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Scanning is the primary method of finding objects and locations in space.

Finding things with scanning

This table shows the type of scanning you will most likely use when looking for a specific result.

To find this item Use this kind of scanner
Names of objects within 14AU of your ship Overview, D-scan, Map
Locations or coordinates of objects Probe
Asteroid belt Overview, D-scan, Map
Asteroid size and composition Survey
Ice belt Overview, D-scan, Map
Ice size and composition Survey
Gas cloud Overview, D-scan, Map
Moon mining Survey Probe
Wormhole Scan Probe
Player piloted ships Combat Probe

Follow the links below for more detailed information.

Overview, Map and Directional Scan


Every ship in EVE comes with an onboard Overview window that can be configured to show planets, asteroid belts, moons, stations, and other useful objects in the current system. A thorough study of the Overview is highly recommended because it is difficult to play EVE without this information. Every ship in EVE also comes with an onboard Directional Scanner (D-scan) that can be used to discover, but not pinpoint via distance or coordinates, objects up to 14 AU away from the ship.

This equipment can be used to search for Cosmic Anomalies (including ice belts and gas clouds) and other objects not found on the Overview.

In addition, each ship has a Solar System Map that displays the overview and directional scanning data in graphic form.

Survey Scanning

Asteroid and ice miners may use survey scanners to measure distances to various targets and monitor their volume as they are mined. Survey scanners typically measure resource type, quantity and distance. They have a maximum range of 15 km (23 km with T2), and they occupy a mid-level fitting slot.

While the range of a scanner is small, the scanned asteroids stay in the menu if the scanner is run again at a different point within the same grid. Therefore, it is possible to get the contents of the entire belt/anomaly by scanning it multiple times at different spots without closing the survey scanner window.

Probe Scanning

Every ship in EVE except for shuttles and freighters can fit a Scan Probe Launcher module. These launch probes that increase the number of types of objects that can be detected and the range at which they can be scanned. Such probes provide distance and coordinate information. A probe launcher will take up a high fitting slot.

A probe launcher can launch various types of probes:

  • "Scan" probes are used extensively in Exploration to find wormholes and other Cosmic Anomalies. They are also used to find PvE combat sites and other cosmic signatures.
  • "Combat" probes can pinpoint the location of other ships. These are most frequently used in PvP.
  • Moon mining uses specialized survey probes which investigate a solar system and return the ore name, the quantity, the TypeID, and the ID's for the Solar System, Planet and Moon. (Note that these are probes and must be launched - as opposed to the use of a survey scanner as described above.)