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Each epic mission arc is a special series of missions tied together in a dramatic story. These are often more difficult than standard missions of "equivalent" level, but have better narrative and often better rewards. The last mission in each arc gives a significant faction standing boost - with no derived standings changes to other factions - and may also award a valuable item. Each epic arc has at least one branch point where your decision of how to continue will affect both the story and your rewards.

The epic arcs can involve a lot of travel, but many of the missions can be accepted and/or completed remotely to reduce travel time. Epic arc missions do not expire, and each arc can be repeated every three months.

Epic Mission Arcs -- Sisters of EVE | Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar | Angels | Guristas

Logo faction caldari state.png
Chapter 1: Proof of Intent

1 The Intermediary
2 Trust And Discretion
3 Their Loss, Our Profit
4 The Paths That Are Hidden
5.1a[1] An Honorable Betrayal
5.2a[1] Proof of Intent
5.3a[1] Return to Isha
5.4a[1] Re-examining Options
5b Two Steps Into Hell
5c Playing It Safer
6a[1] Almost Unmasked
7.1a[1] Some Light Theatrics
7.2a[1] Untouchable
6[2] Too Close for Comfort
7b[2] The Crimson Decoy
7c[2] Pre-Emptive Opportunities
8 A General's Best Friend

Chapter 2: Blackness Rising

9 Meet Sinas
10 Right Tool for the Job
11 The Breakout
12 Whisper of a Conspiracy
13 Practical Solutions
14 Forewarning

Chapter 3: The Bottom Line

15a[1] The Knowledge to Act
16a[1] Slipping Away
17a[1] Across the Line
15b[2] A Difference of Opinion
16b[2] Learning by Doing
17b[2] The Price of Silence
16c Home In Peace

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  2. ^ a b c d e f Nugoeihuvi path

"Penumbra" is the Caldari epic arc and as all epic arcs it follows a story that covers some inner dealings of its faction. You are initially hired by an agent of Nugoeihuvi, one of the seven megacorps that run the Caldari State. During the arc you will witness and participate in the power struggle between these megacorps and have the option to defect to the Hyasyoda megacorp.

"In the heartland of State space, inter-corporate tensions come to the fore as Nugoeihuvi makes a move for some quick ISK, and you must choose who to trust and who to betray. The moral ambiguity continues through to the end, as the player begins to unravel an even darker side to corporate self-interest and the ongoing conflict in Black Rise."


To start the Epic Arc you must have a standing of 5.0 or higher with Expert Distribution or the Caldari Faction.

These missions have great rewards, but do require some advanced skills and ships to complete safely. Recommended:

  • You can easily solo Level 4 missions
  • A proper PvE fitted battleship or equally capable ship such as a strategic or heavy assault cruiser. Kinetic is the best damage for all missions with thermal being second best. The incoming damage is also almost completely kinetic and thermal with single mission dealing also electromagnetic damage. The incoming damage is not very high and all combat missions can be blized so some tank can be sacrficed for speed in ship selection.
  • An instawarping frigate (low sec hauling) OR instawarping interceptor (null sec hauling)
  • Data analyzer and ability to use it (only Hyasyoda path)
  • Blockade runner (low sec hauling, only Caldari State path)

Starting the Arc

Penumbra is started by speaking with Aursa Kunivuri, at the Nugoeihuvi Information Center in Josameto ("Beacons" and "Agents in Space" must be visible on the overview). This requires 5.00 standing or higher with either Caldari State faction or Expert Distribution corporation. The agent will not speak to you if you are in the alpha clone state.


The missions in this epic arc are generally short. All the combat missions can be blized by only completing the single given objective. The epic arc requires you to do at least one hauling mission to either low or null security space.

There are also multiple branching missions so you won't need to complete all the missions listed here.

The branching nature of the first chapter. (click to enlarge)


Your choice in mission "Paths That Are Hidden" leads you to either Hyasyoda or Nugoehuvi path blocking the reward from the other corporation. In final chapter both these paths offer Caldari State path as third option.

The Hyasyoda path rewards you with:

  • Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab Blueprint (1 run, 8% ME, 8% TE). The Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab is faction module for Upwell structures. Like the normal research lab the Hyasyoda variant allows blueprint research but uses less fuel and powergrid.
  • 10% Caldari State faction standing increase (12.5 at Social V).

The Nugoehuvi rewards you with:

  • 20x Nugoehuvi Synth Blue Pill Boosters. The boosters increases shield boosting by 5% with no drawbacks for 33 minutes (duration increased by Biology).
  • Caldari State faction standing increase.

The Caldari State path rewards you with

  • 25 million isk.
  • Caldari State faction standing increase.

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