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This page contains all the official EVE University and Ivy League Logos and graphical resources. These may be used in any official EVE University publication.

This EVE University logo has been used since June 2010.

The font used on the official logo was created by Kelduum Revaan and is not available for download.

E-UNI.png E-UNI_Emblem.png E-UNI_Text_Vertical.png E-UNI_Text_Horizontal.png
E-UNI_Mono.png E-UNI_Emblem_Mono.png E-UNI_Text_Vertical_White.png E-UNI_Text_Horizontal_White.png
E-UNI_Black.png E-UNI_Emblem_Black.png E-UNI_Text_Vertical_Black.png E-UNI_Text_Horizontal_Black.png
E-UNI_White.png E-UNI_Emblem_White.png E-UNI_Text_Vertical_White_Outline.png E-UNI_Text_Horizontal_White_Outline.png

Designed by Christoph Patrouette for the launch of the EVE University Discord Server in May 2020.

EVE University Logo.gif

Ivy League

This Ivy League Logo has been used since July 2015. It was created by Janton Raudhir and Jurius Doctor and was the winner of a competition to design the new Alliance Logo.

You can view the other logos submitted for the competition at Archive:Ivy League Logo competition.

New Ivy Logo.png

Semantic Images

Semantic EVE University logo
Semantic EVE University emblem
Semantic UniWiki logo

Other Logos


UniWiki.png UniWiki_Text_White.png

Department Logos

Community Logos

Festival and Holiday Logos


Staff Recruitment Posters

Propaganda Posters

Wartime Posters

Program Posters

Implants Program Poster Gif Version


WHC icons




Streaming Resources

Plug-and-Play Frames

Single Objects

Deprecated Graphics

These graphics are no longer used, but are recorded here for posterity.

Old Logos

Old posters

Old Video Stings

E-UNI.png Uni sting

(.mov, 8 seconds)

E-UNI_Mono.png Short Uni sting

(.mov, 3 seconds)

E-UNI.png University logo sting

(.mov, 6 seconds)

1080p 720p
E-UNI_Mono.png DED sting

(.mov, 7 seconds)

1080p 720p
E-UNI_Black.png DED title sequence

(.mov, 15 seconds)

1080p 720p