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Each epic mission arc is a special series of missions tied together in a dramatic story. These are often more difficult than standard missions of "equivalent" level, but have better narrative and often better rewards. The last mission in each arc gives a significant faction standing boost - with no derived standings changes to other factions - and may also award a valuable item. Each epic arc has at least one branch point where your decision of how to continue will affect both the story and your rewards.

The epic arcs can involve a lot of travel, but many of the missions can be accepted and/or completed remotely to reduce travel time. Epic arc missions do not expire, and each arc can be repeated every three months.

Epic Mission Arcs -- Sisters of EVE | Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar | Angels | Guristas

"In the outer reaches of Gallente space, you are enlisted on a mission to escort a Federation Senator's son on his way to a holoreel shoot. En route, the boy is kidnapped by pirates. The chase is on, and you must enter the seedier parts of free-wheeling Gallente society in order to find him. Along the way, you'll encounter embedded Scope reporters, upstart Minmatar gangs, retired flesh merchants, and dubious Black Eagle chicanery as you search for the missing boy."



"Syndication" is the Gallente Epic Arc. To begin requires 5.0 standing with either Impetus Corporation or the Gallente faction, but once begun, standing is not checked again for the duration of the arc. It is somewhat more difficult than L4 missions - almost all stages involve what would be considered heavy DPS in a level 4 mission, so a faction or deadspace tank will help a lot. Many of the nastier ships only do their full damage at quite short range, so long range Micro-Jump drive tactics can help a lot.

Note that each step *does* count toward your next L4 storyline mission for the Gallente faction, although the storyline may not actually trigger until you complete a normal L4 mission.

Also note that once any epic arc is completed, you can repeat it 3 months later. If you 'Quit Mission' at any step before completing the arc, however - which heavily damages your standing with whichever corporation you're currently working for in the arc, but only trivially impacts your Gallente main faction - you can restart the arc from Step 2 immediately.

This walkthrough is initially authored by Phineas Qwinn. (Just call me Qwinn :) For the record, I completed the arc solo with less than 4.5 million skillpoints... but I wouldn't recommend it, I've played a lot in the last few months and the ship I did it in was worth about 2 billion ISK with mods included, so don't take that to mean this arc is easily done with few skills in a tech 1 ship. It isn't.

This epic arc takes you to the darker side of Gallente society. Not suitable for people who want to keep thinking that the Gallente are the good guys. You also need to get your own hands dirty to complete it.


After one completion of this arc with the high security path and Safe Return conclusion, the following faction standing changes were observed:

  • The Syndicate: -3.0%, -3.0%, -3.0%, 17 losses of 0.025% or smaller due to "Combat - Ship Kill"
  • The Syndicate: 2 losses of 0.0% due to "Combat - Aggression"

Any -3.0% standing losses appear to be a result of attacking Studio I (Step 16), missile batteries (any mission), and perhaps structures that drop the Carry On Token (Step 14).

The Missions

Step 1: Impetus

Agent: Roineron Aviviere, beacon in Dodixie

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

The agent is at a beacon in space in Dodixie. He will send you to Gian Parele in Tolle, who is at a beacon named "Impetus Tolle Studio", 4 jumps away. This mission can be accepted remotely.

Step 2: The Tolle Scar

Agent: Gian Parele, found at "Impetus Tolle Studio" beacon in Tolle

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

Mission Location: Tolle

Enemy: Rogue Drones.

Recommendations: EM damage.

Pocket 1: Rogue drones spawn and auto-aggro as you approach within 10km of acceleration gate. No unusual drone aggro. Single group: 6x frigates/destroyers, 6x cruisers/battlecruisers, 2x battleships

Pocket 2: All rogue drones present and auto-aggro upon arrival after activating pocket 1 gate. No unusual drone aggro. Single group: 5x frigates/destroyers, 6x cruisers/battlecruisers, 7x battleships

Loot: None from drones. Two drone structures drop no loot.

