Abandoned Research Complex DG003

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Locating & Difficulty

This is a data site that can be scanned down with scanner probes, and can be found in null security space in the Etherium Reach and Perrigen Falls Regions. Opening the cans requires a Data Analyzer. Failing a hacking attempt on any of the cans may result in enemy frigate NPC spawns. Containers do not self destruct no matter how many times a hacking attempt is failed.

The site is an open deadspace pocket that can be warped to at any range.

The Site Itself

The data site has three cans:

  • 2 "High Security Containment Facility" (Green Cores)
  • 1 "Research and Development Laboratories" (Red Core)

2-3 Enemy drones (frigate class) may spawn on failed codebreaking on any of the cans.


Loot includes (in order of decreasing frequency):

  • Rogue Drone Components
  • 'Integrated' Hobgoblin and Hammerhead BPCs (30 runs)
  • 'Augmented' Hobgoblin and Hammerhead BPCs (10 run)

Typically either of the "high-security" cans has the biggest share of loot while the other only contains drone components and the "Research Laboratories" lab is empty (but not always!).


There is a possibility that the site may escalete to "Derelict Research Complex DG006".

Trigger mechanism is not fully understood but is likely caused after interacting with all 3 cans with a codebreaker. Recorded triggers available publicly include:

  • Successful hacking of all 3 cans
  • Successfully hacking both "High Security Containment Facility" cans and a failed hacking attempt on the "Research and Development Laboratories" can.