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Each solution you give rewards you 10k*[Accuracy Rating] in isk (rounded up) and some experience points based on your rank and accuracy that counts towards your analyst rank.

Every time you gain an analyst rank you will be rewarded one "Exoplanets Hunter Reward Crate" that contains an random Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent). At lower analyst ranks you will receive skins for lower ranking ships only. At higher levels you can also get more than one skin and PLEX from the crate.

There are additional rewards at specific analyst ranks:

  • 10: Exoplanets Hunter Cap (1 Male, 1 Female)
  • 25: Exoplanets Hunter T-shirt (1 Male, 1 Female)
  • 50: Pacifier Blueprint (1 run)
  • 75: Pacifier Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
  • 100: Exoplanets Data Analyst Lab Coat
  • 125: Exoplanets Program Director Coat
  • 150: Enforcer Blueprint (1 run)
  • 175: Enforcer Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
  • 200: Exoplanets Hunter Mission Suit
  • 250: 'Farsight' Augmented Spectacles
  • 500: Marshal Blueprint (1run)

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