png 128px
Rogue Drones Logo faction rogue drones.png 128px
Sansha's Nation {{icon|sansha}} Logo faction sanshas nation.png 128px
Serpentis {{icon|serpentis}} Logo faction serpentis.png 128px
Servant Sisters of EVE {{icon|sisters}} Logo faction sisters of eve.png 128px
Society of Conscious Thought {{icon|society}} Logo faction the society.png 128px
The Syndicate {{icon|the syndicate}} Logo faction the syndicate.png 128px
Thukker Tribe {{icon|thukker tribe}} Logo faction thukker tribe.png 128px
Triglavian Collective {{icon|triglavian}} Logo faction triglavian collective.png 128px


Name Syntax Icon Size
Powergrid {{icon|powergrid}} Icon powergrid.png 32px
CPU {{icon|cpu}} Icon cpu.png 32px
Range {{icon|range}} Icon target range.png 32px
Falloff {{icon|falloff}} Icon falloff mod.png 32px
Signature radius {{icon|sig}} Icon ship sig.png 32px
Velocity {{icon|velocity}} Icon velocity.png 32px
Shield {{icon|shield}} Icon shield.png 32px
Armor {{icon|armor}} Icon armor.png 32px
Hull / Structure {{icon|hull}} Icon hull.png 64px
Capacity {{icon|capacity}} Icon capacity.png 64px
Sensor resolution {{icon|sensor resolution}} Icon sensor resolution.png 64px
Target {{icon|target}} Icon target max.png 64px
Inertia {{icon|inertia}} Icon inertia.png 32px
Align time {{icon|align}} Icon align time.png 64px
Warp speed {{icon|warp speed}} Icon warp speed.png 64px
Warp time {{icon|time}} Icon warp time.png 128px
Volume {{icon|volume}} Icon volume.png 64px
Tracking {{icon|tracking}} Icon tracking.png 32px
Turret {{icon|turret}} Icon turret.png 32px
Missile {{icon|missile}} Icon torpedoes.png 32px
Turret new {{icon|turret new}} Icon gunnery turret.png 64px
Missile new {{icon|missile new}} Icon missiles.png 64px
Turret alpha {{icon|turret alpha}} Icon turret volley.png 64px
Missile burst {{icon|missile burst}} Icon burst.png 64px
Drones {{icon|drones}} Icon drones.png 64px
Duration Icon Hourglass.png 32px
Name Syntax Icon Size
Hull repairer {{icon|hull repair}} Icon hull repairer i.png 64px
Armour repairer {{icon|armour repair}} Icon armor repairer i.png 64px
Shield repairer {{icon|shield booster}} Icon shield glow.png 64px
Name Syntax Icon Size
High slot {{icon|fit high}} Icon fit high.png 128px
Medium slot {{icon|fit medium}} Icon fit medium.png 128px
Low slot {{icon|fit low}} Icon fit low.png 128px
Rig slot {{icon|fit rig}} Icon fit rig.png 128px
Drone slot {{icon|fit drone}} Icon fit drone.png 128px
Resources {{icon|fit resource}} Icon fit resource.png 128px
Fitting browser {{icon|fit browser}} Icon fit browser.png 128px
Skins {{icon|fit skins}} Icon fit skins.png 128px
Cargo hold {{icon|fit cargo}} Icon fit cargo.png 128px
DPS {{icon|fit dps}} Icon fit dps.png 128px
Skills {{icon|fit skills}} Icon fit skills.png 128px

Resist & Damage types

Resists Icon Size
Electromagnetic Icon resist em.png 32px
Thermal Icon resist therm.png 32px
Explosive Icon resist exp.png 32px
Kinetic Icon resist kin.png 32px
Damage Icon Size
Electromagnetic Icon damage em.png 32px
Thermal Icon damage therm.png 32px
Explosive Icon damage exp.png 32px
Kinetic Icon damage kin.png 32px

Interbus[sic] Ship Identification System (ISIS)

