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EVE Online: Rubicon, is an expansion for EVE Online which launched on the 19th of November 2013. This expansion will include ship balancing updates, quality of life improvements and graphical upgrades. The term Rubicon means point of no return. It comes from the phrase, "Crossing the Rubicon", which is a metaphor for deliberately proceeding past a point of no return.[1]

It was announced September 26, 2013 and "Features will include Marauder, Interceptor and Interdictor rebalancing, as well as changes to existing game mechanics, new personal deployable structures and integration into the EVE Online Client."[2]

Announced Features

New Ships & Balancing

New Features & UI

  • Players will be able to control Hisec Customs Offices(POCO's) by shooting the Interbus owned ones down and installing their own. Dev Blog
  • New Deployable Structures. Dev Blog Wiki article
    • Siphon to steal materials from enemy POS owners.
    • Cyno Blocker which prevents cynos from being lit and player jumps to your location. Range confirmed to be 100km.
    • Mobile Fitting Bay that you can deploy and use to refit or store some items in.
    • Tractoring Deployable which will tractor wrecks and empty them. Won't salvage.
  • New Interbus Ship Identification System(ISIS) will add a new UI element which will show ship progression in a clearer manner. Discussion Thread Youtube Video
  • The Certificate System has been overhauled to be more understandable and helpful. Dev Blog
  • Training into Tech 2 turret systems will no longer require the smaller-sized equivalent to be trained. Dev Blog
  • New Ghost Sites and Ascendancy Implants which increase warp speeds. Implants will be player built using materials from Ghost Sites. Forum Post

Graphics & Visuals

  • DirectX 11 support is being added. No DX11 specific changes announced.
  • Command Ships will be switched to their alternative Tech 1 hull type. Forum Post
  • Warp Disruption module and probe(bubbles) effect updated. Article with Screenshots
  • Corpses will have racial variations.
  • New Character Selection Screen. Forum Post


  • Implants can be plugged in without pausing skill training.
  • Strategic Cruiser(Tech 3) subsystems will be refit-able in space near Ship Maintenance Arrays or Ship Maintenance Bays. Forum Post
  • Ship Maintenance Arrays will drop ships as loot. Forum Post
  • Fleet Window Improvements Forum Post
  • A few autocannons will be renamed to aviod confusion. Forum Post
  • support will be added to the in-game browser.

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