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Reason: Review for December 2021, Version 19.11 changes (Rorqual core module naming and other possible changes)

In EVE Online, there are a set of Capital Ship Modules which have no direct subcapital analogue. This article gives a general overview of each module, and the stats for that item if the ship class page does not yet have a section that does so. Modules are categorized into ones that can be fit on more than one capital ship class, and ones for specific classes of Capital Ships.

General Modules

Capital Flex Hardeners

Icon reactive armor hardener.png

Flex Armor Hardeners contain advanced nanite membranes capable of being reprogrammed mid-flight using swappable scripts. When unscripted this module provides resistances to all four damage types, and when loaded with a script it provides greatly enhanced resistance to one specific damage type.

Icon resists.png

Flex Shield Hardeners use powerful but bulky resonance coils to project a constructive interference pattern across a ship's shields. These patterns can increase shield resistances against all damage types, or to provide increased protection against one specific damage type with the aid of swappable scripts.
The Capital Flex Armor and Shield Hardeners are multi-purpose resistance modules. They can swap between being an omni resist module and resisting a single damage type through the use of scripts. Unscripted, both are inferior to T2 versions of the regular omni resist module (Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II & Multispectrum Shield Hardener II), consuming much more cap and giving lower resists. Scripted, they do not reach the resist values of A or X-Type active deadspace hardeners of a particular damage type while consuming much more capacitor. Despite these downsides, the flex hardeners are situationally useful when engaging in fights where one particular damage type predominates, and that damage type wasn't known before the fight.

Capital Emergency Hull Energizer

Icon capital emergency hull energizer.png Specialized damage control module that utilizes a combination of containment field emitters and electromagnetic molecular hull reinforcers to resist damage to the core structure of your ship. Burns out after a single use.

An alternative to the Damage Control only available to capital ships, the Capital Emergency Hull Energizer (CEHE) offers a short burst of very high hull resistance (95% Omni resists), after which it burns out. A Damage Control and a CEHE cannot be fitted on the same ship, meaning that fitting a CEHE comes at the cost of the permanent EHP boost that a Damage Control would give. As such, the CEHE has its niche in mid size capital fights where the damage on field is high enough for the 15-20s of resists from a CEHE to be worthwhile, but without so much damage that a dread could be cleared off before the pilot can react and activate the CEHE under time dilation.

Clone Vat Bay

Icon clone vat bay.png When activated, the Clone Vat Bay allows for the capital ship to receive transneural brain scan data from a capsule-mounted scanner into one of the bay's clones, effectively turning the ship into a mobile clone station.

Fittable to Titans and Rorquals, the Clone Vat Bay enables a ship to serve as a mobile jump clone station. To be a valid jump point, the clone bay has to be activated, which immobilizes the ship it's equipped to and costs 1 Liquid Ozone for 5 minutes. The number of clones that a ship can hold is decided by the hull rather than this module, which is 6 for a Rorqual and 75 for a Titan. The clone count can be improved through the Icon skillbook2.png Cloning Facility Operation skill.

Jump Drive Economizer

Jump Drive Economizer.png

Fittable to Jump Freighters and the Rorqual, these modules reduce the isotope cost for using jump drives. There are three versions, which vary in power and cost. These modules are useful for pilots who make long jumps frequently, as they can significantly reduce the amount of fuel usage.


Siege Module

Main article: Dreadnoughts - The Siege Module
Icon siege.png

An electronic interface designed to augment and enhance a dreadnought's siege warfare abilities. Through a series of electromagnetic polarity field shifts, the siege module diverts energy from the ship's propulsion and warp systems to lend additional power to its offensive and defensive capabilities.

The Siege Module is the defining module of the Dreadnought, bringing the full force of their capital weaponry online, visibly extending the ship's weapon hardpoints, and turning the ship into a stationary gun tower and one-capsuleer army. While active, the siege module grants the dreadnought enormous bonuses to weapon damage and local repairs, and near-immunity to electronic warfare, at the cost of rendering the ship unable to move, warp, dock, jump, or receive remote repairs. The Siege Module consumes 250 Strontium Clathrates to activate and remains active for a 300-second (5-minute) cycle. Strontium Clathrate usage can be reduced through training the Icon skillbook2.png Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration skill, which is required to use the Siege Module.

