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Maintenance categories are used to quickly and automatically organize articles in need of focused editor attention.

Membership in maintenance categories is the result of the use of various maintenance templates. These templates create a boilerplate notification at the top of the article in question that serves to alert both readers and editors as to the maintenance status of that article. Maintenance categories should not be applied manually via normal wiki markup; they should always be applied using maintenance templates.

Maintenance templates should not be used in sandboxes or in the User namespace.


Candidates for cleanup

Template: {{cleanup}}

Articles in need of copyediting or restructuring, or are otherwise in need of polishing. This category does not include articles with inaccurate information; for articles that must be edited for content, see Category:Needing updates.

Candidates for deletion

Template: {{deletion}}

Articles and media that are unnecessary, unused, or deprecated and not worth keeping. Only editors in the administrator usergroup are able to delete articles and media.

Candidates for merging

Template: {{merge}}

Articles that are very similar in subject matter or content that may need to be combined. When merging articles, the more complete article should be the base for the merged article, and once merged, any component articles should be converted to redirects.

Candidates for moving

Template: {{move}}

Articles that should be moved (renamed). Articles may need to be moved due to misspelled, verbose, or inappropriate titles. All editors are able to move articles. When moving articles, be sure to check Special:Double redirects to fix any double redirects that may have resulted from moving the article in question.

Deprecated pages

Template: {{deprecated}}

Articles that are no longer in use, out-of-date, or no longer maintained, but have been kept due to their value either as a historical record or because they relate to subjects that were once important components of gameplay. Deprecated pages should generally not be deleted, but editors who feel that a deprecated page no longer has any relevance may use {{deletion}} to suggest that it be removed.

Deprecated categories

EVE University History

Template: {{historical}}

Though not technically a maintenance category, articles in this category should be considered deprecated and are no longer maintained. They are kept for their historical relevance to EVE University, and should not be deleted.

Needing updates

Template: {{update}}

Articles with inaccurate or out-of-date information. Due to the often widespread nature of game changes, this maintenance category can often grow or shrink quickly over relatively short spans of time. Articles belonging to this category may need to be completely rewritten, or may even need to be deprecated if a change is particularly extreme. This category does not include articles in need of copyediting; for articles in need of cleanup, see Category:Candidates for cleanup.

Obsolete Skills

Templates: {{GetSkillLink}}, {{GetSkillPrice}}, {{GetSkillMult}}

Articles containing references to skills that no longer exist in the game. This category does not have boilerplate message or a specific template for marking such articles; instead, articles are automatically assigned to this category as a function of the three abovementioned templates (which are themselves a part of {{Sk}}, a template used to link to skill descriptions).

The template and documentation pages for the three mentioned templates are members of this maintenance category due to the example template call used in their documentation.

Pages where template include size is exceeded

Articles that contain too many template calls, including templates within templates. This category is generated automatically by the MediaWiki software, and does not have a template associated with it. It is rarely used because the maximum template include size is far beyond that of most normal articles.

Pages with broken file links

Articles that contain internal links to media files that no longer exist (have been deleted). This category is generated automatically by the MediaWiki software, and does not have a template associated with it.

Templates without documentation

Templates that lack a documentation page. This category is generated automatically by the MediaWiki software, and does not have a template associated with it.

All templates should have at least minimal documentation stating their purpose and use. Template documentation should be written in its own article, named <template name>/doc. Once written, documentation can be transcluded onto the template's main page using the {{documentation}}.

For more information about template documentation, see UniWiki:Templates.

Work in progress

Template: {{work in progress}}

Articles that are in active development by one or more editors. This template is often used to replace {{update}} once updates are actually underway. Use of this template should be temporary; it should be removed if found on an article that has not been updated within the past several weeks (and perhaps replaced again with {{update}}, if appropriate).

New, unfinished articles should be developed in a User sandbox, and thus should not require this template.