AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility

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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: Review for December 2021, Version 19.11 changes.

The AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility appeared at the 4th quadrant in EVE Online, the New Dawn, Age of Prosperity. It is a Lowsec/Nullsec/Wormhole space Level 3 data site with hostile CONCORD ships guarding the site.

Once the site is completed the capsuleer running the site may receive an escalation and AEGIS databases.

Please note that this site requires a data analyzer to receive the rewards as well as a nice-tanked battleship/t3 cruiser.

1st pocket

nothing but an acceleration gate.

2nd pocket


Sentry 4 x Sentry EDENCOM Heavy GunStar Reacts to standings, will attack if your standings with EDENCOM are negative, will not shoot if positive.
Frigate 5 x Frigate EDENCOM AEGIS Security Pacifier
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser EDENCOM AEGIS Security Enforcer Warp Disruptor
Battleship 1 x Battleship EDENCOM AEGIS Security Marshal Recommended to destroy to lessen DPS Target Jammer Target Painter
Structure 1 x AEGIS Data Central Hub No Loot but triggers Gate B to unlock
Once hacked the AEGIS Data Central Hub
Gate B is active.

Gate B

Note: all rats here are diamond rats including the Bowhead. Once the Bowhead is killed the NPCs will warp off.


Industrial 1 x Industrial EDENCOM AEGIS Secure Transfer Barge cannot lock until you hacked the can near it. Once the can is hacked you must point it because it will try to warp. If the Bowhead warps out the site is considered as failed. Response Fleets 1 and 2, escalation. AEGIS Databases
Structure 1 x AEGIS Logistics Center Shield Projector once hacked, shoot and point the Bowhead.
Response Fleet 1
Frigate 7 x Frigate EDENCOM AEGIS Response Arquebus
Response Fleet 2
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser EDENCOM AEGIS Fireteam Culverin
Battleship 1 x Battleship EDENCOM AEGIS Fireteam Ribauldequin


This site (will?) escalate to AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges. It will expire in 2 months and (will?) be in Lowsec.


New Quadrant