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Titans are the largest and most powerful ships in EVE, able to fit several unique modules such as super weapons (doomsdays), Jump Portal Generators, and Phenomena Generators.


Icon doomsday.png

Titans have access to a set of extremely large special weapons, known as superweapons. A titan can only fit one superweapon at any given time. Firing a superweapon will deal immense damage to one or more enemy ships, but will immobilize the titan for 30 seconds, and disable its ability to dock, tether, cloak, or use its jump drive for 5 minutes. Superweapons have firing delays, during which time their target(s) are given very clear warning of their impending doom. Using a faction-specific superweapon costs the corresponding isotopes, using non-faction superweapons costs Strontium Clathrates.

Area-of-Effect Damage-over-Time superweapons (Lances, Reapers, and the Bosonic Field Generator) all target a line or area of space rather than a single ship, and all have a Signature Radius attribute. Ships hit by these weapons' fire, whose signature radii are smaller than said attribute, will take reduced damage, corresponding to the ratio of the two. Furthermore, all Area-of-Effect superweapons also release a 10km radius, 35,000GJ energy neutralizing pulse when they begin charging to fire. (This neutralization pulse has a 20km signature radius, and thus only applies its full effect to other titans.) Area-of-Effect superweapons cannot be activated in Lowsec.

Doomsday weapons all have 5 minute cycle times, however, the skill Icon skillbook2.png Doomsday Rapid Firing reduces this by 12 seconds per level down to at minimum 4 minutes. Furthermore, the damage of doomsday weapons can be increased by the Icon skillbook2.png Doomsday Operation skill by 10% per level.


Doomsdays (DD) are single-target, high damage weapons, which can only target capital ships and, after a 9-second delay, deals 1,000,000 damage in one shot. This damage increases to 1,500,000 with maximum skills.

Each empire has its own damage variant that can only be fitted to that faction (or an associated pirate faction)'s titan and deals a specific damage type. The composition of a titan fleet thus defines the damage types of the doomsdays.

Doomsdays are considered the default superweapon to fit on a titan. In big battles, a volley of doomsdays is able to kill other titans, sometimes even multiple per salvo. A 'normal' capital (i.e. non super capital) can usually survive a single doomsday if buffer fitted but is then heavily damaged and can be finished off by the normal guns.


Lances target a 2.5km-radius, 200km long line, and, after a 15-second delay, deal up to 50,000 damage per second for 15 seconds to all ships within the beam. Lances have a damage signature radius of 5km. Similar to Doomsdays, each empire has a variant of the lance with a different damage type, and restricted to their own faction or pirate faction's titan.


Similar to Lances, Reapers deal up to 100,000 damage per second, with a signature radius of 3500m, to ships within a 5 km radius lance over a 10 second period, after a 10-second firing delay. However, the beam fired is not stationary and will sweep between two targeted points in space. The Reaper has a range of 150 km, and each empire has a variant of the reaper for their respective titans.

Bosonic Field Generator

The Bosonic Field Generator (or Boson) is a non-racial superweapon that, after a 10 second delay, deals up to 40,000 Omni damage per second, with a signature radius of 10km, in a wide, 30km-long cone over 20 seconds. The exact width of this cone is not specified in-game. The Boson can be used by any titan.

Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator

Unlike the other superweapons above, the Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator (GTFO) does no damage. Instead, after a 15-second delay, it teleports all subcapital ships in a 10km radius sphere to a random location somewhere else in the system. Those ships will then be unable to warp for 60 seconds.

Phenomena Generators

Icon gallente phenomena generator.png

Phenomena Generators are battlefield-wide aura generators, providing significant changes to multiple attributes of all ships (friendly or hostile) within 20,000km of the titan using one. Unlike other superweapons, Phenomena Generators do not immobilize the titan using them (although they do disallow Docking and Tethering). Each empire has their own Phenomena Generator, with its own list of special effects.

Titans cannot activate Phenomena Generators when they are affected by any of Phenomena Generators.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
+30% capacitor recharge rate +30% shield hitpoints +30% armor hitpoints -30% signature radius
+10% kinetic resistances +10% EM resistances +10% explosive resistances +10% thermal resistances
-15% EM resistances -15% kinetic resistances -15% thermal resistances -15% explosive resistances
-10% velocity -10% remote armor repairer effectiveness -10% remote shield booster effectiveness -10% hybrid turret and energy turret optimal range

While the empire titans are limited to their respective empire's Phenomena Generator, pirate faction titans (Komodo, Molok, and Vanquisher) can choose between two Phenomena Generators based on their hull bonus (e.g. the Molok can choose between the Amarr and Minmatar Phenomena Generator)

Jump Portal Generator

Main article: Jump Drives - Bridging
Icon jump portal generator.png

A piece of machinery designed to allow a capital vessel to create a bridge between systems without the use of a stargate, allowing its companions access through vast tracts of space to join it on the battlefield.

The Jump Portal Generator is a high slot module that enables a Titan to generate a portal to a cynosural field, enabling ships without a jump drive to jump to the beacon. It costs 500 Strontium Clathrates to activate for 1 minute and consumes Isotopes from the titan's fuel bay based on the mass of ships jumping through.


On 2021-04-27, the industry update changed the materials to build a lot of ships, especially capitals including titans became much more expensive to build.[1] Those materials got reduced later on.[2] But the market prices are still defined by old stockpiles and it's doubtful that a meaningful amount of new titans are as of end of 2021 in build.

On 2020-04-15, Surgical Strike update had the "Titan bonus to plates and extenders reduced from 500% to 300%".[3] Further, (most) resistance modules were reduced by 20%. Overall this meant a significant loss of tank for titans.

On 2020-02-27, high angle weapons were removed from titans.[4]


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