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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template creates a colored banner with centered text.
Used by:
{{Mission stub}}
{{Past content}}
{{Survival copy}}
{{Work in progress}}
{{Banner|<color= color>|<border= color>|<text= color>|<content>}}
color - Color of the banner background. If omitted the background color is dimgray. Colors can be given either by color name[1] (e.g. red or green) or values[2] (like #0000FF).
border - Color of the border of the banner. If omitted and "color" is given then the border is the same color as the background. If color is also omitted then the border color is red.
text - Color of the text in the banner. If omitted the text color is white.
content - The content of the banner
Sample output
{{Banner|This is a banner!}} gives...
This is a banner!
{{Banner|color= LightSalmon|border= blue|text= #000000|This is a light salmon banner with a blue border and black text !}} gives...
This is a light salmon banner with a blue border and black text !

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