High-Angle Weapons

Main article: Turrets - Capital Ship Turrets
Icon turret autocannon xl.png
  • Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon
  • Triple Neutron Blaster Cannon
  • Quad Mega Pulse Laser
  • Rapid Torpedo Launcher

Dreadnoughts have access to a unique set of capital ship weapons. Known as 'High-Angle Weapons', these are multiple battleship-sized weapons mounted to a capital hardpoint. They offer significantly lower damage than standard anti-capital weapons; however, in exchange, they offer high enough accuracy to allow a HAW Dreadnought to engage and destroy hostile battleships and battlecruisers.

Disruptive Lance

Disruptive Lance Icon.png

Fittable only to the new Tech 2 Lancer Dreadnoughts, these mini-doomsdays deal a third the damage of titan lances and disable docking, jumping, tethering, stargate use, and warping within their area of effect. They also reduce incoming remote repairs by 50% for all affected ships. The Disruptive Lance can only be activated when the dreadnought's siege module is active. Similar to Titan lances, the disruptive lance deals 10,000 energy neutralization to all nearby ships when activated. Activating the lance will make the dreadnought unable to jump, dock, tether, or cloak for 5 minutes. Unlike Titan lances, disruptive lances can be used in low-sec. Lancer Dreadnoughts with a Disruptive Lance fitted cannot activate cloaking devices. The skill Disruptive Lance Operation is needed to operate disruptive lances and reduces capacitor usage by 5% per level.

Force Auxiliary

Triage Module

Main article: Force Auxiliaries - The Triage Module
Icon triage.png

An electronic interface designed to augment and enhance a Force Auxiliary Ship's defenses and logistical abilities. Through a series of electromagnetic polarity field shifts, the triage module diverts energy from the ship's propulsion and warp systems to lend additional power to its defensive and logistical capabilities.

The Triage Module is a high slot module available only to Force Auxiliaries (FAX). Analogous to the Siege Module, it uses Strontium Clathrates to improve the FAX's remote and local repair capabilities, with a 300 second duration, and at the expense of movement and remote assistance capabilities.


Fighter Support Unit

Main article: Fighters - Fighter Improving Modules

Icon fighter support unit.png A combination of additional fighter hangar support drones, fighter power transmitters and advanced sensor support, the Fighter Support Unit assist all areas of fighter operation.

Fittable to Carriers, Supercarriers, and the Caiman and Komodo Guristas ships, the Fighter Support Unit (FSU) boosts the velocity, fire rate, shield and shield recharge rate of fighters controlled by the ship. While its effects are stacking penalized, they do not have a bonus to drone damage. This means that FSUs can offer a notable damage bonus on top of bonuses from Drone Damage Amplifiers.

Networked Sensor Array

Icon signal amplifier.png

The Networked Sensor Array is a module that greatly increases the scan resolution of a carrier or supercarrier and increases the sensor strength of the carrier and its fighters over a 60 second duration. This comes at the expense of being unable to warp or use electronic warfare modules while it is active.

  • 500% bonus to Scan Resolution
  • 50% bonus to sensor strength
  • Disables the use of electronic warfare modules
  • Disables warp drive (applies 100 points of warp disruption)

Burst Projectors

Icon energy neutralization burst projector.png

Fittable only to Supercarriers, Burst Projectors are area of effect generators that can apply a tackle or EWAR effect in a 10km radius anywhere within a 500km range (200km for Energy Neutralization and Stasis Webification), after a 10 second spool up. They consume Heavy Water to operate. Each projector's AOE effect has a shorter duration than that of the module itself. The module duration can be reduced through the Icon skillbook2.png Burst Projector Operation skill.

Type Effect AOE Duration (s) Module duration (s)
ECM Jammer Rainbow 5 strength jam 40 300
Energy Neutralization 3000 GJ Neutralization, 500m Signature Radius N/A 480
Sensor Dampening -18% Targeting Range, -18% Scan Resolution 60 300
Stasis Webification -55% Velocity 40 480
Target Illumination 35% Increased Signature Radius 60 300
Warp Disruption Infinite Point Bubble 40 480
Weapon Disruption -14% Explosion Velocity, +14% Explosion Radius, -11% Flight Time
-20% Optimal Range, -20% Falloff, -20% Tracking Speed
60 300


  • Ships jammed by the ECM Jammer Burst Projector can not target the supercarrier that generated it.
  • The Warp Disruption Burst Projector generates a warp disruption bubble in the targeted area for the listed duration. See Tackle for more details on interdiction bubble mechanics.