ISIS & faction icons Syntax Icon Size
ISIS {{icon|isis}} ISIS.png 64px
Amarr {{icon|isis amarr}} Isis amarr.png 128px
Angel Cartel {{icon|isis angel}} Isis angel.png 128px
Blood Raiders {{icon|isis blood}} Isis blood raiders.png 128px
Caldari State {{icon|isis caldari}} Isis caldari.png 128px
Gallente {{icon|isis gallente}} Isis gallente.png 128px
Guristas {{icon|isis guristas}} Isis guristas.png 128px
Minmatar Republic {{icon|isis minmatar}} Isis minmatar.png 128px
Mordu's Legion {{icon|isis mordu}} Isis mordus.png 128px
Outer Ring Excavations {{icon|isis ore}} Isis ore.png 128px
Sansha's Nation {{icon|isis sansha}} Isis sansha.png 128px
Serpentis {{icon|isis serpentis}} Isis serpentis.png 128px
Servant Sisters of EVE {{icon|isis soe}} Isis soe.png 128px
Triglavian Collective {{icon|isis triglavian}} Isis triglavian.png 128px
Role icons Syntax Icon Size
Armour {{icon|isis armour}} Icon ISIS defense armor.png 30px
Shield {{icon|isis shield}} Icon ISIS defense Shields.png 30px
Armour & shield {{icon|isis dual tanked}} Icon ISIS defense Shieldsarmor.png 30px
Attack {{icon|isis attack}} Icon ISIS attack.png 30px
Combat {{icon|isis combat}} Icon ISIS Combat.png 30px
Disruption {{icon|isis disruption}} Icon ISIS Disruption.png 30px
Exploration {{icon|isis exploration}} Icon ISIS Exploration.png 30px
Hauling {{icon|isis hauling}} Icon ISIS Hauling.png 30px
Resource harvesting {{icon|isis harvesting}} Icon ISIS Resourceharvesting.png 30px
Support {{icon|isis support}} Icon ISIS Support.png 30px
Tackling {{icon|isis tackling}} Icon ISIS Tackling.png 30px
System icons Syntax Icon Size
ECM {{icon|isis ecm}} Icon ISIS Ecm.png 30px
Energy destabilization {{icon|isis ed}} Icon ISIS Energydestabilization.png 30px
Sensor dampening {{icon|isis sd}} Icon ISIS Sensordampening.png 30px
Stasis webifying {{icon|isis web}} Icon ISIS Stasiswebifying.png 30px
Target painting {{icon|isis tp}} Icon ISIS Targetpainting.png 30px
Tracking disruption {{icon|isis td}} Icon ISIS Trackingdisruption.png 30px
Warp prevention {{icon|isis warp}} Icon ISIS Warpprevention.png 30px
Ship icons Syntax Icon Size
Capsule {{icon|isis pod}} Isis capsule.png 32px
Shuttle {{icon|isis shuttle}} Isis shuttle.png 32px
Rookie ship {{icon|isis rookie}} Isis rookie.png 32px
Frigate {{icon|isis frigate}} Isis frigate.png 32px
Destroyer {{icon|isis destroyer}} Isis destroyer.png 32px
Cruiser {{icon|isis cruiser}} Isis cruiser.png 32px
Battlecruiser {{icon|isis battlecruiser}} Isis battlecruiser.png 32px
Battleship {{icon|isis battleship}} Isis battleship.png 32px
Capital {{icon|isis capital}} Isis capital.png 32px
Supercapital {{icon|isis super}} Isis supercapital.png 32px
Supercarrier {{icon|isis carrier}} Isis supercarrier.png 32px
Titan {{icon|isis titan}} Isis titan.png 32px
Mining frigate {{icon|isis mining frigate}} Isis miningfrigate.png 32px
Mining barge {{icon|isis barge}} Isis miningbarge.png 32px
Industrial {{icon|isis industrial}} Isis industrial.png 32px
Freighter {{icon|isis freighter}} Isis freighter.png 32px
Industrial Command {{icon|isis industrial command}} Isis industrialcommand.png 32px
Weapon icons Syntax Icon Size
Hybrid turrets {{icon|isis hybrids}} Icon ISIS weapon Hybridturrets.png 30px
Lasers {{icon|isis lasers}} Icon ISIS weapon Energyturrets.png 30px
Missiles {{icon|isis missiles}} Icon ISIS weapon Missiles.png 30px
Projectiles {{icon|isis projectiles}} Icon ISIS weapon Projectileturrets.png 30px
Precursor {{icon|isis precursor}} Icon ISIS Precursor.PNG 30px
Drones {{icon|isis drones}} Icon ISIS weapon Drones.png 30px
Size icons Syntax Icon Size
Small {{icon|isis small}} Icon ISIS size Small.png 30px
Medium {{icon|isis medium}} Icon ISIS size Medium.png 30px
Large {{icon|isis large}} Icon ISIS size Large.png 30px
X-Large {{icon|isis xl}} Icon ISIS size Xlarge.png 30px


