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Fight Club is a solo PvP event primarily run at the Highsec Campus. Most of the content on this wiki page is from the Fight Club megathread[1] by Jax Renalard[2] on the Corporation Events forum.

The what

What is Fight Club? We take tech 1 frigates and mash them against each other in 1v1, Unista vs. Unista sanctioned duels for the enrichment and blood-sating of our members.

The rules

  • All fights are 1v1 - bring dueling ships!
  • *New* Damavik are not permitted unless both the organizer and the other pilot are happy with the engagement going ahead
  • All fights are to the death - expect to lose your ship, and bring backups to keep participating!
  • No podding!
  • If you feel you are losing, try to warp off! If someone succeeds in escaping, the duel is a draw.
  • Since people are allowed to escape, bring tackle mods if you want to kill anything!
  • Fights will randomly start at 20km or 0km - nobody knows the starting range until you get there!

This is intended as a live-fire exercise as realistic as possible. Learn what it takes to PvP like a low-sec hero!

What can I bring?

  • Only T1 frigates allowed
  • Only T1 modules allowed - Meta variants (0 through 4) are allowed and encouraged, but nothing T2, faction, deadspace, etc.
  • Only T1 ammo/charges - This includes cap boosters and drones!
  • If you bring drugs, make sure you bring some for the whole class

We're keeping things cheap to encourage participation, and evenly matched because the more even-handed the ships, the more your decisions and piloting matter, and the more you learn!

Encore performance: Fight Clubbest

As a finale, we take all participants and mash them together all at once in a messy, frigate-soup free-for-all! Get on as many kill mails as you can, and get out alive! (this will not happen) Make friends and then immediately backstab them! It's the fightiest!


Fight Club uses a collection of bookmarks in Amygnon that are stored in the HSC 06 Events corp bookmarks folder.

  • Participants warp to Fight Club - Beacon at the beginning of the event.
  • Spectators warp to Fight Club - Bleachers.
  • At the beginning of each round, the two participants must warp to either Fight Club - Red or Fight Club - Blue.


Fight Club T1 frigate losses are fully reimbursable through the uni's Ship Replacement Program. You can use this form[3] to apply for SRP. Specifics are listed here.

Want to run FC?

  • Get in touch with HSC's manager or events officer and offer to run this week's Fight Club.
  • Pick a time that sees a lot of activity, like 19.00 EVE time on a Friday for the EUTZ crowd or 01.00 EVE time on a Saturday for the USTZ crowd.
  • Some event hosts also have a bowhead on an OOC alt stocked with T1 frigate fits to give out to participants who want them.