Tactical Capsuleer Recloner

Icon tactical capsuleer recloner.png The Tactical Capsuleer Recloner allows pilots of capsules destroyed in the local system to reclone at a supercarrier equipped with an active recloner. To overcome the limitations of standard capsuleer cloning, particularly the need to pre-install compatible clone blanks at a cloning location, the system relies on capsuleers using a special augmentation: the Nanoheuristic Clone Mapper.

Introduced in November 2020, the Tactical Capsuleer Recloner acts similarly to a Clone Vat Bay, but instead of servicing as a regular jump clone location, this module turns a Supercarrier into a mobile respawn location for capsuleers. The module can be activated in one-minute cycles, consuming 10 fuel blocks per cycle. Capsuleers who have taken a Nanoheuristic Clone Mapper booster and die in a system with one of these active in their fleet will respawn in a supercarrier with one of these modules, instead of their normal medical clone location.



Icon doomsday.png

Titans have access to a set of extremely large special weapons, known as superweapons. A titan can only fit one superweapon at any given time. Firing a superweapon will deal immense damage to one or more enemy ships, but will immobilize the titan for 30 seconds, and disable its ability to dock, tether, cloak, or use its jump drive for 5 minutes. Superweapons have firing delays, during which time their target(s) are given very clear warning of their impending doom. Using a superweapon either costs racial isotopes for racial-specific superweapons, or Strontium Clathrates for non-racial superweapons.

Area-of-Effect Damage-over-Time superweapons (Lances, Reapers, and the Bosonic Field Generator) all target a line or area of space rather than a single ship, and all have a Signature Radius attribute. Ships hit by these weapons' fire, whose signature radii are smaller than said attribute, will take reduced damage, corresponding to the ratio of the two. Furthermore, all Area-of-Effect superweapons also release a 10km radius, 35,000GJ energy neutralizing pulse when they begin charging to fire. (This neutralization pulse has a 20km signature radius, and thus only applies its full effect to other titans.) Area-of-Effect superweapons cannot be activated in Lowsec.

Doomsday weapons all have 5 minute cycle times, however the skill Icon skillbook2.png Doomsday Rapid Firing reduces this by 12 seconds per level down to at minimum 4 minutes. Furthermore, the damage of doomsday weapons can be increased by the Icon skillbook2.png Doomsday Operation skill by 10% per level.


Doomsdays (DD) are single-target, high damage weapons. Each empire has its own damage variant that can only be fitted to that faction (or an associated pirate faction)'s titan, which can only target capital ships and, after a 9-second delay, deals 1,000,000 damage in its one shot. Doomsdays can only fire at capital ships, and others targets like sub-capitals, structures, collidable objects are not valid targets. Doomsdays have no attributed range limit, and their only range limit is the target lock range.


Lances target a 2.5km-radius, 200km long line, and, after a 15-second delay, deal up to 50,000 damage per second for 15 seconds to all ships within the beam. Lances have a damage signature radius of 5km. Similar to Doomsdays, each empire has a variant of the lance with a different damage type, and restricted to their own faction or pirate faction's titan.


Similar to Lances, Reapers deal up to 100,000 damage per second, with a signature radius of 3500m, to ships within a 5 km radius lance over a 10 second period, after a 10-second firing delay. However, the beam fired is not stationary, and will sweep between two targeted points in space. The Reaper has a range of 150 km, and each empire has a variant of the reaper for their respective titans.

Bosonic Field Generator

The Bosonic Field Generator (or Boson) is a non-racial superweapon that, after a 10 second delay, deals up to 40,000 Omni damage per second, with a signature radius of 10km, in a wide, 30km-long cone over 20 seconds. The exact width of this cone is not specified in-game. The Boson can be used by any titan.

Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator

Unlike the other superweapons above, the Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator (GTFO) does no damage. Instead, after a 15-second delay, it teleports all subcapital ships in a 10km radius sphere to a random location somewhere else in the system. Those ships will then be unable to warp for 60 seconds. Capital and Super-Capital ships will not be transported but they will still be unable to warp for 60 seconds.

