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Assault frigates have good tanks and usually high DPS. If you get tackled by an assault frigate, you're generally not going anywhere: they're a pain to get rid of when properly fitted. Their disadvantage compared to interceptors is that they're slower, and often sacrifice their MWD and fit an afterburner instead to survive longer after tackling a target. Some assault frigates make decent tacklers, and they can provide decent damage in a fleet of small ships. If the fleet has larger damage-dealing ships assault frigates can lack a role, though they may still be a good defense against other small targets.

In PvE assault frigates can take on missions and combat sites which would normally be too difficult for a frigate-sized ship.

Both assault frigates of each race are based on the hull of that race's primary Tech 1 combat frigate (the Punisher, Merlin, Incursus or Rifter), and again are split into two sub classes, those with damage dealing bonuses, and those with tanking bonuses.

Tanking Assault

  • Isis amarr.pngVengeance: Uses rockets. Tough ship with three midslots.
  • Isis caldari.pngHawk: Uses missile launchers. Strong solo and small gang PvP ship, helpful in PvE.
  • Isis gallente.pngIshkur: Drone boat. Superb. 50m3 drone bay.
  • Isis minmatar.pngJaguar: Projectile turrets. Decent DPS, fastest assault frigate. Four midslots, usually shield tanked, sometimes successful solo.

Damage Dealer Assault

  • Isis amarr.pngRetribution: Uses lasers. High DPS, however (like the Punisher on which it is based) it has only two mid slots, precluding the prop/scram/web trinity.
  • Isis caldari.pngHarpy: Uses hybrid turrets. Commonly fit with railguns as a mini-sniper.
  • Isis gallente.pngEnyo: Uses hybrid turrets. Commonly fit with blasters for face-melting point-blank DPS.
  • Isis minmatar.pngWolf: Uses projectile turrets. Very high DPS.
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