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The galaxy that is EVE is a beautiful and amazing place, though often we don't take the time to see the beauty that it has to offer. The day to day grind of being a Capsuleer and trying to rule the galaxy can take its toll, both on the mind and on the spirit. If you find yourself in need of a vacation, the following destinations are guaranteed to strike awe into your daily routine.

Note that some of these locations show a different name in system than in map. Some of them are also not named in game so a player given name may be used.

High security locations


Duvolle Gravitational Wave Observatory Location: Gererique
Duvolle Gravitational Wave Observatory.jpg

This Duvolle Laboratories corporate research facility was established in the Gererique system to take advantage of close proximity to the field of miniscule black holes and weird spatial rifts known as "Trace Cosmos". Gererique has the notable distinction of being the only inhabited system that comes close enough to sections of Trace Cosmos to make the phenomena visible to the naked eye.

The results of research conducted at this observatory are considered closely guarded trade secrets of Duvolle Laboratories.

The fields of Trace Cosmos hold miniscule black holes and weird spatial rifts, making it much too dangerous to traverse. It is widely believed that the fields are the remnants of a massive collision between two galaxies millions of years ago. The colossal occurrence permanently altered the areas most affected, turning them into barren death traps.


Mysterious Probe Location: Charmerout
Mysterious probe.jpg What is this ancient probe doing all the way out here?

Despite its familiar construction, this ancient probe is made from materials and electronics unlike anything you’ve ever seen in New Eden. It floats silently through space, seemingly dormant.

Moving Station Location: Algogille
Moving Station.png

Algogille Graveyard Location: Algogille
Algogille Graveyard.jpg On June 10th YC 110 Caldari military forces jumped from Luminaire to Algogille starting the invasion of Gallente space.

Luminaire Graveyard Location: Luminaire
Luminaire Graveyard.jpg On June 10th YC 110 Caldari military forces jumped from Luminaire to Algogille starting the invasion of Gallente space.

Caldari Monument Location: Luminaire
Caldari monument.jpg

Operation Highlander Battleground Location: Luminaire
Operation highlander battleground.jpg During the Caldari-Gallente unrest of YC115 the titan Shiigeru was destroyed in low orbit of Caldari Prime. The destruction of a titan class vessel crashing on the surface is visible even to this day.
Shiigeru destroyed, Federation Navy offensive in Luminaire still ongoing

Federation Grand Prix Location: Luminaire
Federation grand prix.jpg Federation Grand Prix was an in game event in YC120.
Federation Grand Prix


The Metropolis region contains several sites for Minmatar COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

The Forlorn Hope Location: Yrmori
Forlorn hope .jpg

Housed aboard a Ragnarok-class titan, the Forlorn Hope is a massive laboratory complex dedicated to finding a cure for former slaves infected with Vitoxin. It was built by Eifyr & Co. as a memorial to Dr. Mishkala Osnirdottir and her research team, who were killed when their research facility in this system was destroyed by sabotage. Some say her spirit haunts the new laboratory complex, protecting the scientists there and guiding them towards the cure she never found in her lifetime. Others say that’s superstitious nonsense, but there has never been an accident at The Forlorn Hope since the last.

This massive laboratory complex was once home to over 10,000 scientists, their staff and security personnel, working day and night to unravel the mysteries of Vitoc. Since the return of the Minmatar Elders and Otro Gariushi's bequest of Insorum to the Republic, the facility has largely fallen into disuse, but some few scientists cling on, pushing to finish what they started before they too seek more commercial roles.

For the most part, research continues inside the newer biodome nearby, but a few smaller laboratories and their staff still insist on basing out of the aging titan.

Myxhaut K8 - Waste Yard Location: Eurgrana
Myxhaut K8 - Waste Yard.jpg

Project Discovery Phase One Monument Location: Lanngisi
Project Discovery Phase One Monument .jpg The Project Discovery Phase One was a success. To celebrate this a monument was erected. The monument also acts as the starting point for Project Discovery treasure hunt.

In YC118, the Sisters of EVE launched the Project Discovery citizen science platform to the capsuleer community through the GalNet.

Beginning on YC118.03.09, Project Discovery's Phase One work was aimed at achieving a comprehensive categorization and analysis of tissue samples acquired from the Drifters since their emergence in early YC117.

Led by Professor Emma Lundberg, Chief Scientist for the SOE advanced research division, Project Discovery Phase One was particularly successful in mapping out a comprehensive protein atlas from the Drifter tissue samples collected and analyzed during the term of the project.

Project Discovery Phase One came to an end on YC119.07.11, after 16 months of highly successful work. Project Discovery Phase Two is a new Exoplanets Hunting Program and is being operated under the guidance of CONCORD's Chief of Deep Space Research, Professor Michel Mayor.

Please query the Phase One Monument's database for records of those capsuleers who were elite research contributors to Project Discovery's tissue analysis work.


Technical Note: there appears to be an open Entosis Link port on this structure.

Arek'Jaalan Site One: Antiquus, AJS1 Location: Eram
Arek'Jaalan Site One.jpg You can approach the various research archives to receive a copy of the research abstract of that project.

Thank you for your interest in Arek'Jaalan research.

Data on Project Theta is being uploaded to your cargo hold, please standby.

Evelopedia: Arek'Jaalan: Site One (Archived)

Lord Bastion Location: Hjoramold
Lord Bastion.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

Shattered remnants of a formidable space fortress built by Lord Basad, the governer of the Ani constellation in early BYC19, during the time of the Great Rebellion, to hold off the rebel forces. This fortress stood for two months in orbit of Hjoramold XII and its ruins act as a reminder of both the cruelty of the Amarr and the spirit of the Minmatar.

The Carnival Location: Barkrik
The Carnival.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

Hyperbole Nexus Location: Barkrik
Hyperbole Nexus.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

The Asylum Location: Lanngisi
The Asylum.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

Minmatar Sculpture Location: Pator
Minmatar Sculpture.jpg

Sing Laison

The Sing Laison region contains several locations for Gallente COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

Children of Light Location: Iyen-Oursta
Children of light.jpg Children of Light is an extremely rare space phenomenon that can manifest on the stargate in Iyen-Oursta. Only few known images of the phenomena exist, the image shown here does not show the event.
Chronicle: Children of Light, Video: Children of Light

Contested Gallente Azure Chasm Location: Colelie
Transparent.png This location is part of Gallente COSMOS

Survey Station Location: Colelie
Survey station.JPG This location is part of Gallente COSMOS

Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet Location: Deltole
Transparent.png This location is part of Gallente COSMOS

The Skeleton Comet, a comet that was picked clean during the early stages of Federation space exploration, is one of the many landmarks in Algintal that makes the constellation known as one of the most beautiful places in the whole Federation. While not as spectacular as its more renown cousin the Canyon of Rust the Skeleton Comet still attracted tourists from all over. But in recent years the smuggling cartels operating in the constellation have made the place their own. Driven from their other pirate havens by activists or, more recently, foreign corporations, they have convened here to make the Skeleton Comet their last great bastion of smuggling activity in the constellation. Needless to say, the only tourists now visiting the place are those in search of smuggled goods or illicit affairs.

Yet the Skeleton Comet holds one little-known secret unlocked by those early miners. While drilling in a remote corner of the complex they found ancient relics and definite signs that humans had tread here before, thousands of years earlier. Only recently these startling evidence were analyzed further to collaborate what had until then only existed as rumors whispered in shady mining bars around the Federation. A fascinating story of early settlers in the world of EVE was uncovered, a nation calling itself Yan Jung.

But the intrusion of the smuggling cartels halted further arcaeological diggings, though it is said that the smugglers themselves have been poking around in the old ruins. Some say fabulous discoveries have been made, but the smugglers keep silent on the subject.

Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet

Yan Jung Ruins Location: Deltole
Yan Jung Ruins.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.
Yan Jung Ruins

Yan Jung Relic Site Location: Deltole
Yan Jung Relic Site.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.
Yan Jung Relic Site

Municipal Junkyard Location: Deltole
Municipal Junkyard.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Central Administration Location: Fluekele
Central Administration.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Pend Insurance Storage Bin Location: Fluekele
Pend Insurance Storage Bin.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Damaged Drone Mind Location: Parchanier
Damaged Drone Mind.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Ebony Tower Location: Barmalie
Ebony Tower.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Natura Seminary Location: Audaerne
Natura Seminary.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Nickel & Dime Store Location: Augnais
Nickel & Dime Store.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Survey Station Location: Colelie
Survey Station.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Arid Park Location: Alsottobier
Arid Park.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Infested Comet Remains Location: Alsottobier
Infested Comet Remains.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Wirykomi Engineering Outpost Location: Alsottobier
Wirykomi Engineering Outpost.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Carrou and Ignoitton Location: Carrou and Ignoitton
Carrou and Ignoitton.jpg Carrou and Ignoitton are two star systems that are located extremely close to each other, only 0.1 light years apart. In fact, they are the pair of stars with stargates that are the closest to each other.
As a result the stars of these systems are very bright in the two systems. On multiple occasions, the brightness of the star has surprised visiting capsuleers making them think another stellar event like Caroline's Star is occurring.


Mysterious Shuttle (True Immortal) Location: Geztic
Mysterious Shuttle.jpg If you entosis the shuttle you can get items for Project Discovery treasure hunt.

The only thing sensors can make out about this ship is that it has some kind of receiver that interacts with the star's natural magnetic field. There is one faint life sign, similar to a human in cryogenic stasis.

Fallen Capsuleers Memorial Location: Molea II moon 1
Capsuleer Cemetery.jpg

This memorial to Fallen Capsuleers is the centerpiece of the cemetery originally established in orbit of the moon of Molea II by capsuleers of the EVE Cemetery corporation.