Name Syntax Icon Size
Red X {{icon|x}} Icon large red x.png 64px
Green check {{icon|check}} Icon large green check.png 64px
Tick {{icon|tick|16}} Tick.png 16px
Cross {{icon|cross|16}} Cross.png 16px
Info {{icon|small info|16}} Small Info.png 16px
Constellation {{icon|constellation}} Icon constellation.png 64px
Corporation/Alliance {{icon|corporation}} Icon corporation.png 64px
Orbit Distance {{icon|orbit}} Icon orbit.png 64px
Chat {{icon|chat}} Icon talking.png 64px
Mail (glowing) {{icon|mail glow}} Icon mail glow.png 64px
Name Syntax Icon Size
CCP {{icon|ccp}} Icon ccp.png 128px
Windows {{icon|win}} Icon os windows.png 128px
Macintosh {{icon|mac}} Icon os macintosh.png 128px
Linux {{icon|linux}} Icon os linux.png 128px
Mumble {{icon|mumble}} Icon mumble.png 48px
Slack {{icon|slack}} Icon slack.png 32px
Alliance Auth Icon alliance auth.svg Vector
Name Syntax Icon Size
ISK {{icon|money}} Icon money.png 32px
Bounty {{icon|bounty}} Icon bounty.png 32px
Dice {{icon|dice}} Icon dice.png 64px
Pin {{icon|pin}} Icon pin.png 32px
Career Agents/Paths
Name Syntax Icon Size
Enforcer N/A Enforcer career svg.svg 128px
Explorer N/A Explorer career svg.svg 128px
Industrialist N/A Industrialist career svg.svg 128px
Soldier of fortune N/A Soldier of fortune career svg.svg 128px