Step 3: Priority One

Agent: Gian Parele, found at "Impetus Tolle Studio" beacon in Tolle

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

Mission Location: Carirgnottin (one jump from Tolle)

Enemy: Minmatar (no standing loss).

Recommendations: Inflict explosive and tank for kinetic and explosive. A prop mod is recommended for several 40k slowboats. You will need a salvager to complete the mission. Salvage drones will not work.

Pocket 1: No enemies. Proceed through acceleration gate 46km away.

Pocket 2: Arrive 42km from next gate. Single spawn appears during approach, all at a range of 12-20km. 6x frigates/cruisers, 4x cruisers/battlecruisers, 3x battleships. Multiple frigates target paint your ship, take them out quickly as they significantly increase incoming DPS. After that the battleships do very heavy damage, even at long range, so are a far greater threat than the cruisers. The gate is not locked and can be used even if there are enemies in the pocket.

Pocket 3: 2x frigates/destroyers, 5x cruiser/battlecruisers, 3 battleships at a distance of 23km-37km from arrival point. No aggro. Shuttle wreck 49km away needs to be salvaged for mission completion. Frigates will target paint. The battleships are then the next biggest threat, with heavy damage capability out to quite a long range. You can salvage the shuttle before all the enemies are destroyed.

Loot: Not much, about 350m3, but lots of Republic Fleet insignias: Commander II, High Captain I, Private III and Midshipman II and III.

Step 4: The Averon Exchange

Agent: Gian Parele, found at "Impetus Tolle Studio" beacon in Tolle

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

Mission Location: Averon (two jumps from Tolle)

Enemy: Mercenaries

Single pocket. 6x Pator 6 cruisers send you a message and warp out, followed by 3 waves of spawns.

Spawn 1, all within 5km: 3x Merc Commanders (cruisers), 5x wingmen (four of them webbed me instantly), 5x elite fighter frigates. They orbit very very close, and due to the extreme webbing, drones are vital here.

Spawn 2, at approx 10km: Appears when all of Spawn 1 is dead. 4x mercenary lieutenants, 5x mercenary corporals (all medium size). Spawn 3 does generous DPS, so probably a good idea to not kill the last rat in this spawn until you've regained some cap and tank.

Spawn 3, at approx 25km: Appears when all of Spawn 2 is dead. 3x mercenary commanders (medium), 5x mercenary overlords (battleships). The battleships hit hard but go down quickly to thermal damage, so target them first. Mission completes when the last battleship is dead.

Tip: Start moving (move down or sideways, not up) your ship using your afterburner or microwarpdrive as soon as you arrive at the location to put some distance between you and the enemy - a couple of AB or MWD cycles should do; continue moving away from the enemy after you turn off your AB or MWD. By the time I was done with spawns 1 and 2 I had put about 80km distance between me and spawn 3. At this point, I stopped my ship, recalled my light drones and launched sentry drones (Bouncer II) and took out all enemy ships rather quickly with no problem tanking the incoming damage (I used one Large Armor Repairer - incoming damage was minimal).

Loot: About 1200m3, typical merc loot, nothing special.

Step 5: A Different Kind of Director

Agent: Gian Parele, found at "Impetus Tolle Studio" beacon in Tolle

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

Report to Eron Viette at Stetille II - Impetus Publisher, 8 jumps away. Note that you'll really only be there for one mission, so you might just want to bring your tractors and salvagers in cargo rather than bring a dedicated salvaging ship.

Step 6: Assistance

NOTE: Don't let the low reward fool you - this mission can be insanely difficult. Or very very easy, depending on your tactics. See below.

Agent: Eron Viette, in station Stetille II - Impetus Publisher

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

Mission Location: Stetille

Enemy: Mercenaries and Minmatar (no standing loss).