Having been in place for over a decade, and in view of ongoing developments in structure technology, it increasingly became clear that a dedicated memorial structure would enhance the cemetery and help preserve it for decades more. The Upwell Consortium, at the urging of a large number of private citizens and corporations, constructed the new Fallen Capsuleers Memorial in YC122.

The Fallen Capsuleers Memorial continues to support the establishment of individual memorial containers by capsuleers in the cemetery at Molea II, moon 1 .

Any Secure Cargo Containers that are anchored within 200km of this structure will not automatically decay over time. This structure does not provide any special protection against intentional destruction or scooping of containers


Impetus Studios Location: Tolle
Impetus Studios.jpg Agent Gian Parele is in his luxury yacht here. He is involved in the Gallente epic arc Syndication.


The Kador region contains several locations for the Amarr COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

Imperial Administration Complex Location: Zimse
Imperial Administration Complex.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Carchatur Outpost Location: Nidupad
Carchatur Complex.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Imperial Palace Complex Location: Nidupad
Imperial Palace Complex.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

This Amarrian Citadel looms over the acceleration gate leading to the Palace grounds. Anyone attempting to enter the palace without authorization would have to overcome the inhabitants of this majestic structure as well as its defenses. The Citadel is the primary link that the outside world has to the Imperial Palace, often serving as the meeting ground between Emperor Family staff and outsiders intent on getting the Emperor's attention.

Docking has been prohibited into this station without proper authorization.

Caor Korduin Location: Jakri
Caor Korduin.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Blood Raider Crypt Location: Garisas
Blood Raider Crypt.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Port Maphante Location: Garisas
Port Maphante.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Civic Court Plaza Location: Aphi
Civic Court Plaza.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Governor’s Audience Chamber Location: Chanoun
Governor’s Audience Chamber.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

The Bonfire Location: Munory
The Bonfire.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Labyrint Location: Munory
Labyrinth.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS


Eternal Torch Location: Pator
Eternal Torch.jpg

At a distance of 1.3 AU from Matar is a statue named the 'Eternal Torch.' Erected by the government shortly after the formation of the Republic, it is meant to symbolize the everlasting passion and resilient spirit of the Minmatar people.

Tribal Council Orbital Caravanserai Location: Pator
Transparent.png The area has embassies for each of the seven tribes. The embassy structures give more info on its tribe.

The Tribal Council is the collective head of state of the Minmatar Republic. The council is made up of the chiefs of the Seven Tribes of Minmatar and is chaired by the Sanmatar. While each tribe is substantially sovereign unto itself, the Tribal Council in practice wields enormous executive power by the common consent of the tribes. The traditional leadership role of Sanmatar functions as a mediator with no formal vote in the Council, but the holder of this office can be given emergency powers and is typically delegated command of the Republic's armed forces by the tribes.

The formal meeting place of the Tribal Council is the Great Caravanserai in the Eyniletti Plains of Matar. However, the Tribal Council often meets remotely or at other convenient locations. The "Orbital Caravanserai" was established to provide a meeting place and transit station for chiefs, appointed deputies, and others attending Tribal Council meetings. The Tribal Council's secure FTL communications are now routed through this fortified location and it readily facilitates remote participation by holopresence. The facility is also used by delegations from Minmatar clans and circles, ambassadors from other empires and states, and corporate executives seeking the ear of the Council.

Battle of Fort Kavad Monument Location: Odatrik

This monument marks the Battle of Fort Kavad, where the Minmatar people finally drove the invaders from their stars and secured their home worlds.

To the eternal memory of all those who died here for the freedom of the Tribes of Matar.

The preserved ruins of Fort Kavad loom over the battlefield where the Minmatar struck the final blow that would secure their territories and allow their fledgling Republic to rise to its full height in relative peace.

Named after an ancient lord of the Ardishapur Family, Fort Kavad sat at the center of the Ortner Redoubt, the last major toehold of the Amarr Empire in Minmatar space at the end of the Great Rebellion. The position guarded the core of the Ammatar Mandate the Amarr had set up as a defensive buffer but more critically was within striking distance of the Minmatar heartlands.

Despite the chaos that the Great Rebellion had sowed across the Empire for several years, many Amarr lords were unwilling to settle for defeat at the hands of their erstwhile slaves. In BYC17, a militant faction at the Imperial Court promoted a plan to use Fort Kavad as a springboard for a counter-offensive that would regain the lost territories. A demoralized and confused Emperor Heideran VII, possibly afflicted by an attack of the Turit Disease he suffered with, allowed the militants to proceed with their plan.

As Amarr forces built up at Fort Kavad, the Minmatar became aware of the plan and knew that an opportunity to strike a decisive blow was at hand. The Battle of the Golgothan Fields had robbed the Amarr of much of their capital ship strength, forcing them to concentrate battleship squadrons at Fort Kavad. Minmatar rebel forces from across their hard-won territories assembled and launched a pre-emptive strike in numbers that would overwhelm the defenses of Fort Kavad and catch the assembling Amarr fleets by surprise.

With Fort Kavad's defenses crippled and entire battleship squadrons destroyed or disabled, the Amarr were in disarray but refused to retreat knowing well the penalty they would face at the hands of their fanatical lords. Many commanders launched suicidal counter-attacks and some broke past the Minmatar assault in an apparent attempt to mount the counter-offensive they had planned. At high cost in ships, including precious battleships, the Minmatar prevailed and wiped out the scattered Amarr taskforce.

The news of the defeat at Fort Kavad roused Emperor Heideran's erratic anger and the militant faction at court suffered accordingly for their fatal underestimation of the Minmatar. Once the Emperor had seen to the security of the Ammatar Mandate, he once again lapsed into seclusion, having ordered no further military adventures on pain of death and the enslavement of all relatives of any lord foolish enough to defy the orders.

For the Minmatar, the Battle of Fort Kavad was a famous victory that eliminated the danger of a counter-offensive by the Amarr Empire. In the relative peace the Minmatar fighters had bought with their blood, the Minmatar Republic was established and its defenses secured. Amarr warlords knew better than to openly defy the Emperor's peace but inevitably the means for militant Amarr and Minmatar to strike at one another was found in the bitter Vindication Wars that would be fought through and against the puppet state of the Ammatar Mandate.

The Forge

The Forge region contains several sites for Caldari COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

In honor of intrepid explorer Marcus Yeon Location: Jakanerva
In honor of intrepid explorer marcus yeon.jpg The landmark was erected by the winner of Sanctuary image contest in 2013.

This site stands as a quiet and somewhat unnerving mark of honor for the efforts of Marcus Yeon and all others who took Echelon Entertainment up on its exploration challenge. These capsuleers risked their ships, their clones and their crews on a perilous venture to capture some of the amazing sights of New Eden.

While those pilots who succeeded in the various stages of the challenge were rewarded with various material goods, Echelon Entertainment also commissioned a landmark to be created so that their fearless efforts would be remembered throughout history.

Echelon Entertainment also requested that the landmark be placed next to the scorched ruins of a quite astonishingly ill-fated secret experiment, in order to warn intrepid explorers that on a very few select occasions, discretion is very much the better part of valor. In an interesting quirk of fate, rumor has it that this experiment was being run by Yeon's own people - possibly a subtle warning from Echelon Entertainment not to get too boastful in the dangerous world of New Eden - and that the ghostly form of one of his past clones still haunts the place.

Dev blog: A New Live Event for July

Derelict Remains of a Long Time Ago (Derelict Ruins) Location: New Caldari
Derelict remains of a long time ago.jpg

Devil’s Dig Site Location: Otitoh
Devil’s Dig Site.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.
Devil‘s Dig Site

Bandit Outpost Location: Friggi
Bandit Outpost.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Clear Water Spring Location: Friggi
Clear Water Spring.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Red Rock Outpost Location: Otomainen
Red Rock Outpost.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Rusty Ridge Mine Location: Ishisomo
Rusty ridge mine.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant Location: Jita
Jita 4-4.jpg Jita 4-4 (not to be confused with the other Jita 4-4 station on the same moon) is the largest trade hub in New Eden. This station also has unique station model.

Jita Memorial Location: Jita
New Jita Memorial.jpg After the monoclegate riots of YC113 the previous monument was destroyed and replaced with a new monument.

This was once a memorial to the winners of a riddle contest sponsored by the late entrepreneur Ruevo Aram. After standing proud for half a decade, it was destroyed in late YC 113 by capsuleers who were staging a mass uprising against an intolerable status quo of intergalactic affairs. Today, the ruins of this once-great work of art stand as a testament to the fact that change is the universe’s only constant.

Journey of Katia Sae memorial Location: Saisio, Abagawa gate
Journey of Katia Sae memorial.jpg

In the unending dark of space, there are a few bright lights to which we can reliably turn for guidance and inspiration. Katia Sae is one such beacon, a shining example of what we can all aspire towards. She exemplifies the attitude of a true explorer: friendly to all in her travels, neutral and never initiating aggression, and very, very hard to catch.

She began her quest to explore all of New Eden starting from Saisio III on December 1 of YC111 and came full circle back to Saisio on March 9 of YC121 after having explored every known-space and wormhole system that can be reached – all without a single ship loss.

May Katia Sae’s epic journey be remembered forevermore by all who travel into the furthest reaches of New Eden and the fathomless depths of Anoikis. Every star is one of her footprints, and every heavenly body tells the tale: "Katia Sae was here."

The Journey of Katia Sae Memorial,
raised by the Achura Stargazers Society,
in association with Signal Cartel


Amarr Home Worlds Location: Amarr
Amarr homeworlds.jpg

Once, Amarr Prime was known as 'Athra', its name before the Amarr conquered the entire globe and began to carve out the greatest empire in New Eden. It is the original home world of the True Amarr, the Khanid, and the Udorians, a subject people long ago assimilated into Amarr society.