Character Sheet
Name Icon Size
Skills Skills.png 64px
Decorations Decorations.png 64px
Attributes Attributes.png 64px
Augmentations Augmentations.png 64px
Jump Clones Jumpclones.png 64px
Biography Biography.png 64px
Employment History Employmenthistory.png 64px
Personal Standings Personalstandings.png 64px
Security Status Securitystatus.png 64px
Kill Rights Killrights.png 64px
Combat Log Combatlog.png 64px
Pilot License Pilotlicense.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Can Train Skill Can train skill.png 36px
Missing Skillbook Skillbook missing.png 36px
Requires Omega Skill requires omega.png 36px
Skill Trained Skill Trained.png 36px
Name Icon Size
Inventory Inventory.png 64px
Cargo Cargo.png 64px
Cargo Container Cargocontainer.png 64px
Cargo Container - Locked Cargocontainerlocked.png 64px
Cargo Scan Cargoscan.png 64px
Container Container.png 64px
Contract - Auction Contractauction.png 64px
Contract - Courier Contractcourier.png 64px
Contract - Item Exchange Contractitemexchange.png 64px
Hangar - Corp Corphangar.png 64px
Hangar - Item Itemhangar.png 64px
Hangar - Ship Shiphangar.png 64px
Market - Deliveries Marketdeliveries.png 64px
Assets Assets.png 64px
Redeem items Redeem.png 64px
Station Container Stationcontainer.png 64px
Station Container - Locked Stationcontainerlocked.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Browser bookmarks Browserbookmarks.png 64px
Browser Browser.png 64px
Calculator Calculator.png 64px
Notepad Notepad.png 64px
Log Log.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Market Market.png 64px
Contracts Contractsicon.png 64px
Wallet Wallet.png 64px
Industry Industry.png 64px
Planetary Colonies Planets.png 64px
Agent Finder Agentfinder.png 64px
Factional Warfare Icon fw.png 64px
Bounty Office Bountyoffice.png 64px
Structure Browser Structurebrowser.png 64px
Project Discovery Projectdiscovery.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Chat Channels Chatchannels.png 64px
Fleet Fleet.png 64px
EVE mail Evemail.png 64px
Corporation CorporationIcon.png 64px
Calendar Calendaricon.png 64px
Access Lists Accessgroups.png 64px
Twitch Twitch.png 64px
EVE Mail
Name Icon Size
EVE mail Evemail.png 64px
EVE mail - Compose Evemailcompose.png 64px
EVE mail - Tag Evemailtag.png 64px
Forward Forward.png 64px
Reply Reply.png 64px
Reply All Replyall.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Corporation CorporationIcon.png 64px
Alliances Alliances.png 64px
Assets - Corp Assetscorp.png 64px
Corp Decorations Corporationdecorations.png 64px
Corp Deliveries Corpdeliveries.png 64px
Corp Locations Corporationlocations.png 64px
Corp Map Corpmap.png 64px
Corp Members Corporationmembers.png 64px
Corp Standings Corporationstandings.png 64px
Member Member.png 64px
Member - Delay Memberdelay.png 64px
Mercenary Mercenary.png 64px
Mercenary - Add Mercenaryadd.png 64px
