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For the Gallente Marauder (Tech 2 Battleship), see Kronos.

EVE Online: Kronos is an expansion scheduled to be released June 3rd, 2014. The major theme is an industry overhaul; along with expected balancing changes, quality of life features and a new line of pirate faction ships.

The main Industry changes have been postponed until the Crius release slated for July 22, 2014.

New Point Release Schedule

CCP Seagull announced a revised update schedule. Doing away with the six monthly release window and opting for a 6 weekly point release schedule instead. She stated it would be easier for CCP to deploy simple features as well as allowing the development teams to embark upon larger endeavors, quoting corporation management as an example.

Industry Overhaul

CCP released six devblogs relating directly to industry, explaining a myriad of new features and changes.

The main Industry changes have been postponed until the Crius release slated for July 22, 2014.

New Ships & Balancing Updates

  • New Ship: Prospect - A cloaky, Tech 2 Venture with a larger yield rate and ore hold. Devblog
  • New Ship Line: Mordu's Legion pirate faction frigate, cruiser and battleship. Dedicated missile and warp disruption range bonuses will define this faction. Details on stats unreleased.
  • Two Alliance Tournament prize ships.
  • Exhumer and Mining Barge rebalance to make their roles more distinct. Forum Post
  • Pirate Faction Rebalance - Serpentis, Blood Raider, Sansha, Guristas, Angels getting reworked Forum Post (Battleships) / Forum Post (Cruisers) / Forum Post (Frigates)
  • Freighters will be able to fit rigs.
  • New hull HP rigs. Forum Post
  • Blockade Runners will receive a 2nd high slot and Deep Space Transports will receive buffs.
  • Nosferatu (Energy Vampire) Buff Forum Post
  • Ascendancy Implant and Warp Speed Rig Tweaks Forum Post
  • Jump drives will require more isotopes to function, raising the price of jumping ships. Forum Post
  • Drones will be reworked to offer more variation. Devblog

Visual Updates & Miscellaneous

  • The Typhoon, Moa and Condor will be redesigned.
  • Faction stations will get new skins.
  • Greatly enhanced sound customization options.
  • Twelve new ship skins will be marketed.
  • Enhanced in-game tooltips.
  • New station and booster sounds.
  • New warp effects.

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