The Amarr Empire is so vast and ancient, however, that the oldest of its many settled planets have also come to be regarded as Amarr Home Worlds. Among these, perhaps the highest prestige is given to the 'Throne Worlds', those systems surrounding Amarr itself and the first to be connected in a newly-built gate network since the collapse of the EVE gate.

Nevertheless, the Amarr system remains at the centre of the Empire, with ancient Amarr Prime as the seat of an Imperial Throne, venerated by countless billions as holy ground.

Empress Catiz I Honor Guard Location: Amarr
Empress catiz honor guard .jpg The Honor Guard of Empress Catiz I has been stationed here ever since Empress Catiz I was coronated here in YC 118.
Catiz I Addresses Capsuleers And Imperial Guard after Historic Day In Dam-Torsad

Amarr championship Location: Amarr
Amarr championship memorial.jpg This landmark commemorates the four champions of house Tash-Myrkon: Kelon Darklight, Lucian IV, Wasa QC and Maxine Antilles.

Casting his sight on his realm, the Lord witnessed The cascade of evil, the torrents of war. Burning with wrath, He stepped down from the Heavens To judge the unworthy, To redeem the pure.
-The Scriptures, Revelation Verses 2:12

Catiz Tash-Murkon to be Crowned Empress of Amarr as Champion Kelon Darklight and Team Triumph in Final Trials

Chribba Monument Location: Amarr
Chribba monument.jpg This monument is dedicated to EVE player Chribba who would occasionally mine asteroids with a Dreadnought in this system.

Some know him as a GalNet tools developer, others as broker of high-value transactions, others still as a passionate Veldspar enthusiast. Most know him simply as the most trusted capsuleer in New Eden.

Quite possibly the most famous capsuleer alive, Chribba has been a pillar of the community for many years. He can often be found in the vicinity of Amarr flying one of his non-traditional mining ships.

This statue was constructed in YC123 as a joint project between the HZO Refinery corporation and the Upwell Consortium in honor of his many contributions to the capsuleer community and the economy of New Eden.

Among a crowd of immortal warlords, Chribba stands out for building his legacy through trust and peaceful industry. His success stands as a testament that there are many paths to greatness in New Eden and Capsuleers should be bold in charting their own course.

"Never let anyone else dictate your goals" – Chribba

Choonka’s Ship-Wash Location: Ashab - Planet II, Moon 1
Choonka’s Ship-Wash.jpg This unmarked landmark is located near the first moon of Ashab II.

Amarrian Monument Location: Amarr
Amarrian monument.jpg

Mekhios Graveyard Location: Sarum Prime
Mekhios Graveyard.jpg In YC 110 the Minmatar Elder Fleet invaded Amarr Empire space. On June 10th Jamyl Sarum used a Terran superweapon to destroy the Elder Fleet in the Battle of Mekhios.

In the moment of our greatest need, with savage enemies at the gates, Jamyl Sarum returned from the embrace of God to rescue her people from destruction in YC111.

Though Royal Heir Jamyl Sarum had undertaken the Rite of Shathol'Syn following the victory of Doriam Kor-Azor's champions in the Amarr Championships of YC105, the Elder Fleet invasion of YC111 so threatened Holy Amarr that divine intervention restored her to the temporal world. Jamyl Sarum's Holy Flotilla was able to destroy the Elder Fleet with a weapon of divine power and liberate Amarr from a terrible doom.

Acclaimed a divine savior by the Empire, Jamyl I was crowned Empress of Holy Amarr following the repulsion of the Minmatar Elder Fleet from the territories of the Amarr Empire. Since her untimely death and return to the embrace of God, Empress Jamyl I has also been known as "St. Jamyl the Liberator".

This monument has been erected within the graveyard of broken warships above Mekhios in memory of our great liberator Empress Jamyl I, that her heroic deeds never be forgotten or allowed to diminish in the passing of the ages.

"I am the Harbinger of Hope! I am the Sword of the Righteous! Unto all who hear my voice I say this: what you give to this Empire, I shall give back unto you!" – Empress Jamyl I, Coronation Speech, YC111

Lore: Mekhios Graveyard

Wreck of TES Seraph Location: Safizon, near Safizon II - Moon 1 - Amarr Navy Assembly Plant
Wreck of TES Seraph.jpg Wreck of TES Seraph. This ship, piloted by Empress Jamyl Sarum I, was destroyed by a fleet of Drifters.
Court Chamberlain Confirms Death Of Empress Jamyl I

Captured Dazh Porevitium Transmuter Location: Arshat, Stellar Observation Post
Captured transmuter.jpg This system was invaded by Triglavian forces. The invading forces got far enough to deploy their Dazh Porevitium Transmuter but then EDENCOM pushed them out. The Dazh Porevitium Transmuter remains in partially constructed state right next to the Imperial Stellar Observatory.

The construction of these vast structures is clearly a key goal of this phase of the Triglavian Collective's invasion campaign. EDENCOM intelligence has assessed these huge arrays with their central structure as stellar harvesting installations capable of delving profoundly into the stars they are orbiting.

The clear intent of the unimaginable spatio-temporal manipulations these structures are undertaking is to harvest certain resources, and in doing so completely transform the nature of the star itself. This assessment has been implicitly confirmed by this type of installation's repeating monitor signals containing the deciphered term «Dazh Porevitium Transmuter».

While these structures initially carry out limited probing and sampling, the power and reach of the harvester escalates tremendously as an array of zero-point mass-energy entanglers is constructed around the core harvester. Barely understood Triglavian techniques that had hitherto seemed a mere scientific curiosity will surely have dire consequences for any star system where their full capability is achieved.

Arshat System Fully Fortified After EDENCOM Capsuleer Coalition Pushed Back Invasion Forces


Serpent's Coil Location: Vilinnon
Serpent’s Coil.jpg

The Serpent's Coil is at once one of the most exotic and most dangerous of all space locations in the vast world of EVE. It is currently inhabited by agents of the Serpentis Corporation, which use the place as a gathering point for smugglers and raiders alike. At the heart of the Serpent's Coil lies a ruined military installation. This military base was constructed by the Gallente Federation during the Gallente-Caldari War to defend against marauding Caldari ships. After the war the strategic importance of the base diminished and it was eventually abandoned. The base is ringed by huge rock boulders the size of mountains. These magnificent boulders broke off a comet traversing the Vilinnon system long time ago and today they stand proud in their protection of the most audacious Serpentis base around.

Chronicle: Serpenti's Coil

Gallente Counter-intelligence Center Location: Orvolle
Gallente Counter-intelligence Center.jpg Post for agent Arment Caute and the starting location for Guristas epic arc.
Smash and Grab


Pashanai Bombing Monument Location: Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices
Pashanai bombing monument.jpg On 25.3.YC112 the Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices was bombed by Bloody Hands of Matar terrorists. For a long time the station exterior showed visible damage from the bombing but eventually the station was repaired. To keep the memory of the bombing visible there is now a memorial monument by the station.

This monument honors the thousands of martyrs who lost their lives in the brutal terrorist attack against this station in YC112, including esteemed high officials of both the Ministry of War and the Theology Council. These dedicated servants of the Empire were slain by a cowardly bombing orchestrated by the so-called "Bloody Hands of Matar" terrorist organization. Let this monument and the fully repaired Ministry of War station stand as testaments to the resilience of the Holy Amarr Empire and as a commitment to bring the Empress's justice to all those who would seek to harm the Empire and its subjects.

Yulai Graveyard and CONCORD Station Location: Yulai
Yulai Graveyard and CONCORD Station.jpg

This ship graveyard marks the site of perhaps the boldest—or barbaric—military feat in the recorded history of EVE. It was here where CONCORD, the protectorate of interstellar travel, was attacked preemptively by a Minmatar Elder armada. With the Thukker Tribe fighting at their side, the Minmatars fought with a fury not seen since the Rebellion, even sacrificing their own ships to accomplish their mission. With CONCORD’s rapid-reaction force incapacitated, the Elders then launched an invasion of Amarr space and freed untold numbers of slaves.

Alliance Tournament Monument Location: Manarq
Alliance Tournament Monument.jpg Surrounding the monument there are smaller beacons for all the AT winners.

"Throughout history humanity has struggled for survival, fortune and glory. The fight to exceed nature's limits continues but as often the combat is within and between ourselves.

While the need to hunt for food is long behind us, and life itself is seldom a daily struggle for survival, we still crave the fearful rush that comes with the imminence of death.

There is both terror and majesty in combat: from the steel swords and wooden shields of ancient conflicts; to the hulking masses of kilometers long spacecraft unleashing firepower to equal that of entire planetary wars.

No matter the tools, no matter the arena, all clashes of arms meet and fulfill the same purpose: the need to fight, and the determination to win."

– Khumat Mebroh, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Gaming Commission

Project Discovery Phase Two Monument Location: Pakhshi
Project Discovery Phase Two Monument.jpg

Project Discovery Phase Two began in July of YC119, following the extremely successful protein classification work of Phase One with a new exoplanets hunting program under the guidance of CONCORD's Chief of Deep Space Research, Professor Michel Mayor.

This phase of the project marked the official transfer of the Project Discovery mantle from the Sisters of EVE to a dedicated research division within the CONCORD Assembly.

Project Discovery Phase Two advanced the search for new exoplanets significantly in its nearly three year operational lifetime, as capsuleers contributed their expertise to the analysis of stellar light curves in search of planetary transits.

Project Discovery Phase Two came to an end on YC122.06.15 and was replaced by a new Phase Three Flow Cytometry project.

Please query the Phase Two Monument's database for records of those capsuleers who were elite research contributors to Project Discovery's light curve analysis work.


Technical Note: there appears to be an open Entosis Link port on this structure.