Mercenary - Ally Mercenaryally.png 64px
Mercenary - Attention Mercenaryattention.png 64px
Mutual Wars Mutualwars.png 64px
Offices Offices.png 64px
Recruitment Recruitment.png 64px
Surrender Surrender.png 64px
Surrender - Attention Surrenderattention.png 64px
Votes Votesicon.png 64px
War Report Warreport.png 64px
Wars Wars.png 64px
Station Services
Name Icon Size
LP Store Lpstore.png 64px
Insurance Insurance.png 64px
Factional Warfare Icon fw.png 64px
Bounty Office Bountyoffice.png 64px
Fitting Fitting.png 64px
Market Market.png 64px
Reprocess Reprocess.png 64px
Repair Shop Repairshop.png 64px
Clone Bay Clonebay.png 64px
Character customization Charcustomization.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Achievements Achievements.png 64px
Agent Agent.png 64px
Aggression Aggression.png 64px
Attention Attention.png 64px
Bleed Channel Bleedchannel.png 64px
Capital Navigation Capitalnavigation.png 64px
Certificates Certificates.png 64px
Channel Operator Channeloperator.png 64px
Character sheet Charactersheet.png 64px
Chat channel Chatchannel.png 64px
Compare Tool Comparetool.png 64px
CONCORD Concord.png 64px
Contacts Contacts.png 64px
Criminal Criminalicon.png 64px
Critical State Criticalstate.png 64px
Division Division.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Dog Tags Dogtags.png 64px
Fitting Management Fittingmanagement.png 64px
Folder - Cargo Folder cargo.png 64px
Group List Grouplist.png 64px
Help Helpicon.png 64px
Hide Status Hidestatus.png 64px
Hide Windows Hidewindows.png 64px
Incursions Incursions.png 64px
Info Info.png 64px
Insider Insider.png 64px
Journal Journal.png 64px
Jukebox Jukeboxicon.png 64px
Kill Report Killreport.png 64px
Limited Engagement Limitedengagement.png 64px
Locked Container Lockedcontainer.png 64px
Map Map.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Market - Search Searchmarket.png 64px
Medical Medical.png 64px
NES NES.png 64px
News Post Newspost.png 64px
Note Note.png 64px
Note Group Notegroup.png 64px
Other Other.png 64px
People and Places Peopleandplaces.png 64px
Personal Locations Personallocations.png 64px
Pilot License Pilotlicense.png 64px
Politics Politics.png 64px
Question Question.png 64px
Reprocessing Reprocessingicon.png 64px
Restriction Restriction.png 64px
Sanctionable Actions Sanctionableactions.png 64px
Satellite Satellite.png 64px
Name Icon Size
Scope Network Scopenetwork.png 64px
Settings Settings.png 64px
Ships Ships.png 64px
Ship Scan Shipscan.png 64px
Ship Tree Shiptree.png 64px
Small Folder Smallfolder.png 64px
Sovereignty Sovereignty.png 64px
Station Station.png 64px
Stop Stop.png 64px
Systems Systems.png 64px
Terminate Terminate.png 64px
Tip of the Day Tipoftheday.png 64px
Training Queue Trainingqueue.png 64px
Tutorial Tutorial.png 64px
Twitch Recording Twitch recording.png 64px
Warning Warning.png 64px