IMPORTANT: This mission requires you to kill 3 waves, but the last two waves are trivial, just one battleship in the second wave and two BS in the third wave. The first wave is where all the action is. When you warp to the location, you'll need to approach Audalle Roire who is approx 30km away. When you get within 20km or so, he will speak to you, and the first wave will spawn fairly close, within 15km, and close quickly. The wave is just a few ships at first, but more battleships arrive every few seconds, until there are 12 battleships total. The DPS you will receive initially seems tankable, but ramps up -very- fast to insane levels. Don't even think about it - as soon as the first few ships arrive, JUST INITIATE WARP OUT IMMEDIATELY. There are no warp scramblers, but do expect webbing. The mission location isn't deadspace, so you can warp back at range and kite. When they get close drop a bookmark and warp back at range again until they're dead. A MJD will make the process a little quicker.

Spawn 1: Spawns when you approach Audalle Roire, see note above. Frigates: 3x Mercenary Wingmen (web), 4x Mercenary Elite Fighters. Cruisers: 6x Minmatar Pator 6. Battleships: 12x Mercenary Overlords.

Spawn 2: 1x Mercenary Overlord. Spawns when one of the battleships in Spawn 1 is killed, no way to know which is the trigger. Killing this ship completes the mission objective.

Spawn 3: 2x Mercenary Overlord. Spawns when Spawn 2 is killed.

Step 7: The High or Low Road

Agent: Eron Viette, in station Stetille II - Impetus Publisher

Standing Increase: +0.0666% Impetus Corporation at Social III

At this point you must choose to continue along one of two different branches, one that stays in hisec and the other in losec. For the initial writing of this walkthrough, I am choosing the hisec route. Perhaps in 3 months I'll fill in the losec route, if no one else gets to it first. In the meantime, it is reportedly possible to do all of the combat in the losec route in a PVP fit assault frigate, which I can't ride yet. In 3 months I should have covops and assault frigs and can try it then. For now, I can help the other carebears.

Hisec Path Step 8: Into the Black

Agent: Eron Viette, in station Stetille II - Impetus Publisher

Standing Increase: +6.5102% Impetus Corporation at Social III

Report to Mourmarie Mone in her ship in space in Noghere, 8 jumps from Stetille, 7 jumps from Tolle and Dodixie.

Hisec Path Step 9: Poor Man's Shakedown

Agent: Mourmarie Mone in Noghere.

Standing Increase: +5.2081% Federal Intelligence Office at Social III

Mission Location: Chamerout (two jumps from Noghere)

Enemy: "Independent" Minmatar (no standing loss)

IMPORTANT: Save a location in pocket 2, so if you have to warp out you can get back, or you can wait over down time for the mission to reset to get a second gate key. The issue is that the Shanty Town key you acquire in pocket 1 -is- consumed when you take the gate to pocket 2. If you have to warp out of pocket 2 for any reason, you cannot get back in the pocket without a book mark. For projectile users, I advise autocannons as a lot of enemies orbit close, but also an afterburner because some of the BS's in pocket 2 stay at range.

Pocket 1: No enemies on arrival. You need to blow up the various structures - "Asteroid Micro-Colony Minor", "Minmatar Bunker" and "Habitation Module - Residential" - one at a time. Some will drop cans with trade goods. Others will spawn 1-3 cruisers and 1-3 battleships. None of them are difficult to kill. Eventually one will drop the "Shanty Town Gate Clearance" key (watch local chat for the message indicating it has dropped). This will unlock the gate to the 2nd pocket. Pocket 1 as a whole is quite easy. WARNING: The key -is- consumed upon use. Don't bother blowing up the Asteroid Installation or the very tough Asteroid Prime Colony, they contain nothing.

Pocket 2: Same idea, blow up structures, but the ones that spawn rats contain less cruisers and more battleships, and some of them - the "Independent Veterans" in particular - are quite a bit tougher than the ones in pocket 1. Blow up structures one at a time until one spawns the Elder. Killing him completes the mission.

Loot: Approximately 800m3. Loot quality unimpressive, but by far the best salvage of any step of the arc so far, over 5 million. Plus all the trade goods from the structures.