Guristas Scout Outpost Location: Erenta
Guristas Scout Outpost.jpg


City of God Location: Shastal
City of God.jpg

Built by the megalomaniac emperor Zaragram II some 2000 years ago, intended to be the home of the living god, namely himself. Zaragram set out to uproot and eradicate many of the most sacred traditions of the Amarrians, replacing them by his own mad ideas on divinity. He called his city Mezagorm, meaning Vision of God. Eventually, he was assassinated and later emperors, under pressure from the clergy, did their utmost to bury his memory. The ruins of Zaragram's city still exist, haunted by ghosts and pirates.

Lore: City of God


Kor-Azor Battle Site Location: Kor-Azor Prime
Kor-Azor Battle Site.jpg During the Elder Fleet incursion to Amarr Empire in YC 110 Kor-Azor saw heavy combat. The remains of this site are a reminder of those fights.

Doriam II Memorial Location: Kor-Azor Prime
Doriam II Memorial.jpg

During his short rule, Emperor Doriam II was known as a benevolent leader to his people, a peacemaker with the neighboring empires, and a stalwart enemy of the heretical Blood Raiders. Born Doriam Kor-Azor, he was elevated to the Golden Throne thanks to the support of the capsuleers Ecliptical, BlackViper, Grikl and Kileak in the Amarr Championships of YC105.

Doriam II strived to be a just leader for all the citizens of the Amarr Empire, demonstrating this commitment early in his reign by embarking on an extended tour to visit every inhabited planet within Amarr space to hear the concerns of local Holders and appear before their populace.

Viewed as a sympathetic successor to Heideran VII, Emperor Doriam II continued his predecessor's irenic stance towards the Amarr Empire's neighbors, including efforts to maintain the tenuous peace with the Minmatar Republic. His primary military interventions were directed towards the Blood Raider Covenant, including a major assault on the Blood Raider strongholds within the Bleak Lands by combined forces of the Amarr Navy and capsuleer loyalists.

The success of Doriam II's campaign against the Blood Raiders saw them driven from the Bleak Lands and the reassertion of imperial rule over the systems the cultists had occupied. However, this success was not to be without a price, as Doriam II was assassinated in the Imperial Palace on July 4th, YC107. While the killing was a great mystery for many years, the assassins are now believed to have been members of the "Red Chamberlain" Dochuta Karsoth's Blood Raider cultist cell.

This monument was erected in YC123 by the order of Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor in memory of her uncle's leadership of House Kor-Azor and the Amarr Empire.

Asteroid Mining Post Location: Imih on Liparer gate
Asteroid Mining Post.jpg


Ammatar Battle Site Location: Jarizza

Highest priority among the goals of the Minmatar-Thukker Elder fleet in YC110 was a massive assault against the Ammatar Mandate system of Jarizza. The survivors of the Starkmanir Tribe had been revealed as hidden on the planet Halturzhan (Jarizza VI) and the Elder Fleet destroyed a hastily-assembled Ammatar Fleet before moving to recover their kin. Many Nefantar defected alongside the Starkmanir they had hidden for so long.

Low security locations

Black Rise

The Solitaire Location: Ienakkamon
Solitaire.jpg The remains of a Ragnarok-class Titan. It is unknown why the ship is in Caldari space. You can use entosis module on the ship to retrieve items for Project Discovery treasure hunt.

A ghost ship of enormous proportions, this Ragnarok-class Titan should be at the core of a Minmatar strike force or planetary defense, yet here it floats in silence. Its hull is airtight, yet all useful technology has been meticulously stripped from it, including weapons systems, propulsion, and electronics. There is no trace of its crew, despite all of its escape pods being present.


Hangman’s Hill Location: Ihakana
HangmansHill.jpg COSMOS site

Molden Heath

Alliance Barracks Location: Audesder
AllianceBarracks.jpg COSMOS site.

Amarr militarization of nearby Kenobanala has forced the Minmatar and their allies to hastily build up a defensive perimeter inside Audesder.

Alliance Defense Brigade Location: Audesder
AllianceDefenseBrigade.jpg COSMOS site.

Golgothan Fields Location: Ennur

The Minmatar Rebellion saw many battles, both on ground and in space. The largest of the space battles took place in the Ennur system a few weeks after the start of the rebellion. The main Amarr battle fleet had returned from Jove space and intended to break the power of the rebels once and for all by sweeping through their core systems. The Minmatar met the Amarr with everything they had. The battle was fierce and lasted for hours. In the end the Minmatar withdrew and the Amarr claimed a victory, but the Minmatar had succeeded in disabling or destroying the best capital ships in the Amarr fleet, thus reducing their offensive strength dramatically. Today the old battlefield, commonly known as Golgothan Fields, is littered with old shipwrecks and infested with pirates that have taken refuge in the giant hulks. They fiercely defend their base, but daring scavengers can still sneak in and rummage around.

Lore: Golgothan Fields

Hijacked Subsidiary Facility Location: Oddelulf
Transparent.png There doesn't seem to be anything other than a beacon at Oddelulf III.
Maybe related: Angel Cartel conduct planetary attack in Oddelulf, hundreds dead


Fort Kumar Location: Kenobanala
FortKumar.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS.

Krusual Mobile Library Location: Tanoo
Mobile library.jpg


The Black Monolith Location: Dead End
Black monolith.jpg

EVE Gate Location: New Eden
Eve gate.jpg

In the system of New Eden sits the impenetrable EVE Gate. Thousands of years ago the forefathers of all the human races used the gate to travel to the world of EVE. But the gate has been closed for a long time, a catastrophe that destroyed all planets in the New Eden system and plunged the fragile human settlements to the brink of extinction. Anyone foolish enough to get too close to the gate today will be ripped apart by the magnetic storms that still surround the massive gate.

Lore: EVE Gate

EVE Gate Joint Research Complex Location: New Eden
EVE Gate Joint Research Complex.jpg

This advanced research facility was established in YC123 as a partnership between House Kor-Azor and the Servant Sisters of EVE to study the collapsed wormhole known as the "EVE Gate".

While the Sisters of EVE have an uneasy and somewhat fraught relationship with the Amarr Empire, the diplomacy-minded House Kor-Azor has maintained relatively cordial relations with the organization. Under Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor, scientific co-operation with the SOE has been pursued as part of a general policy of openness to the exchange of ideas and technology with external entities.

The stations within this complex are not open to capsuleer docking at this time.

House Kor-Azor has long been keen to bulwark and expand its power and influence within the Amarr Empire through its policies of diplomacy, trade and scientific exchange beyond the borders of its realms and the Empire itself. Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor has re-emphasized this approach since her accession to Kor-Azor title, and the house has successfully enhanced its contacts and co-operation with external entities.

House Kor-Azor control over the division of the Genesis Region containing the New Eden system and obvious scientific value of studying the EVE Gate wormhole remnant has led it co-operate with the SOE. Even so, House Kor-Azor maintains a careful watch over SOE activities, mindful that Ministry of Internal Order paladins attached to the site are keeping everything that goes on here under their own scrutiny.

The Sisters of EVE consider the EVE Gate wormhole remnant an important subject of both scientific study and religious faith. They believe the EVE Gate to be a gift from God and that it is the divine will they study it thoroughly and unlock its secrets. The Sisters maintain that God resides at the other side of the EVE Gate, guiding and protecting those who follow him from the domain it guards.

The SOE are careful to emphasize the scientific nature of their research and avoid discussing their religious beliefs openly within the shared facilities, lest they embarrass their Kor-Azor hosts or be accused of illegal proselytizing by their enemies within the Amarr Empire.

Hollow Asteroid Location: Djimame, on Stargate to Antem
Hollow Asteroid.jpg

This massive asteroid's surface is covered in gaping holes, giving way to an internal chamber. The work of miners or the winds of space and time.

EVE Travel Agency Location: Mozzidit
EVE Travel Agency.jpg

This habitation module serves as the home base for the "EVE Travel Agency", a small independent corporation that provides tours and travel information services to explorers across New Eden. Their proximity to the New Eden system makes them a convenient stopping point for travelers making a pilgrimage to the EVE Gate.

EVE Travel's GalNet blog is a must-read for all capsuleers seeking to explore New Eden's various sights.

EVE Travel


Traumark Installation Location: Saminer

The Traumark Installation, a massive fortress guarding the southern space territories of the vastly rich royal family, represents the proudest moment in the history of the Tash-Murkon family. Yet that proud moment came and went, for the fortress, once thought to be impregnable, fell into the hands of Sansha’s Nation. All efforts to retake the installation have failed, and today it stands as a thorn in the side of the proud, but humbled Tash-Murkons


Pandemic Legion Monument Location: Amamake, Osoggur gate
Pandemic Legion Monument.jpg

Constructed in honor of the capsuleers of Pandemic Legion who fought and defeated their opponents, in a series of gruelling and murderous fights, to claim their place as winners of the sixth round of the great Alliance Tournament. Pandemic Legion can truly claim to be among the true elite, the best of the best.

Karishal Muritor Memorial Construction Site Location: Auga

After his death in YC109, Captain Karishal Muritor has come to be seen within the Minmatar Republic as farsighted in his recognition of the reality that compromise with the Amarr Empire's expansionist ambitions is a trap the Minmatar cannot afford to fall into. His actions may be seen as precipitate and rash by some but his cause is one the majority of Minmatar recognise as just.

Sinq Laison

Crielere Research Station Location: Crielere
Crielere Research Station.jpg Crielere I has two stations unusually close to each other, only about 50 km separation. This pair of stations once ran important joint research projects for Gallente Federation and Caldari state. The research gave capsuleers the cloaking device.
Lore: Ciere Research Laboratories


Ancient Tomb Location: Oyeman IV, Moon 1

This ancient tomb is dedicated to Barak Makdar. The Amarr Empire considers him a war hero who took part in the very first Amarr-Minmatar war. The Minmatar Republic on the other hand views him as a war-criminal who is held responsible for many atrocities committed during the early days of Amarr rule in the Matar regions.

