Purity of the Throne

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Purity of the Throne was an event that was introduced with patch YC118.8 (September 2016). The event ran until the date of the coronation for Empress Catiz I on 27th September 2016.


A group of Amarr purists calling themselves the Purity of the Throne have launched attacks against the Imperial Guard amidst preparations for the upcoming coronation ceremony. The group opposes the ascension of Catiz Tash-Murkon as the Empress of Amarr and claims that she is unfit to rule based on the Udorian ancestry of her family. They were unsatisfied with the results of the recent Succession Trials and want to see a noble from the pure Amarr families as the next successor to the Golden Throne of Holy Amarr. They have vowed to mount further attacks against the Emperor family. The Theology Council and the Ministry of Internal order have branded the 'Purity of the Throne' as a heretical organization and have placed bounties on anyone claiming allegiance to the group's cause.

To avoid reprisal the group has decentralized their operations, operating from various locations in New Eden. They can be easily identified as they have brazenly painted white over the otherwise golden hulls of their Amarr ships. The Amarr empire has declared that all materials recovered from the destruction of the group's ships is freely claimable by the capsuleers that defeat them, especially the additional stockpile of the SKINs kept at hand.


The Purity of the Throne Exaltation Temple sites appear as a beacon on the Overview. The sites can spawn in all systems, including wormholes. Warping to the beacon lands you 10km from the Purist Cathedral around which the ships are gathered. The site is inhabited by Purity of the Throne ships and reinforcements arrive in 2 waves. The Purist Cardinal that appears in the last wave creates the only lootable wreck which contains a random SKIN. Destroying the Purist Cardinal starts the despawn process for the site's beacon.

Initial Defenders

Frigate 5-6 x Frigate Purist Apostle
Cruiser 2-3 x Cruiser Purist Papal

First Wave

Frigate 3-6 x Frigate Purist Apostle
Cruiser 2-3 x Cruiser Purist Papal

Final Wave

Frigate 0-5 x Frigate Purist Apostle
Cruiser 0-2 x Cruiser Purist Papal
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Purist Cardinal Random Purity of the Throne SKIN

The number of ships that spawn in each wave is random and is not influenced by the type of system that you are running the site in.

In order to see these ships in your overview you will have to select the Amarr Event Frigate, Amarr Event Cruiser and Amarr Event Battlecruiser types under Overview Settings.


Purity of the Throne SKIN is the most desirable drop from the event site. The Purity of the Throne themed SKINs are available for 58 Amarr ship hulls. There is no skin for Amarr Shuttle or Legion.

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