Attribute Icon Size
Charisma Icon charisma.png 128px
Intelligence Icon intelligence.png 128px
Memory Icon memory.png 128px
Perception Icon perception.png 128px
Willpower Icon willpower.png 128px
Implant Icon Size
Social adaptation chip Charisma.png 64px
Cybernetic subprocessor Intelligence.png 64px
Memory Augmentation Memory.png 64px
Ocular filter Perception.png 64px
Neural boost Willpower.png 64px
Icon Icon Size
Charisma Icon attribute charisma.png 32px
Intelligence Icon attribute intelligence.png 32px
Memory Icon attribute memory.png 32px
Perception Icon attribute perception.png 32px
Willpower Icon attribute willpower.png 32px


Timers Icon Size
Booster timer Icon timer booster.png 32px
Capsuleer log-off timer Icon timer capsuleer.png 32px
Criminal timer Icon timer criminal.png 32px
Jump activation timer Icon timer jump activation.png 32px
Jump fatigue timer Icon timer jump fatigue.png 32px
Limited engagement timer Icon timer limited engagement.png 32px
Non-capsuleer log-off timer Icon timer non-capsuleer.png 32px
Suspect timer Icon timer suspect.png 32px
Weapons timer Icon timer weapons.png 32px


Tags and background

Tag Syntax Icon Size
Box checked {{icon|tag check|9}} Overview-BoxChecked9.gif 9px
Box unchecked {{icon|tag uncheck|9}} ColorTagBG-Grey.gif 9px
At war {{icon|tag war|9}} ColorTag-StarRed9.gif 9px
At war (militia) {{icon|tag war militia|9}} ColorTag-StarOrange9.gif 9px
In your fleet {{icon|tag fleet|9}} ColorTag-FleetMember9.gif 9px
In your corporation {{icon|tag corp|9}} ColorTag-StarGreen9.gif 9px
In your alliance {{icon|tag alliance|9}} ColorTag-StarBlue9.gif 9px
Excellent standing {{icon|tag 10|9}} ColorTag-PlusDarkBlue9.gif 9px
Good standing {{icon|tag 5|9}} ColorTag-PlusLightBlue9.gif 9px
Outlaw (below -5 sec) {{icon|tag outlaw|9}} ColorTag-SkullOrange9.gif 9px
Criminal {{icon|tag criminal|9}} ColorTag-SkullRedBlack9.gif 9px
Suspect {{icon|tag suspect|9}} ColorTag-SkullYellowBlack9.gif 9px
Limited engagement {{icon|tag le|9}} ColorTag-SkullTurquoise9.gif 9px
Available kill right {{icon|tag kill|9}} ColorTag-CrosshairOrange9.gif 9px
Terrible standing (-10) {{icon|tag -10|9}} ColorTag-MinusRed9.gif 9px
Bad standing (-5) {{icon|tag -5|9}} ColorTag-MinusOrange9.gif 9px
Militia (or militia ally) {{icon|tag militia|9}} ColorTag-StarPurple9.gif 9px
Ally in your war {{icon|tag war ally|9}} ColorTag-StarBlue9.gif 9px
Security status below zero {{icon|tag below zero|9}} ColorTag-SkullYellow9.gif 9px
Neutral standing (0) {{icon|tag neutral|9}} ColorTag-Neutral.gif 9px
Interactable agent {{icon|tag agent|9}} ColorTag-ChatBlue9.gif 9px
Bounty {{icon|tag bounty|9}} ColorTag-SkullBlack9.gif 9px
No standing {{icon|tag no standing|9}} ColorTag-Neutral.gif 9px
Background Syntax Icon Size
Red {{icon|bg red|9}} ColorTagBG-Red.gif 9px
Orange {{icon|bg orange|9}} ColorTagBG-Orange.gif 9px
Purple (dark) {{icon|bg purple dark|9}} ColorTagBG-PurpleDark.gif 9px
Purple (light) {{icon|bg purple light|9}} ColorTagBG-PurpleLight.gif 9px
Green {{icon|bg green|9}} ColorTagBG-GreenDark.gif 9px
Blue (dark) {{icon|bg blue dark|9}} ColorTagBG-BlueDark.gif 9px
Blue (light) {{icon|bg blue light|9}} ColorTagBG-BlueLight.gif 9px
Yellow {{icon|bg yellow|9}} ColorTagBG-Yellow.gif 9px
Black {{icon|bg black|9}} ColorTagBG-Black.gif 9px
Grey {{icon|bg grey|9}} ColorTagBG-Grey.gif 9px
White {{icon|bg white|9}} ColorTagBG-White.gif 9px
Turquoise (dark) {{icon|bg turquoise dark|9}} ColorTagBG-DarkTurquoise.gif 9px
Turquoise (light) {{icon|bg turquoise light|9}} ColorTagBG-Turquoise.gif 9px

In order to make icons flashing, include {{FlashyCSS}} then use the <span class="flashy"></span>.
Wrapped around an icon yields this: ColorTag-StarRed9.gif