Myridian Strip Location: Ezzara

Several decades ago the Amarr Empire was desperate to improve their relations with the other empires, mainly to increase trade and tourism. One of the projects they embarked on was to build the Myridian Strip vacation resort, located above the plasma clouds in the Ezzara system. From an aesthetic point of view the location was perfect: stunningly beautiful and exotic. The resort itself was also a wonder of the world and for the first few years of its operation tourists from all over flocked to it. But the location had one fatal flaw, one that was to manifest itself less than 5 years after it opened: it was located too close to Blood Raider space. The Blood Raiders eagerly jumped on the opportunity presented to them on their doorstep and hundreds perished in their initial raid. Not long after the resort was permanently closed and since then only inhabitants it has had are Blood Raiders, reveling in their prized asset.


R55 Colonial Ruins Location: Isie

In the system of Isie the Lai Dai Corporation once ran the largest bio-chemical research facility in Caldari space. The facility was intended to establish Lai Dai as the main biotech company within the State. But only a few years into its operation an accident ruptured the storage tanks and the station had to be abandoned. The myriad chemical substances leaking from the storage tanks mingled in unexpected ways in the zero-g vacuum outside the station and in time formed a eerily beautiful, but highly toxic, gas cloud around the station. After the accident Lai Dai scuttled their biotech ambitions and the station remained vacant for years. Recently, Guristas pirates have started using it as an outpost.

Guristas Recruitment Center Location: Taisy
Guristas Recruitment Center.jpg Agent Yada Vinjivas is here. You can start the Guristas epic arc Smash and Grab here if you have enough standings.

Abandoned Guristas Transportation Facility Location: Nalvula
Abandoned Guristas Transportation Facility.jpg

Once a hive of pirate activity, this Guristas Transport Facility now drifts in space blackened and scarred, left partially intact by its attackers to serve as a message to its former owners. As you draw closer, it is apparent that the facility’s distress beacon has been hijacked and reprogrammed to loop an audio message of defiance:


“You believed you could hunt us, but you have become the quarry. You believed you could subdue us, but we have risen up. You may be Fatal, but we are immortal.
We have proven that the Empyreans stand with us.

Do not test us again. If you attempt to do so, you will burn at the hands of the Valkyrie and our most loyal and skilled capsuleer wingmen.

Kavik out.”

A data packet is attached to the transmission, listing the DED profiles of a number of capsuleers known to have aided the Valkyrie during their fight against Guristas forces.


Abandoned CRC Monitoring Station Location: Arnher
Abandoned crc monitoring station.jpg The remains of the wreck of Eshtir's Raven floats by the broadcast tower.

The Caldari call these propoganda towers, however the Gallente people prefer to call them liberty towers. Whatever their designation these hidden broadcast towers send their amplified signal throughout the system they are located in. The Gallente networks use them to broadcast their channels to areas of space where such signals are usually banned. There are a network of relay towers which utilise the FTL networks to bring their underground signal to the source tower.

ISD Eshtir leaves

Minmatar Mining Corporation Testing Facilities Location: Hagilur

This is the headquarters of the Minmatar Mining Corporation's Testing Division and the primary facility of the testing center located at this old asteroid belt. The Minmatar Mining Corporation is a key player in the economy of the Minmatar Republic, providing vast quantities of material to the military and heavy industries. The need to continually enhance mining, processing and transport technology keeps the testing center very busy.

The Minmatar Mining Corporation is the only Minmatar corporation still in existence that can trace its foundation to before the conquest of the old Minmatar Empire's territory by the Amarr Empire. The corporation managed to stay in business during the Amarr occupation only because it was useful. Now it is useful to the Minmatar, providing the raw materials to build fleets and equipment to defend the Republic against the Amarr Empire, and all other threats to the Minmatar people.


Old Man Darieux's Stargate Location: Old Man Star
Old Man Darieuxs Stargate.jpg

In YC60, the Federation was astounded when the dormant Villore-Ouperia gate activated and established a stabilized gate wormhole to the abandoned Ouperia system. The stripped-down and patched-up core of the gate-builder ship carried the now elderly Darieux and some of his drone crew back to Villore to a hero's welcome. Old Man Darieux went on to found the CreoDron corporation on the strength of his designs and fame, while the Ouperia system was renamed "Old Man Star" in his honor.

Although much upgraded, the original Old Man Star to Villore gate is still located within the cleared and stabilized cluster of asteroids Darieux used as a base and source of materials. CreoDron drones continue to watch over the stargate, maintaining its systems and ensuring the stability of the link to Villore.

Chronicle: Old Man Star

Null security locations


Minecore Facilities Location: K-X5AX
Minecore Facilities.jpg COSMOS location.

Minecore Inc. is a corporation founded by groups of freelance miners and mercenaries who had ventured into Feythabolis in search of valuable asteroids and gas clouds rumored to be located in this perilous territory. By banding together they also hoped to withstand attacks from marauding pirates and other outlaws. Inside this area of space they have set up an outpost which operates mainly as a gathering point for their mining expeditions before they venture out into uncharted space in search of harvestable gas clouds.

Shortly after Minecore's conception, the Angel Cartel came in force to I-3ODK to claim their share of the profit. Minecore was forced to concede a large portion of their earnings to the Cartel, and have paid tribute ever since to keep them off their backs. Today Minecore is partially controlled by the Cartel, and their outposts are guarded by Angel ships.

Freebooter's Haven Location: BJD4-E
Transparent.png COSMOS location.

Originally the Freebooter's Haven was simply a stopping point for weary travelers or pirates who needed a place to rest and repair facilities to patch up their ship. But once Krur Tajar arrived to the constellation and claimed it for the Angel Cartel, during the territorial war with the Sansha's Nation, the place was known primarily as a war installation. Although the Freebooter's Haven still serves its old purpose, it has changed immensly and is now the staging point of Krur's armada.

Freebooter's Haven


T-M0FA Graveyard Location: T-IPZB

Some believe that the Blood Raiders who died here still haunt these tombs of twisted metal, and that if you listen closely, you can hear their hateful cries across the depths of space. What happened at this place is indistinguishable from fact or legend, miracle or nightmare. All that is known for sure is that the origins of Jamyl Sarum’s resurgence can be traced to this spot, and that the Blood Raiders suffered horribly to her wrath.

Chronicle: The Spiral

Blood Reach Location: CX8-6K
Blood Reach.jpg COSMOS site.

Blood Reach is a fortified outpost run by the Blood Raider organization. Its purpose is to house pilgrims coming to visit the holy site in OK-FEM. In recent times it has also served as a base of operations for Blood Raider forces sent here to find and eliminate Amarrians who come to the constellation to sabotage the Pagera Manton.

Blood Raider Ship Graveyard in the T-IPZB System Location: T-IPZB

Cloud Ring

Assilot Location: PPG-XC
Assilot.jpg COSMOS site.

The famous dueling tournament, 'The Legends Trial', has moved to PPG-XC, to escape various expenses associated with having its tournament inside Federation space. Also by staging the tournament here, it can choose from a larger variety of competitors, such as criminals and members of outlaw organizations which would be immediately arrested in Federation space.

The Legends Trial is a popular show on Federation TV, it is broadcasted to billions of screens across many regions. Huge money is at stake, and gambling on the events is extremely popular. It is therefore not surprising that various criminal networks are working hard to 'influence' the outcome of the show and rig fights. The organizers of the Legends Trials have hired a sizable mercenary fleet to protect its assets, but even so it has become extremely vulnerable to pirate meddling, especially due to its new location outside of the protective embrace of Federation space. Certainly a freelance merc pilots dream come true.


Pioneer’s Sanctuary Location: ZH3-BS

Settlers from the Caldari State and beyond took up residence in 09-4XW a few years back after incredibly valuable gas clouds were discovered in the constellation. They braved the Guristas territories to get there, but have now become embroiled in a bitter war with local racketeers and pirates. The migrant's force is vastly outnumbered and it is only a matter of time before the Guristas launch an attack on their outpost.


Intaki Syndicate Executive Retreat Center Location: D-B7YK
Intaki Syndicate Executive Retreat Center.jpg

This luxurious retreat center has been constructed in one of the rare locations where a gap in the natural clouds of stellar dust allow a clear view of the gorgeous Cord of the Elements phenomena that separates the Syndicate region from the territory of the Gallente Federation.

Operated by the Intaki Syndicate, these facilities are exclusively made available to the Syndicate station governors, their executive leadership staff, and their guests.

Winding through the Syndicate region is a natural phenomenon that has baffled scientists for centuries. The phenomenon, a super-dense dark cloud, bends time in such a way that all space-travel in or close to the phenomenon is impossible, or at least extremely hazardous. Most scientists believe that the Cord is the remnant of collision between two black holes millions of years ago that permanently 'scarred' space. Others believe the Cord to be the result of a science experiment, possibly conducted by alien life forms, that went seriously awry eons ago.

Vale Of The Silent

First Sergeant Hakiro’s Lookout Location: G5ED-Y
FirstSergeantHakirosLookout.jpg COSMOS site.

Black Jack's Location: BR-6XP
Transparent.png COSMOS agent Isana Dagin is here.

Syndicate Trade Hub Location: UL-4ZW
Syndicate Trade Hub.jpg COSMOS agent Gue Mouey is here.

The Iacta Space Plain Location: O-LR1H
The Iacta Space Plain.jpg COSMOS site.
The Iacta Space Plain

Contested Kois City Location: G5ED-Y
Contested Kois City.jpg COSMOS site.