Hisec Path Step 10: Underground Circus

Agent: Mourmarie Mone in Noghere.

Standing Increase: +5.2081% Federal Intelligence Office at Social III

Mission Location: Castlemon (one jump from Noghere)

Enemy: Serpentis, Angels (so bring thermal and explosive ammo for this one)

Pocket 1: Two groups. First group is 6x Serpentis cruisers called "Lustadores" that do not aggro when you engage the second group. Second group is 3x Angel Cruisers, 4x Angel Battleships (the "Sinful Saints"), 3x Serpentis Cruisers and 3x Serpentis Battleships (the "Consumption Junkies"). The closest is at approx. 30km range. No auto-aggro, either on first entry or even if you return after attacking and then warping out. The Serpentis ships will do high damage at very short range, and the Angel battleships will do respectable damage out to 60k. Unfortunately while the Angels are the primary damage threat, the Serpentis ships will sensor damp, so you may want to kill them first anyway. Once group 2 is dead, group 1 should be easy, though they will damp heavily. A couple of the habitation modules drop tourists and various trade goods. Pleasure hubs in this pocket only drop drugs. I did not check any of the walls, bunkers, lookouts or elevators.

Pocket 2: 7x Serpentis cruisers, 3x Angel cruisers, 3x Serpentis battleships and 3x Angel battleships. Immediate aggro from all enemies. I speed tanked the mission at 500m/s at around 50km range from the closest, which was a pain as the Serpentis ships repeately sensor damp, but I had a signal amplifier so it was bearable, might not have been if I hadn't had that. The DPS *seemed* considerably lower in general than it was in the first pocket, but I didn't experience what would happen attempting to sit still and tank at close range. Once they're all dead, take out the Ringmaster Pleasure Hub, it takes a while to beat it down. When you do, a can full of drugs drops, and the Ringmaster pops out in a cruiser, not hard to kill, and you get the item you need from the wreck. No other structures in this pocket dropped anything at all.

Loot: Meh. Bout what you'd expect from mixed Angels and Serpentis. Ditto for the salvage. Got 17 million in bounties though.

Hisec Path Step 11: Intaki Chase

Agent: Mourmarie Mone in Noghere.

Standing Increase: +5.2081% Federal Intelligence Office at Social III

Mission Location: Pemene (three jumps from Noghere)

Enemy: Mostly Gallente, plus 3 Minmatar cruisers (no standing loss)

Recommendations: Inflict thermal/explosive and tank for kinetic and explosive.

Single pocket. Blow up the Intaki Control Tower, which takes a good bit of damage to bring down. Destroying it spawns 2x frigates, 5x cruisers and 6x battleships. Killing the last Syndicate Battleship triggers 3 additional Syndicate Veteran Battleships. Killing the last of those triggers 4 additional Syndicate Veteran Battleships.

These Veteran Battleships are -very- fast and within 20 km they do obscene damage. Even doing 500 m/s in a Machariel with AB, they easily caught up to me and I had to warp out, as they easily broke my tank once they got close. Definitely another long range sniping mission, and will probably require at least one warp out to reestablish distance from the veteran BSs. Do not be shy about warping out, they pile on the damage very quickly, and your normal instincts about how long your tank can survive may not be correct for these enemies. This mission can be done with a heavily tanked BS or T3 cruiser without major kiting.

These battleships seemed to turn around and fly back to their spawn point (even though they still had you locked) once they got some distance from it (somewhere in the 60 to 100 km range, sadly I didn't measure it precisely). This behavior could probably be taken advantage of.

Mission completes when every enemy is dead. None of the other structures contain anything.

Hisec Path Step 12: Rat In A Corner

Agent: Mourmarie Mone in Noghere.

