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Player Owned Customs Office (aka. POCO) is an orbital infrastructure that is used to transfer products of planetary interaction from planet surface to space. As the name suggests these structures are owned by player corporations though there are also customs offices owned by Interbus.
This is a customs office.



Anchoring a customs office is done by deploying a customs office gantry and then upgrading it with some additional PI materials. In total this takes 10800 m3 of cargo space. Deploying the gantry takes 30 seconds after which it can be upgraded into a POCO. The gantry has 10k shield capacit and it is vulnurable until it has been upgraded.


Members of the owner corporation that have sufficient permissions can manage following attributes of customs offices:

  • Two hours long window during which the POCO will exit its reinforcement.
  • Access limits based on standings.
  • Taxes based on standings.

The director and CEO of the corporation are also able to transfer the ownership of the customs office. To do this they need to be physically next to the POCO they want to transfer. While in war the customs offices can only be transferred to other corporations in same alliance making it impossible to simply move them out of war.

POCO warfare

Destroying player owned customs offices has two phases: Reinforcing and destroying.

Reinforcing a POCO is simple. Just go to the POCO at any time and shoot at it until its shields reach 0%. Once the shields are gone the POCO enters reinforced mode and is immune to damage. The reinforced status and the time at which the structure becomes vulnurable are visible in whole system and may attract attention in the next phase.

The reinforcement will end 24-48 hours after after reinforcement at time chosen by the owned ±1 hours.

Once the reinforcement time ends the POCO becomes again vulnurable to damage and can be destroyed by simply shooting it until the structure is gone. If the POCO is not shot at it will slowly regenerate health and at 25% shield it will return back to normal state and will need to be reinforced again.

It is important to note that when the POCO is not reinforced it can be repaired with remote repair modules. Usually defenders will use shield logistic ships to repair vulnurable POCO back to 25% shields to bring it back to normal mode and higher to discourage hostiles from reinforcing it again.

Corporation wide notifications are sent every time a corporation owned customs office is attacked or reinforced. The notification will tell who the agressor is and when the rreinforcement will end.

When a customs office is destroyed all the PI materials that were stored in it are also destroyed.

Poco reinforcing.png

Interbus owned customs offices

If a planet has no customs office on it an Interbus owned customs office will eventually be placed on it. These customs offices do not enter reinforcement so they can be destroyed in single attack.

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