The major State outpost in E-8CSQ was recently nicknamed 'Kois City', in referral to Admiral Aurobe Kois who runs the military operation in the constellation. It began as a small base of operations but quickly expanded as more and more personnel arrived from the Caldari State, especially with the fleet Aurobe brought with him. It is now a bustling hub of activity, 'a beacon of Caldari strength that shines through the unremarkable corner of the galaxy we call E-8CSQ' (Admiral Aurobe Kois's words).

The Guristas have proven to be quite the adversary, however, attacking and looting many of the State's small outposts in the constellation. Many expeditions have not returned, which is usually blamed on Guristas interference. However to this day none of the pirate factions have attempted a direct assault on Kois City, as they would most likely be no match for its formidable defenses.

Contested Kois City

Knaaninn Aranuri Location: G5ED-Y
Transparent.png COSMOS agent Knaaninn Aranuri is here.


Steve Memorial Location: C9N-CC
SteveMemorial.jpg Memorial for Steve, the first titan that was killed.


Titanomachy Visitor Center Location: B-R5RB
Titanomachy Monument.jpg

Here lie the wrecks of monstrous ships, commemorating a battle that blotted out the sky on Jan 27-28 in YC 116.

Two coalitions of capsuleers clashed in vessels numbering in the thousands, causing destruction on a scale of war never before seen by human eyes. CONCORD elected - after advising with the various empires - to leave a few wrecks left on the field for all spacefarers to see. Ostensibly this was a warning to capsuleers of where their folly would lead them, but those who've encountered the immortals will know it was more likely taken as an ideal of death and destruction to which they can aspire from now until the end of time.

The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming’s Most Destructive Battle Ever

Wicked Creek

The Tain Location: DUO-51
The Tain.jpg At the center of this pocket lies Martokar's hideout. COSMOS agents Ilkur Eiren, Akelf Ortar, Lafuni Oduntra, Androver Hnill and Sigulo Ansa are here.

The Tain is a reflection of the cold space that surrounds it. A past refuge of the notorious Thukker warlord Martokar Alash, a man who rivals galactic storms in ferocity and the destruction of lives, it still bears the marks of his presence there, with ruined equipment and tattered debris strewn about like the broken remnants of a now-lifeless husk.

Martokar moved on, after having decimated the place with assistance from his brother Okelle, and eventually lesser creatures appeared there to take his place. It is said that the Tain is haunted, and certainly most people give it a wide birth.

Of course, the shadowy figures glimpsed there may be ghosts of ancients battles, but in the Tain, you worry less about the dead than you do about the restless living.


Fatimar Outpost Location: MY-W1V
Fatimar Outpost.jpg Amarr COSMOS location.

Frolo Fatimar was a famous Amarrian explorer that passed away only a few years ago. During his later years he founded this outpost, hidden within a deadspace pocket which originally contained large quantities of Arkonor asteroids. Those are now long gone, having been mined to oblivion, but what remains is a sizable colony of harvesters and miners that have been scouring the 9HXQ-G constellation for the valuable gas clouds Frolo claimed to have found in massive quantities.

Now that the Sansha's Nation has launched a frenzied attempt at eradicating 9HXQ-G of any 'outsiders', the colony is under direct threat from attack. It can hardly expect to remain hidden from the watchful gaze of Sansha patrols for long, unless something drastic is done.

Rakogh Administration Complex Location: 3GD6-8
Transparent.png Amarr COSMOS location.

The Rakogh Administration Complex is the heart of Sansha presence in the constellation. Ruled by one of the most cunning and deceptive overlords in Sansha's army, Pashan Mitah, it has long been a beacon of strength that has caused fear and doubt in all but the bravest pioneers in 9HXQ-G.

Currently the complex is being used as a staging point for Sansha's offensive in the constellation, aimed at uprooting all opposition to firmly claim it as a province of the Nation. From here Pashan controls hordes of minions which scour the asteroid belts and moons and other obvious areas in search of prey.

Because of its importance, Rakogh has been the target of sabotage numerous times in the past, but with its formidable defenses few have succeeded in causing any serious damage.

Rakogh Administration Complex

Amarr Military Brigade Location: HY-RWO
Amarr Military Brigade.jpg COSMOS agent Karo Zulak is here.


A Memorial to War Location: C-J6MT on 78-0R6 stargate
A Memorial to War.jpg

Monument honoring the notorious sieges and violent battles in C-J6MT and all those involved or impacted by these events.

Empires of EVE: The Siege of C-J6MT


Yakura Harvesting Depot Location: A8-XBW


Battle of Vak'Atioth Location: Atioth
Battle of Vak'Atioth.jpg

The Battle of Vak'Atioth was the major engagement of the Amarr-Jove War. It was fought in 23216 AD (BYC 20) in the system of Vak'Atioth, now known as Atioth, between two hundred ships of the Amarr Navy and a detachment of Jove ships headed up by a Jovian Mothership. The battle was a massive defeat for the Empire and had far-reaching consequences. It was, for a time, the largest battle in New Eden's history.

The Battle of Vak'Atioth provided the Jove Empire a reputation of invincibility that spared them any further assaults from the Empire or the other races.

Chronicle: Battle of Vak'Atioth


True Creations Pool of Radiance Research Lab Location: 6QBH-S
True Creations Pool of Radiance Research Lab.jpg

This Sansha's Nation facility appears to have been constructed within the 6QBH-S system in order to study the spectacular crystal-clouds of the nearby Pool of Radiance phenomena.

The Nation jealously guards its secrets, and intruders to this location have been known to come under fire from True Creations forces immediately.

Space holds many spectacular sights and few are as spectacular as the crystal-clouds in the Pool of Radiance. The Pool is illuminated by surrounding stars, which makes it shimmer and shine in every color imaginable, radiating an almost hypnotic glow that delights anyone that sees it. The only problem is that the Pool is located in space controlled by Sansha's Nation, so any prospective visitors are advised to carry an armed escort.

Locations in wormhole space

Eyjafjallajokull II Location: J102834
Transparent.png Eyjafjallajokull II is the only named planet in wormhole space. It is named after the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in iceland.

Drifter systems

Sisters of EVE Flotilla Location: Drifter wormholes
Sisters flotilla.jpg

Caged Wormhole Location: Redoubt (J174618)
Unknown anomaly violent.jpg

Though the wormhole seems stable, the exotic radicals pouring from the tear imply that using it would be catastrophic.

Hollow Asteroid Location: Redoubt (J174618)
Unknown anomaly probe.jpg

Despite its familiar construction, this ancient probe is made from materials and electronics unlike anything you've ever seen in New Eden. It floats silently through space, seemingly dormant.

Spatial Rift Generator Location: Redoubt (J174618)
Unknown anomaly spatial.jpg

Superficially similar to natural phenomena observed throughout space, this spatial rift appears to be artificially generated by a Talocan static gate array. Observations have shown that large quantities of dangerous gamma radiation and x-rays are pouring out of the rift. If this tear in space-time leads anywhere it is likely to be very inhospitable.

Ship Graveyard Location: Redoubt (J174618)
Unknown anomaly coral.jpg

Sleeper Enclave Location: Redoubt (J174618)

Stone Circle Location: Vidette (J164710)
Stone circle vidette.jpg

An archaic reminder of the days of olde.

Sleeper Enclave Location: Vidette (J164710)
Sleeper enclave vidette.jpg

Imposing in its majesty, this giant dome stands as a testament to the technological might of the ancient Sleeper race. Even millennia old, the innumerable electronics systems within are still comparable to contemporary technology, in some cases even exceeding it. The distinctive hub-like design of this particular structure suggests that it operated as some kind of central data nexus, a shining capital amongst a digital metropolis.

Although entirely functional and intact, the only signs of life within are electrical currents and the eerily constant transfers of data.

Sleeper Engineering Station Location: Vidette (J164710)
Sleeper engineering station.jpg

This enigmatic structure appears to house numerous engineering subsystems. An outer defense system is still online, shielding the installation from any hostile actions. Inside the facility there is a maze of data networks tangled amongst the cables and conduits that sustain them.

Mysterious Probe Location: Vidette (J164710)
Mysterioue probe vidette.jpg

Despite its familiar construction, this ancient probe is made from materials and electronics unlike anything you've ever seen in New Eden. It floats silently through space, seemingly dormant.

Spatial Rift Location: Vidette (J164710)
Spatial rift vidette.jpg

Superficially similar to natural phenomena observed throughout space, this spatial rift appears to be artificially generated by a Talocan static gate array. Observations have shown that large quantities of dangerous gamma radiation and x-rays are pouring out of the rift. If this tear in space-time leads anywhere it is likely to be very inhospitable.

Sleeper Enclave Debris Location: Sentinel (J055520)
Sleeper Enclave Debris.jpg

The remnants of this Sleeper Enclave are a stark reminder of the harshness of space.

Monolith Location: Sentinel (J055520)
Monolith sentinel.jpg

It's full of stars.

opposing Spatial Rifts Location: Sentinel (J055520)
Oposing structures.jpg

Tiny windows looking out into space offer a glimpse past this structure's impressive armor plating and through to the strange sights within. Barely visible in the dim light are rows upon rows of small chambers, stretching out endlessly inside the darkened hallways of this mammoth conduit. A myriad of connective wires interlace with giant pipelines, feeding into every area of the facility. Although they can be seen coiling up through the foundations, the compounds they are ferrying remain a mystery.

A strange electronic interference emanates from deep within, pulsing randomly every few seconds.

Violent Wormhole Location: Sentinel (J055520)
Violent hole rock circle.jpg

Though the wormhole seems stable, the exotic radicals pouring from the tear imply that using it would be catastrophic.

Orange and blue asteroids Location: Sentinel (J055520)
Orange blue asteroid.jpg

This towering asteroid seems to have suffered a tremendous impact, splitting it into multiple pieces.