Standing Increase: +4.1632% Federal Intelligence Office at Social III

Report to Ascain Adeset in station Mesybier X - Transtellar Shipping Storage (two jumps from Noghere)

Lowsec Path Step 8: Outside the Scope

Agent: Eron Viette, in station Stetille II - Impetus Publisher

Standing Increase: +7.1719% Impetus Corporation at Social V

Report to Veine Coructie at Vitrauze XI - Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio, 10 jumps away. The missions you’ll be doing in lowsec can be completed in an assault frigate or similar. Don’t risk your battleship; in fact, you wouldn't be able to take it through some of the acceleration gates.

Lowsec Path Step 9: Hidden Camera

Agent: Veine Coructie, in station Vitrauze XI - Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio

Standing Increase: +7.1719% with The Scope at Social V

Mission Location: Hulmate (two jumps from Vitrauze)

Enemy: "Independent" Minmatar (no standing loss)

You are given a Covert Recording Device (1 m3). Put it in your cargo hold and head to the encounter. In the deadspace entry point you will see two acceleration gates which are guarded by five Pator 6 frigates. When these guards are destroyed, take the open gate to the second pocket.

Pocket 1: Here you will fight eight more Pator 6 frigates. When the last of these frigates is destroyed, look for the container with a Destabilizer Datacore, and loot it. Take the acceleration gate back to the deadspace entry point. Using the second, previously locked gate consumes the Destabilizer Datacore you just looted.

Pocket 2: No enemies here. Just drop your Covert Recording Device into the Storage Warehouse container and return to your mission agent in Vitrauze.

Lowsec Path Step 10: Rendezvous

Agent: Veine Coructie, in station Vitrauze XI - Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio

Standing Increase: +7.1719% with The Scope at Social V

Mission Location: Hulmate (two jumps from Vitrauze)

Enemy: “Independent” Minmatar (no standing loss) and The Syndicate

At the deadspace entry point there are four heavy missile batteries and four Pator 6 cruisers. They can deal significant damage, along with neuting and some target painting, but no scramming. You don’t need to destroy the missile batteries (These give a 3.0% standing loss with the Syndicate faction).

Pocket: There are a lot of ships here: 10 cruisers and 11 frigates, a mix of Pator 6 and Syndicate. Fortunately, they are easy to kite in a frigate if you have an afterburner and do good damage from 10km or more. After you’ve destroyed the Pator 6 ships, your agent will ask you to blow up the Headquarters and loot Ralie Ardenne’s Belongings. You don’t need to destroy the Syndicate ships.

Lowsec Path Step 11: Handoff

Agent: Veine Coructie, in station Vitrauze XI - Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio

Standing Increase: +4.6642% with The Scope at Social V

Mission Location: Salmon (one jump from Vitrauze)

Load the Kidnapping Evidence into your cargo hold, and then undock and go drop it off in the container.

Lowsec Path Step 12: With Authority

Agent: Veine Coructie, in station Vitrauze XI - Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio

Standing Increase: +7.1719% with The Scope at Social V

Report to Ascain Adeset at Mesybier X - TransStellar Shipping Storage, 7 jumps away and back in hisec.

Step 13: Places to Hide

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Standing Increase: +0.0341% TransStellar Shipping

When you arrive and speak to Ascain Adeset, you have your second decision of the arc to make, and this one has 3 options. One of them, "Octomet Plantation", is in losec and the mission text suggests doing it in a heavy frigate or battlecruiser. The second, "Oldest Profession", requires travel through losec but the mission itself is apparently in hisec. The third choice is "Little Fingers", the hisec choice, and for this walkthrough that's the path I'll continue to take. Again, I'll try out the losec options in 3 months, or if someone else wants to do and document them here before that, go for it.

Hisec Path Step 14: Little Fingers

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Mission Location: Mesybier

Standing Increase: +3.2551% TransStellar Shipping at Social III

Single pocket, normal space. Four waves, each one appearing after the last one is wiped out.

Recommendations: Inflict thermal/kinetic and tank for kinetic and thermal.

Wave 1: Warping to 0 puts you within 20k of 5x Gallente battleships, which aggro immediately. They do very heavy damage at close range, so I afterburned away and sniped from 80km, where the damage was minimal. The battleships are quite slow, about 100m/s.

