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"In the heartland of State space, inter-corporate tensions come to the fore as Nugoeihuvi makes a move for some quick ISK, and you must choose who to trust and who to betray. The moral ambiguity continues through to the end, as the player begins to unravel an even darker side to corporate self-interest and the ongoing conflict in Black Rise."

Penumbra is the Caldari State Epic Arc which takes place across many different Regions depending on the path you take.


You will fight:

  • everything up to and including powerful Elite Battleships

If you follow the Hyasyoda path and pick Slipping Away you will get:

  • 10% Caldari State Faction Standing (with no derived standings) and Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab Blueprint Copy (1 run), a Faction Module for Upwell structures
  • 69M ISK

If you follow the Nugoeihuvi path and pick Learning by Doing you will get:

If you follow the either path and pick Home in Peace path you will get:

  • 10% Caldari State Faction Standing (with no derived standings) and 25M ISK
  • 69M extra ISK

Regardless of the path you pick you will get:

  • ~5% Expert Distribution Corporation Standing
  • ~20% Caldari Navy Corporation Standing
  • ~20% Hyasyoda Navy Corporation Standing
  • ~20% Nugoeihuvi Navy Corporation Standing

You will lose:

  • minor amount of Gallente Federation Faction Standing
  • ~3% Serpentis Faction Standing


Consider buying:

  • a Battleship, Strategic or Heavy Assault Cruiser with Kinetic damage and Kinetic and Thermal resistances
  • Travel fit
  • a Blockade Runner for Caldari State path
  • a Data analyzer for Hyasyoda path

You will have to go through Triglavian Minor Victory Systems to reach your objective.

Starting Agent

Penumbra Starting Agent
Agent[1] Corporation[1] Faction[1] System Region Mission
Aursa Kunivuri Expert Distribution Caldari State Josameto[2] The Forge The Intermediary
  1. ^ a b c You need at least -2.00 Standing with all and at least 5.00 Standing with the Agent, their Corporation or Faction.
  2. ^ Nugoeihuvi Information Center Beacon.


The missions in this epic arc are generally short. All the combat missions can be blized by only completing the single given objective. The epic arc requires you to do at least one hauling mission to either low or null security space.

There are also multiple branching missions so you won't need to complete all the missions listed here.

The branching nature of the first chapter. (click to enlarge)

Super blitz

The missions in Penumbra are highly blitzable. This can be further augmented by preparing multiple ships in key locations.


  • Ships at Poinen IV - Moon 13 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio:
    • A strong combat ship. Battleships are good for this.
    • A Travel interceptor. Fit sub 2s align time, MWD and data analyzer.
  • Ships at Uuhulanen VIII - Caldari Navy Logistic Support:
    • A Weaker combat ship. It needs to kill some elite frigates so fit for good application. Also fit a data analyzer. Battlecruisers are good for this.

Arc workout:

  • Grab your interceptor.
  • Start the arc.
  • Complete the fly-around missions with your interceptor.
  • Use your strong combat ship for Their Loss, Our Profit.
  • Use your interceptor for rest of chapter 1 and beginning of chapter 2.
    • Remember to pic Hyasyoda path in the branching mission.
  • Use your second combat ship in Uuhulanen for Right Tool for the Job.
  • Use your interceptor for rest of chapter 2 and beginning of chapter 3.
  • Use your strong battleship for Across the Line.
    • Accept mission with interceptor, grab combat ship from Poinen, do killing, drop off combat ship in Poinen, go back to agent with interceptor.

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