Ship Wrecks Location: Barbican (J110145)
Wrecks barbican.jpg

The mangled wreck floats motionless in space, surrounded by a field of scorched debris, leaving no hint to its form of demise.

Rock Circle Location: Barbican (J110145)
Rock circle barbican.jpg

An archaic reminder of the days of olde.

Spatial Rift Location: Barbican (J110145)
Spatial rift barbican.jpg

Superficially similar to natural phenomena observed throughout space, this spatial rift appears to be artificially generated by a Talocan static gate array. Observations have shown that large quantities of dangerous gamma radiation and x-rays are pouring out of the rift. If this tear in space-time leads anywhere it is likely to be very inhospitable.

Orange crystal Asteroid Location: Barbican (J110145)
Orange crystal asteroid barbican.jpg

This towering asteroid seems to have suffered a tremendous impact, splitting it into multiple pieces.

Unstable Wormhole Location: Barbican (J110145)
Unstable wormhole barbican.jpg

Your sensors show readings off the chart when you aim them at this peculiar phenomenon. From what little information you can gather you surmise that a stabilizing mechanism of some sort is needed for it to be safe to venture through the wormhole. But the readings also seem to indicate that this wormhole might not be a totally random natural phenomenon, but rather something that was created. When or by whom is impossible to tell and where it leads is an even bigger mystery.

Particle Acceleration Array Location: Conflux (J200727)

Asteroid Station Location: Conflux (J200727)

Violent Wormhole Location: Conflux (J200727)

Monolith Location: Conflux (J200727)

Rock Formation Location: Conflux (J200727)


Testing Facilities Location: Thera
Testing Facilities.jpg

Testing Facilities Wreck
Apparently set up to study nearby Talocan technology, this station has been buckled and broken by numerous impacts, possibly from material thrown up from the devastated planet below. The array of Talocan static gates nearby is eerily intact and seems to be functional to some degree.

Spatial Rift
Superficially similar to natural phenomena observed throughout space, this spatial rift appears to be artificially generated by a Talocan static gate array. Observations have shown that large quantities of dangerous gamma radiation and x-rays are pouring out of the rift. If this tear in space-time leads anywhere it is likely to be very inhospitable.

Talocan Static Gate
This standing structure shares many similar aspects with modern acceleration gates. Whispers among Talocan lore-keepers tell of the Talocan's firm grasp of astronautical engineering, and this gate may offer some insight into this ancient race's knowledge.

Talocan Disruption Tower
The Talocan disruption tower is the most mysterious of the Talocan structures. Although certainly a part of the Talocan station, its hinges and propulsion systems imply ready removal from stations, but the peaks and points are unlike any current weapon grouping or turret structure. The tower appears as more of a mechanical syringe than a defense turret, but that may be just speculation. Regardless of the theories, the disruption tower is an unsettling relic of the Talocans.

Epicenter Location: Thera
Thera picenter.jpg

Talocan Polestar
The central piece of this Talocan station is the Polestar, the nerve center of the complex and the heart of Talocan survival. Though dilapidated and unusable, the Polestar's outer hull holds many propulsion jets and mini-generators, implying its use as a self-sufficient structure with independent capabilities. From the burn marks around the propulsion thrusters, this Polestar has been jettisoned many times as a necessary structure for a migrant culture.

Talocan Extraction Silo
This towering structure contains all the basic elements of a regular silo: cavernous storage areas, thick walls, extensive ventilation, etc. Based on the scans of this silo, however, the silo's previous contents are unknown. The residue from inside reveals nothing known in modern times, or even odd genetic combinations. Whatever its contents, the silo emits an unfamiliar – and uneasy – presence.

Sleeper Preservation Conduit
Tiny windows looking out into space offer a glimpse past this structure's impressive armor plating and through to the strange sights within. Barely visible in the dim light are rows upon rows of small chambers, stretching out endlessly inside the darkened hallways of this mammoth conduit. A myriad of connective wires interlace with giant pipelines, feeding into every area of the facility. Although they can be seen coiling up through the foundations, the compounds they are ferrying remain a mystery.

A strange electronic interference emanates from deep within, pulsing randomly every few seconds.

Expedition Command Outpost Wreck Location: Thera
Expedition Command Outpost Wreck.jpg

Scarred and scorched by devastating forces, this wrecked station apparently served as the command post for the Sanctuary expedition to Thera. Wreathed in clouds of plasma, gas and dust, the station's destruction, while not absolute, is profound and the interior has been gutted by fire and explosions.

Matyrhan Lakat-Hro
Surviving markings on the wreck of this Hel-class supercarrier identify it as the Matyrhan Lakat-Hro. In many places symbols of the Thukker Tribe are present along with numerous caravan markings that appear to confirm a link to the lost Lakat-Hro Great Caravan.

The presence of such a vessel in the Thera system has drawn attention to the Thukker contingent working with the Sanctuary here but no comment on the matter has been forthcoming from either party. Early delvers into the wreck's scorched interior soon discovered that all data storage devices had been carefully purged and destructively irradiated.

Shakor: Thukker Caravan Was Destroyed

Planetary Colonization Office Wreck Location: Thera
Planetary Colonization Office Wreck.jpg

Perhaps the saddest testament to the shattered dreams of the expedition to Thera, this wrecked station seems to have been established as a coordinating center for the colonization of the planet it orbits. As Thera VIII is shattered and wracked by titanic quakes, such an effort would seem improbable unless the shattering happened relatively recently.

While the damage to this station is extensive and very little survives, there are large storage areas containing bins of rock samples that apparently originated from a geologically stable barren or temperate planet.

Thera XII - The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics Location: Thera
The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics.jpg

Tasked with investigating ancient yet still functioning artificial intelligence systems, this station is home to the Sanctuary’s foremost experts in the behavior and anatomy of the enigmatic Sleeper drones.

Unconfirmed reports leaked in YC116 suggest that researchers at this institute may have succeeded in what was once considered unachievable: capturing and containing operational Sleeper drone subjects. The vast majority of the station is accessible only to authorized Sanctuary personnel, and a heavy security presence discourages snooping.

Thera XIII - The Sanctuary Applied Gravitation Laboratory Location: Thera
The Sanctuary Applied Gravitation Laboratory.jpg

This station houses the Sanctuary’s cutting-edge graviton physics research facility. Approaching vessels are advised to carefully follow all instructions from traffic controllers, as potentially hazardous spatial distortions may be present in the immediate vicinity.

It is widely assumed that this laboratory’s previous breakthroughs are responsible for the advanced cloaking capabilities of the Astero and Stratios class vessels. Access to the laboratory and administrative levels are restricted and all capsuleer guests are confined to their quarters without exception.

Thera XII - The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory Location: Thera
The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory.jpg

The advanced omni-spectral sensor arrays equipped to this station enable detailed observation and tracking of the Sleeper activity anywhere in this massive star system.

This facility also serves as the central processing location for data fed from gravitational field sensors fitted to each of the Sanctuary stations spread across Thera. This infrastructure allows rapid trilateration of nearby irregularities in space-time, whether they are detectable through normal scanner probes or not.

Thera XIV - The Sanctuary Fullerene Loom Location: Thera
The Sanctuary Fullerene Loom.jpg

This station contains equipment dedicated to the delicate task of processing and manipulating fullerene-rich gases and their byproducts. The resulting polymers are used in multiple applications throughout Thera, enabling continued expansion and maintenance of the Sanctuary’s expedition.

Capsuleer guests at the stations are welcome within clearly designated zones, however use of the hybrid reaction lines is restricted to authorized Sanctuary personnel only.


Svarog Vyraj Anchorage Location: Niarja
Svarog vyraj anchorage.jpg

Vast and resplendent with the energies of a harnessed singularity, the Svarog Vyraj Anchorage is a truly titanic structure. Lying at the heart of Krai Svarog, this enormous anchorage is large enough to serve as a dock for Xordazh-class World Arks and is effectively an even greater artificial world in its own right.

The positioning of the Vyraj Anchorage at the core of Svarog Clade's section of the Pochven region's loop of conduit gates implies a vital role in the "weaving" of the constructed Triglavian region. For the Triglavians, the true primary role of the mighty structure appears be one of anchoring this space to the Abyssal Domain of Bujan, facilitating the Flow of Vyraj through the Domain of Pochven.

Veles Vyraj Anchorage Location: Archee

Vast and resplendent with the energies of a harnessed singularity, the Veles Vyraj Anchorage is a truly titanic structure. Lying at the heart of Krai Veles, this enormous anchorage is large enough to serve as a dock for Xordazh-class World Arks and is effectively an even greater artificial world in its own right.

The positioning of the Vyraj Anchorage at the core of Veles Clade's section of the Pochven region's loop of conduit gates implies a vital role in the "weaving" of the constructed Triglavian region. For the Triglavians, the true primary role of the mighty structure appears be one of anchoring this space to the Abyssal Domain of Bujan, facilitating the Flow of Vyraj through the Domain of Pochven.

Perun Vyraj Anchorage Location: Kino

Vast and resplendent with the energies of a harnessed singularity, the Perun Vyraj Anchorage is a truly titanic structure. Lying at the heart of Krai Perun, this enormous anchorage is large enough to serve as a dock for Xordazh-class World Arks and is effectively an even greater artificial world in its own right.

The positioning of the Vyraj Anchorage at the core of Perun Clade's section of the Pochven region's loop of conduit gates implies a vital role in the "weaving" of the constructed Triglavian region. For the Triglavians, the true primary role of the mighty structure appears be one of anchoring this space to the Abyssal Domain of Bujan, facilitating the Flow of Vyraj through the Domain of Pochven.