Wave 2: 4x Elite Frigates and 4x Elite Battleships. The BS's are insanely fast, easily running down my machariel at 500m/s. Didn't seem to do that much damage though. The last frigate and the last battleship each dropped a can. One contained a legal drug (Amphere 9) and the other a Tattered Doll. The frigates are actually slower than the battleships and were easily sniped from a distance.

Wave 3: 6x rookie battleships. Extremely easy even at very close range.

Wave 4: 4x elite cruisers. They were very fast, but I was 90km from their spawn point and had no difficulty sniping them down before they got close.

Loot: Perhaps I was just lucky, but I got excellent loot (several meta 4's) and salvage (over 7 mil) from this mission.

IMPORTANT: Blow up the structures after you complete the mission. One of them will drop the "Carry On Token" that allows you to bypass two pockets of enemies in the following mission.

Middle Security Path Step 14: Octomet Plantation

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Mission Location: Random

Recommendations: Inflict thermal/kinetic and tank for kinetic and thermal.

This mission is supposed to be in a high sec island that you need to travel through low sec to get to. If that's the case it's not really worth the risk, but sometimes it will mistakenly give you a connected high sec system instead. If so, this mission is an extra 5m reward and considerably easier than Little Fingers with no downside.

First pocket has no enemies; proceed to the second pocket. There are a large number of non-elite cruisers with a few elite cruisers and elite frigates. The elite cruisers will neut, so destroy them first. This mission should pose little risk to a ship equipped to complete the arc. Your objective is the plantation structure.

Be sure to kill the Plantation Customer cruiser. It will drop a "Carry On Token" that will save you time in the next mission.

Step 15: Carry On

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Mission Location: Osmeden (two jumps from Mesybier)

Standing Increase: +3.2551% TransStellar Shipping at Social III

Enemy: Gallente

Recommendations: Inflict thermal/kinetic and tank for all damage types.

Warping to the location reveals two acceleration gates. One of them leads directly to pocket 3 and requires the "Carry On Token" obtainable from structures in the previous step. I has a Toll Both next to it. I forgot to blow up the structures, so I follow the longer path (which I'd want to for the purposes of documentation anyway, so no big loss)

Pocket 1: 6x Cruise Missile Batteries, 3x Cruisers, 8x Battleships. One veteran of each type of ship. The enemy is 50km away, and aggroes immediately. I took out the missile batteries first. Overall a fairly easy pocket.

Pocket 2: 2x Cruise Missile Batteries, 2x Heavy Missile Batteries, 8x Cruisers, 6x Battleships. Enemy is 20km and aggroes immediately, damage is considerable, recommend getting some distance. The battleships are quite slow. Again, I took the batteries out first, and again, the pocket wasn't particularly difficult.

Pocket 3: Where you wind up if you used the Carry On Token. 4x frigates, 4x cruisers, 8x battleships, 3x freighters, 2x industrials. No aggro, 50km distance. Take out the veterans first, the damage from the amateur/rookie ships is negligible even at close range. Also not a very difficult pocket, or mission overall for that matter. The freighters take a -long- time to bring down, by the way, along the lines of a tough structure.

Loot: None of the structures drop any loot. Salvage was quite good, over 8 mil. Freighters dropped many goods - in my case 1200 water, 3520 oxygen, 47 scientists and 29 exotic dancers (woohoo!)

Step 16: Studio I

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Mission Location: Osmeden (two jumps from Mesybier)

Standing Increase: +3.2551% TransStellar Shipping at Social III

Enemy: Gallente

Recommendations: Inflict thermal/explosive and tank for kinetic and thermal.

NOTE: Base reward for this mission is 30 million ISK, with approx 1.5 mil bonus.

Pocket 1: 4x frigates, 5x cruisers, 5x battleships, at about 50km range. Aggroed immediately. Take the veteran/elites out first, they hurt a lot more than the others.