Phenomena Generators

Icon gallente phenomena generator.png

Phenomena Generators are battlefield-wide aura generators, providing significant changes to multiple attributes of all ships (friendly or hostile) within 20,000km of the titan using one. Unlike superweapons, Phenomena Generators do not immobilize the titan using them (although they do disallow Docking and Tethering). Each empire has their own Phenomena Generator, with its own list of special effects.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
+30% capacitor recharge rate +30% shield hitpoints +30% armor hitpoints -30% signature radius
+10% kinetic resistances +10% EM resistances +10% explosive resistances +10% thermal resistances
-15% EM resistances -15% kinetic resistances -15% thermal resistances -15% explosive resistances
-10% velocity -10% remote armor repairer effectiveness -10% remote shield booster effectiveness -10% hybrid turret and energy turret optimal range

While the empire titans are limited to their respective empire's Phenomena Generator, pirate faction titans (Komodo, Molok, and Vanquisher) can choose between two Phenomena Generators based on their hull bonus (e.g. the Molok can choose between the Amarr and Minmatar Phenomena Generator)

Jump Portal Generator

Main article: Jump Drives - Bridging
Icon jump portal generator.png

A piece of machinery designed to allow a capital vessel to create a bridge between systems without the use of a stargate, allowing its companions access through vast tracts of space to join it on the battlefield.

The Jump Portal Generator is a high slot module that enables a Titan to generate a portal to a cynosural field, enabling ships without a jump drive to jump to the beacon. It costs 500 Strontium Clathrates to activate for 1 minute, and consumes Isotopes from the titan's fuel bay based on the mass of ships jumping through.


Capital Industrial Core

Module icon industrial core i.png

The Capital Industrial Core is the Siege Module of the Rorqual, granting massive mining, foreman bursting, shield boosting, and drone combat capabilities. Activating the core rotates the Rorqual from a mobile ship into a vertical stationary tower. Rorquals with an active core can activate compression modules, which allow the Rorqual pilot and all pilots within 144 kilometers to compress ore, ice, and gas, depending on the type of compressor active. There are five different types of compressors; Ice, Asteroid ore, Moon ore, Mercoxit, and Gas. All the compressors have a 60-second duration. This ability essentially eliminates all concerns about cargo space because compressed ores can take as little as a hundredth the space of uncompressed ore. 1000 Heavy Water is used to activate the industrial core for 5 minutes. The amount of heavy water used can be reduced using the Icon skillbook2.png Capital Industrial Reconfiguration skill.

When activated, it has the following effects:

  • 80% bonus to Drone damage and hitpoints (Tech II: 100%)
  • 25% bonus to Drone velocity (Tech II: 30%)
  • 400% bonus to Drone ore mining yield (Tech II: 500%)
  • -75% bonus to Ice harvesting speed (Tech II: -80%)
  • 30% bonus to Mining Foreman Burst strength (Tech II: 36%)
  • 150% bonus to Command Burst range (Tech II: 200%)
  • 100% bonus to Capital Remote Shield Booster range (Tech II: 120%)
  • -75% bonus to Capital Remote Shield Booster duration and capacitor use
  • -60% bonus to Shield Booster duration (Tech II: 75%)
  • 60% bonus to Shield Booster amount
  • 100% bonus to Scan Resolution (Tech II: 120%)
  • Immunity to ECM
  • 75% Remote Sensor Dampener resistance (Tech II: 80%)
  • 80% remote assistance impedance (remote Sensor and Tracking boosters)
  • 10x ship mass
  • -100% maximum velocity
  • Cannot receive remote repairs

Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core

Icon panic.png

Adapted from technology originally released with Citadels, the Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core is the result of Upwell's tireless research into advanced shielding. This powerful module allows a Rorqual to make itself and industrial fleetmates nearly invulnerable for a short time.

The Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core (or PANIC Module) is a high slot module only usable by the Rorqual. In order to activate it, the Rorqual must have an Asteroid or Ice Asteroid targeted, but when activated, it grants complete invulnerability to the Rorqual and all mining barges and industrial ships within 200km and in the same fleet as the Rorqual (not including other Rorquals). However, all of the ships protected by the PANIC's shield are unable to move, deal damage, enter warp, cloak, dock, tether, or jump out of the system. The PANIC burns out after a single use. It has a 4-minute base duration, which can be increased with levels in Icon skillbook2.png Invulnerability Core Operation up to 6 minutes.

Industrial Jump Portal Generator

Main article: Jump Drives - Bridging
Icon jump portal generator.png

A piece of machinery that allows an industrial capital ship to create a bridge between systems without the use of a stargate, allowing its companion vessels to travel across cast tracts of space to join it on the battlefield.

The Industrial Jump Portal Generator is a modified version of the Titan and Black-Ops generators. The Industrial version can be linked to both hard and industrial cynos, and it allows both bridging and conduit jumping. The catch is that the only ships that can use this bridge are Exhumers, Mining Barges, Mning Frigates, Expedition Frigates, and the Porpoise. Orcas cannot use the bridge.