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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template generates a boilerplate noting a suggestion to merge. It can include the target of the merge as a parameter, and places the article in Category:Candidates for merging. It should be placed at all pages involved in the merge. The boilerplate includes a link to a talk page. All pages involved must point to the same talk page to keep the discussion about the merge at one location.
{{Merge|<candidate 1>|<candidate 2>|<...>|<candidate 20>|<target= target>|<discussion= talkpage (full name)>}}
The name of the page(s) to merge with. Up-to 20 pages can be listed.
target (optional)
The name of the page to merge into.
The discussion/talk page where to discuss the merge. Default is the talk page of the page where the banner is placed. When another talk page should be used the full page name, including namespace, should be used, e.g. "Talk:Main Page" or "Template Talk:Merge"
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