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Articles dedicated to recording stats/general descriptions of player-controlled ships. Any page that uses Template:ShipArticle should be placed in this category. All other articles detailing ships should be placed in Category:Ships.

This category contains numerous subcategories containing all ships available to players. These subcategories contain articles for specific ships belonging to that type, as well as articles detailing that ship type in general (such as Interceptors). These general articles are members of Category:Ships, and should be the only articles not in Category:Ship Database contained in its subcategories.
Note on sorting: The subcategories in this category are sorted on ship type i.e all frigates are under F, all assault frigates are under A, regardless of subgroup indications like "Special Edition", "EDENCOM", or "Faction" and so on.

For ease of reference, all articles in this category should be placed both in the main category as well as the appropriate subcategory.

For an overview of all ships in EVE, see {{ShipsMatrix}}.


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