Brackets in space

Player ships Icon Size
Drone Icon bracket drone.png 16px
Sentry drone Icon bracket sentry drone.png 16px
Fighter Icon bracket fighter.png 16px
Capsule Icon bracket capsule.png 16px
Shuttle Icon bracket shuttle.png 16px
Rookie ship Icon bracket rookie.png 16px
Frigate Icon bracket frigate.png 16px
Destroyer Icon bracket destroyer.png 16px
Cruiser Icon bracket cruiser.png 16px
Battlecruiser Icon bracket battlecruiser.png 16px
Battleship Icon bracket battleship.png 16px
Dreadnought Icon bracket dreadnought.png 16px
Carrier Icon bracket carrier.png 16px
Supercarrier Icon bracket supercarrier.png 16px
Titan Icon bracket titan.png 16px
Mining frigate Icon bracket mining frigate.png 16px
Mining barge Icon bracket mining barge.png 16px
Industrial Icon bracket industrial.png 16px
Industrial command Icon bracket industrial command ship.png 16px
Industrial capital Icon bracket industrial capital.png 16px
Sentry Icon bracket tower.png 16px
Neutral NPC Icon Size
Drone Icon bracket drone.png 16px
Sentry drone Icon bracket sentry drone.png 16px
Fighter Icon bracket fighter.png 16px
Capsule Icon white capsule.png 16px
Shuttle Icon white shuttle.png 16px
Rookie ship Icon white rookie.png 16px
Frigate Icon white frigate.png 16px
Destroyer Icon white destroyer.png 16px
Cruiser Icon white cruiser.png 16px
Battlecruiser Icon white battlecruiser.png 16px
Battleship Icon white battleship.png 16px
Dreadnought Icon white dreadnought.png 16px
Carrier Icon white carrier.png 16px
Supercarrier Icon white supercarrier.png 16px
Titan Icon white titan.png 16px
Mining frigate Icon white mining frigate.png 16px
Mining barge Icon white mining barge.png 16px
Industrial Icon white industrial.png 16px
Industrial command Icon white industrial command ship.png 16px
Industrial capital Icon white industrial capital.png 16px
Sentry Icon bracket tower.png 16px
Hostile NPC Icon Size
Drone Icon red drone.png 16px
Sentry drone Icon red sentry drone.png 16px
Fighter Icon red fighter.png 16px
Capsule Icon red capsule.png 16px
Shuttle Icon red shuttle.png 16px
Rookie ship Icon red rookie.png 16px
Frigate Icon red frigate.png 16px
Destroyer Icon red destroyer.png 16px
Cruiser Icon red cruiser.png 16px
Battlecruiser Icon red battlecruiser.png 16px
Battleship Icon red battleship.png 16px
Dreadnought Icon red dreadnought.png 16px
Carrier Icon red carrier.png 16px
Supercarrier Icon red supercarrier.png 16px
Titan Icon red titan.png 16px
Mining frigate Icon red mining frigate.png 16px
Mining barge Icon red mining barge.png 16px
Industrial Icon red industrial.png 16px
Industrial command Icon red industrial command ship.png 16px
Industrial capital Icon red industrial capital.png 16px
Sentry Icon red tower.png 16px
Friendly NPC Icon Size
Drone Icon blue drone.png 16px
Sentry drone Icon blue sentry drone.png 16px
Fighter Icon blue fighter.png 16px
Capsule Icon blue capsule.png 16px
Shuttle Icon blue shuttle.png 16px
Rookie ship Icon blue rookie.png 16px
Frigate Icon blue frigate.png 16px
Destroyer Icon blue destroyer.png 16px
Cruiser Icon blue cruiser.png 16px
Battlecruiser Icon blue battlecruiser.png 16px
Battleship Icon blue battleship.png 16px
Dreadnought Icon blue dreadnought.png 16px
Carrier Icon blue carrier.png 16px
Supercarrier Icon blue supercarrier.png 16px
Titan Icon blue titan.png 16px
Mining frigate Icon blue mining frigate.png 16px
Mining barge Icon blue mining barge.png 16px
Industrial Icon blue industrial.png 16px
Industrial command Icon blue industrial command ship.png 16px
Industrial capital Icon blue industrial capital.png 16px
Sentry Icon blue tower.png 16px

Miscellaneous Icon Size
Constellation Icon bracket constellation.png 16px
NPC indicator Icon bracket npc indicator.png 16px
Region Icon bracket region.png 16px
Solar system Icon bracket solar system.png 16px
Other brackets in space Icon Size
Acceleration gate Icon bracket accelerationgate.png 16px
Asteroid Icon bracket asteroid.png 16px
Asteroid field Icon bracket asteroidfield.png 16px
Beacon Icon bracket beacon.png 16px
Billboard Icon bracket billboard.png 16px
Container Icon bracket container.png 16px
Red container Icon bracket container red.png 16px
Moon Icon bracket moon.png 16px
Stargate Icon bracket stargate.png 16px
Station Icon bracket station.png 16px
Structure Icon bracket structure.png 16px
Tower Icon bracket tower.png 16px
Force field Icon bracket forcefield.png 16px
Wormhole Icon bracket wormhole.png 16px
Hackable Icon bracket hackable.png 16px
Agent Icon bracket agent.png 16px
Hangar Array Icon PersonalHangarArray.png 16px