Disrupted Gate (Pochven side) Location: Pochven
Disrupted gate pochven.jpg

This wrecked Caldari stargate was disrupted by the Triglavian Collective's manipulation of the star system in which it lies. The awesome local disruption of space-time led to severe gravitational anomalies drawing a huge quantity of exotic matter into the gate threshold. The energies released have definitively wrecked the stargate, leaving it a non-functional monument to a time when this system was part of the Caldari State.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Totality Edition

Birthday Bash Location: Tunudan
Birthday bash.jpg

What was once a battlefield juggernaut has been reduced to nothing but a silent, slowly deteriorating tomb.

Chappy’s Birthday Bash

Locations in multiple places

Epicenter Location: Shattered wormholes
Epicenter.jpg Every shattered wormhole system has an epicenter near their sun. The area contains multiple Sleeper and Talocan structures and violent wormholes that can not be accessed.

Epicenter (Sansha's Nation) Location: J005299, J010556, J011195
Sansha epicenter.webp This shattered wormhole is inhabited by the Sansha's Nation instead of the usual Sleepers. This is also reflected by the epicenter which shows remnants of a battle.

Jove Observatory Location: Various
Jove observatory.jpg

CONCORD's analysis has revealed only scant and confusing information about this structure. Surveys of the damaged areas of the structure reveal a series of clearly powerful but functionally mysterious elements. The structure is undoubtedly Jove in origin but it is hard to determine its exact age given the advanced nature of the materials and construction. Regardless of its age, it is safe to say the structure surpasses anything we have previously seen.

Jove Observatory

Shattered Planet Location: Seyllin, IPZB, SL-YBS, Z8-81T, 3HQC-6, EAWE-2, 35-RK9, J115422, J164104, Thera
Shattered planet.jpg The shattered planets were formed during the Seyllin Incident. The same incident caused wormholes to appear and later the Caroline's Star.

Shattered worlds were once terrestrial planets, torn asunder by some immense cataclysm. All such worlds in the New Eden cluster are products of the disastrous stellar events that occurred during the "Seyllin Incident". However, reports continue to circulate of similar planets discovered in the unmapped systems reached exclusively through unstable wormholes. How these met their fate, if indeed they exist at all, is unknown.

Chronicle: World on Fire, The Seyllin Report (pdf)

Astrahus Exemplar Site Location: Multiple
Astrahus exemplar site.jpg Monument for the Upwell Consortium launching the citadel class structures.

Citadel Class: Astrahus Manufacturer: Upwell Consortium

Manufactured in YC-118 by the Upwell Consortium with great assistance from capsuleers.

The Upwell Consortium and its known affiliates wish to specifically thank Naava Edios, for going above and beyond all limits and expectations to make these dreams become a reality.

The following capsuleers have earned an Astrahus blueprint copy for services rendered to the Upwell Consortium:

Aeris Cuprum
Ruth Maude
Shinron Sakai

The following capsuleer has earned a Fortizar blueprint copy for services rendered to the Upwell Consortium:

Dzen Avi

Disrupted Gate (empire side) Location: Systems that used to be connected to systems that now form Pochven
Disrupted gate empire.jpg

This is a disconnected Caldari stargate disrupted by the Triglavian Collective's manipulation of the star system to which it once led. The disrupted gate is now a navigation hazard and attempts to use it for interstellar travel will fail.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Totality Edition

Wandering locations

Space Oddity Location: Varies
Space odditity.jpg The Space Oddity is a tribute to the Musician David Bowie.

It is classified as a combat site in your scan window.

This site is very hard to scan down and a scanner strength of above 105 is needed to get to 100%. This site appears in all of K-Space and also W-Space. Despite being a combat site, there is no actual combat in this site. Just a single, blue NPC ship similar to the Zephyr will appear within a gas cloud.

This mysterious shuttle is slowly passing through the system, following a predetermined course from some unknown origin. Although similarities between its design and some current starships can be discerned, this vessel appears to predate those ships by many centuries.
Scans indicate that the shuttle once had room for a single occupant but now lies empty, sailing onward in silent memory of the visionary pilot it once ferried.

Site Video

Unidentified Wormhole Location: Wanders in systems that have Jove Observatories
Unidentified wormhole.jpg Systems that have a Jove Observatory in them can occasionally spawn an Unidentified Wormhole beacon. On the beacon is a deadspace pocket with a wormhole leading to one of the Drifter systems.

An unstable wormhole, deep in space. Wormholes of this kind usually collapse after a few days, and can lead to anywhere.

This wormhole seems to lead into unknown parts of space.

Stellar phenomena

Caroline's Star Location: Located in W477-P, visible everywhere
Carolines star.jpg Around 6000 years ago or earlier the Talocans built a dyson swarm around the star of W477-P solar system. The details of this construct are unknown but it was used for mass generating stable wormholes leading to Anoikis. The Syillin incident of YC111 damaged the lattice around the star opening unstable wormholes all over New Eden. Later in YC116 the star went supernova, possibly due to Drifter or Sleeper interference. The resulting explosion destroyed the stargate network of Jove space, opened wormholes to a number of "shattered wormhole" systems and the explosion itself is visible in all of New Eden as the Caroline's Star.
Chronicle: Inheritance

Filler locations

The space of New Eden is also filled with various locations that don't have any particular story. They usually contain small number of rats native to the region.

Very rarely these sites can also contain a commander rat that can drop faction modules.

Unidentified Cartel Hideout Location: Various
Unidentified Cartel Hideout.jpg

Forgotten Amarr Outpost Location: Various
Forgotten Amarr Outpost.jpg

Deserted Gallente Outpost Location: Various
Deserted Gallente Outpost.jpg

Quarantined Blood Raider Sanctuary Location: Various
Quarantined Blood Raider Sanctuary.jpg

Abandoned Caldari Outpost Location: Various
Abandoned Caldari Outpost.jpg

Derelict Ruins Location: Various
Derelict ruins.jpg

Abandoned Research Outpost Location: Various
Abandoned research outpost.jpg

Abandoned Research Project Location: Various
Abandoned Research Project.jpg

Natural Phenomenon Location: Various
Natural phenomenon.jpg

Ruined Minmatar Outpost Location: Various
Ruined Minmatar Outpost.jpg

Rogue Cloning Facility Location: Various starter systems
Rogue Cloning Facility.jpg The site contains very weak rats that drop civilian module blueprint copies and ectoplasm.

The power of the empires is waning and new capsuleers now seek freedom from the schools that trained them. Rather than going through the proper channels more and more are choosing to use illegal pop-up cloning facilities that will provide them with their first body in space, then disappear before the authorities catch wind of their nefarious activities. These facilities lack the protection afforded to legitimate facilities and are often targeted by young pirates with something to prove.

Abandoned Mining Colony Location: Various
Abandoned Mining Colony.jpg

Massive construction girders stretch between the crumbled asteroids, giving a solid ground for a station or outpost.

Abandoned Battlefield Location: Various
Abandoned Battlefield.jpg

After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with the presence of countless battlefields. The twisted and gnarled hulls of defeated vessels float in silent memory of humanity’s endless capacity for violence.

Roden Center Location: Various
Roden Center.jpg

This facility bears the red color scheme particular to Roden Shipyards.

Roden Shipyards Manufacturing Center Location: Various
Roden Shipyard.jpg

Abandoned Ship Wreck Location: Various
Abandoned Ship Wreck.jpg

Pilfried Guristas Outpost Location: Various
Pilfered Guristas Outpost.jpg

Rogue Drone Site Location: Various in drone regions
Rogue Drone Site.jpg

This gigantic superstructure was built by the effort of thousands of rogue drones. While the structure appears to be incomplete, its intended shape remains a mystery to the clueless carbon-based lifeforms.

Derelict Sansha Outpost Location: Various in drone regions

Serpentis Distribution Outpost Location: Multiple systems in Syndicate

Removed locations

The locations listed here were in the game but are no more.

Caldari Prime Titan Location: Luminaire
Caldari Prime Titan.jpg Destroyed in the Battle of Caldari Prime.

Jita Memorial (before riots) Location: Jita
Jita Memorial.jpg In YC108 a wealthy Gallente businessman died leaving behind a will with eleven riddles. Nine hours later Shin Ra and Heinky of Burn Eden had them solved. As a part of the deal the Caldari State erected a monument for the winners.

A Memorial to the winners Ruevo Aram Riddle Competition, Heinky and Shin Ra of Burn Eden.

World news: Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will, World news: Riddles Solved by Burn Eden

Gate Inside Of A Station Location: Central Point, jumpgate to Dead End

Ultra Premier Nebula Location: Elarel
Ultra Premier.jpg In YC 106 the Quafe corporation held a party at the Rent-A-Dream Gardens in Elarel. The party was attacked by United against Decadence and Impurity (UDI) and over 300 personnel were slaughtered in event commonly known as "Elarel Massacre".

The site appears to have been removed.

UDI – Where are they now?

Blood Raider Crawler Location: Saidusairos

Crimson Cathedral Location: Saidusairos

Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices Location: Pashanai
Ministry of War Station.jpg On 25.3.YC112 the Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices was bombed by Bloody Hands of Matar terrorists. For a long time the station exterior showed visible damage from the bombing but eventually the station was repaired. Nowadays there is a monument near the station.

Kyonoke Pit Location: Taisy planet VIII
Transparent.png Kyonoke Pit was once a mining station. During the mining process a disease was released from the rock killing everyone on board. The mining installation has been under quarantine ever since.

Years later. In YC119 the Kyonoke plague spread out resulting in whole cities being quarantined and wide spread panic. Luckily a cure was found in Kyonoke Research Center in Postouvin.

The actual Kyonoke Pit is not visible in space.

During Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 3) the system of Taisy was invaded by Triglavian forces. To prevent the Kyonoke Plague from falling in their hands the pit was destroyed.

Chronicle: Kyonoke Pit

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