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Black Ops battleships are the Tech II battleship counterpart of Recon Ships. However, while they do get bonuses to how fast they move while cloaked (which actually means that they'll move faster when cloaked than when not cloaked with the Black Ops skill at a decent level), they are unable to fit covert ops cloaks, and thus can't warp while cloaked. Black Ops battleships cost about 700 million ISK before fittings, so it's rarely worth risking them in combat. Their primary role is to provide covert jump bridges.

Covert cyno fields can be lit even under cyno jammers and don't appear as a beacon in the entire system like a normal cyno. Black Ops battleships can lock onto these fields and create bridges to them, which then allows other covert ops ships -- any ship that get a bonus to cloaking, including Tech 3 cruisers with the cloaking subsystem -- to jump in.

Black Ops battleships don't have a PvE application.

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