Pocket 2: 9x cruisers, 11x battleships, at about 55km from gate warp-in, immediate aggro. Some of the cruisers can drain cap, so take those out first, then target anything else "elite" next. Note that once in if you bookmark you can warp to it from outside, don't need to take the gate. Once they're all dead, start working on the Studio - I recommend doing so from as far out as you can deal decent damage, so that the coming spawn doesn't appear on top of you. When you hit hull, a tough spawn of 6x elite frigates and 6x elite battleships appear. The BS's are very fast (I estimate about 1000m/s) and hit very hard once within 20km, so blowing them up until they get within that range and then warping out to re-establish distance is prudent. I took out the frigates first at a distance, so can't report if they web or anything else at close range.

Loot: Nothing special, other than a (I presume useless) "Holoreel: Wanted For Love" that dropped in a can from the studio. Salvage was about 4 mil, expected better from such a huge number of battleships, perhaps I was just unlucky. (The original author may have been unlucky, as another came across 18 mil in loot and salvage.)

Step 17: Showtime

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Mission Location: Adacyne (three jumps from Mesybier)

Standing Increase: +3.2551% TransStellar Shipping at Social III

Enemy: Gallente and Minmatar

Single pocket. Every enemy in this mission is elite. Warp in 60k from 5x battleships, 3x cruisers and 5x frigates. The frigates may web and point you so kill them first. The Pator 6 elite battleships are the true challenge in this mission - they're well tanked and fire cruise missiles and artillery that do tremendous damage at quite long range. Ways to beat them are

  • consistently outrange them (>120km range) or
  • to fly a low sig ship like a HAC, T3 or pirate faction cruiser (an armor-tanked Ishtar loaded with Ogre II drones is perfect for this) so the missiles don't hurt as much.
  • 60k EHP buffer with 600 dps active tank is enough to kill several ships before warping out
  • If you can't do either, buy some faction ammo, overheat your weapons and tank and try to burn one down before you're forced to warp out.

This mission isn't deadspace, so you can drop bookmarks and warp out and in again at range as needed. Killing the elite cruisers spawns 6 non-elite cruisers. Killing the last battleship spawns 6 more non-elite battleships (which are quite easy, but destroy them first) plus a named battleship "Rosulf Fririk". Rosulf is pretty nasty, but in comparison to the elite battleship spawn he's actually not that bad. He'll try to kite you at 60km, so you may have trouble with short range weapons unless you're faster than him. Rosulf will drop your mission objective, and you're essentially done with the arc!

Loot: Decent salvage and loot.

Step 18: Where's The Line?

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Standing Increase: +0.0352% TransStellar Shipping

And now comes your final choice in the arc - send the kid you spent all this time rescuing back to his family, or give him back to the bad guys. Saving him gets you the quest "Safe Returns", which does involve one last bit of combat and gets you a Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor, which extends drone range by 26km (This is better even than a Tech 2 DLA and requires much less skill to use). If you choose to give him to the Syndicate, you get the quest "Everybody Has A Price" which nets you a Syndicate Cloaking Device, which is a better Improved Cloaking Device II, with better sensor recalibration time and shorter reactivation delay. Both prizes are nice, but there is significantly more demand for the Drone Link Augmentor.

"Safe Returns" gives faction standing to Gallente. "Everybody Has A Price" gives faction standing to the Syndicate - only really useful if you intend to run missions for them in the Syndicate region.

"Good" Path Step 19: Safe Return

Agent: Ascain Adeset in Mesybier

Standing Increase: +3.2551% TransStellar Shipping and +11.5% Gallente Faction at Social III. No derived standing hits, positive or negative.

Reward: Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor, 26 km bonus to drone range.

Mission Location: Enedore (9 jumps from Mesybier)

Put the kid in the can, and you get a spawn of 2x frigates, 2x cruisers and 7x battleships. Mission is flagged as complete when you make the delivery, so it's not necessary to fight, though they're not too hard.

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