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"POV" is an abbreviation for "Point of View". It is most commonly used to signify that, in the opinion of the editor, some statement is biased, which is to say that it is "non-neutral and takes a point of view". Non-neutral content or style conflicts with the UniWiki's goal of being a neutral source of factual — and independently verifiable — information.

POV contrasts with "NPOV", an abbreviation for "Neutral Point of View", the UniWiki's editorial approach, which is inherited from Wikipedia's own editorial policy. See the page Wikipedia:Neutral point of view for this policy.

These articles should be reformatted or otherwise improved to reflect a neutral point of view. Pages that reflect a non-neutral POV use the {{NPOV}} template.

When the {{NPOV}} template is added to a page, that page is automatically included below. When the {{NPOV}} template is removed, the page is automatically removed from this page. Hence, the links on this page should not be edited directly. Anyone can edit these pages to improve them. If the problem is correctable with the skills you already possess, consider fixing it yourself.

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