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Each epic mission arc is a special series of missions tied together in a dramatic story. These are often more difficult than standard missions of "equivalent" level, but have better narrative and often better rewards. The last mission in each arc gives a significant faction standing boost - with no derived standings changes to other factions - and may also award a valuable item. Each epic arc has at least one branch point where your decision of how to continue will affect both the story and your rewards.

The epic arcs can involve a lot of travel, but many of the missions can be accepted and/or completed remotely to reduce travel time. Epic arc missions do not expire, and each arc can be repeated every three months.

Epic Mission Arcs -- Sisters of EVE | Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar | Angels | Guristas

Logo faction gallente federation.png
Chapter 1: Impetus

1 Impetus
2 The Tolle Scar
3 Priority One
4 The Averon Exchange
5 A Different Kind of Director
6 Assistance
7 The High or Low Road

Chapter 2a: Scoping The Scene

8 Outside The Scope
9 Hidden Camera
10 Rendezvous
11 Handoff
12 With Authority

Chapter 2b: Eagle Grip

8 Into the Black
9 Poor Man's Shakedown
10 Underground Circus
11 Intaki Chase
12 Rat in a Corner

Chapter 3: Inertia

13 Places to Hide
14a Little Fingers
14b Oldest Profession
14c Octomet Plantation
15 Carry On
16 Studio 1
17 Showtime
18 Where's the Line?
19a Everybody Has a Price
19b Safe Return

"In the outer reaches of Gallente space, you are enlisted on a mission to escort a Federation Senator's son on his way to a holoreel shoot. En route, the boy is kidnapped by pirates. The chase is on, and you must enter the seedier parts of free-wheeling Gallente society in order to find him. Along the way, you'll encounter embedded Scope reporters, upstart Minmatar gangs, retired flesh merchants, and dubious Black Eagle chicanery as you search for the missing boy."

Syndication is the Gallente epic arc. It starts as a job on a movie but then turns into you chasing kidnappers though gallente criminal underworld. This epic arc takes you to the darker side of Gallente society. Not suitable for people who want to keep thinking that the Gallente are the good guys. You also need to get your own hands dirty to complete it.

As with other epic arcs each step *does* count toward your next L4 storyline mission for the Gallente faction. You can repeat this epic arc 3 months after starting it.


The missions in this epic arc have some of the highest DPS found in any L4 mission. A T1 battleship has no chance to properly tank the elite battleships as they deal around 300 DPS and approach into optimal range at 1000 m/s. Despite this the epic arc is completeable in a T1 battleship. This requires the pilot to pay attention to their surroundings and some smart flying. Overheating the tank is almost required sometimes and it is a good idea to fight while aligned and prepared to warp out.

The missions deal various mixtures of kinetic, thermal and explosive damage with some electromagnetic thrown in the mix. Shield battleship is the recommended ship to use as the natural explosive resist of shields is very useful in one of the missions. You should carry full set of hardeners to refit for each mission. For mission 17 "Showtime" it is a good idea to swap propulsion module for extra tank so bring either second explosive hardener, shield boost amplifier or whatever increases your tank for it.

The ships encountered in this epic arc are either weak to Kin/Th or to Ex/Kin so if you can select your damage bring something to hit these resist holes. You can identify which damage and resist profile the ship used from the hull, Gallente/Syndicage/Serpentis ships deal and are weak to Kin/Th while Minmatar/Angel ships deal and are weak to Ex/Kin. Long range fits are the best choice as many of the missions contain elite battleship that deal very high short-range damage. You will also need to bring a salvaging module with you for one of the missions.

This epic arc will incur few faction standing losses towards The Syndicate. A typical set of standing hits would be 1x -3.0% and 9x -0.025% due to ship kills but this varies depending on how certain missions are completed.


Starting Syndication requires +5.00 effective standings either with Gallente Federation faction or with Impetus corporation. The epic arc is started by talking to Roineron Aviviere in Dodixie at Roineron Aviviere (Celestial Beacon). The standings are checked on start only. After this your standing can go below 5.00 as long as they stay above -2.00 with Gallente Federation and mission agent corporations.


This epic arc has a branching end that results in different rewards.

Everybody Has a Price (The Syndicate path):

  • +10% faction standing towards The Syndicate (+12.5% with Social V)
  • 1x Syndicate Cloaking Device

Safe Return (Gallente path):

  • +10% faction standing towards Gallente Federation (+12.5% with Social V)
  • 1x Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor

In addition to these you will gain large sums of isk as mission rewards. Highest individual mission rewards reach 30,000,000 isk.