A Difference of Opinion

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Chapter 1: Proof of Intent

1 The Intermediary
2 Trust And Discretion
3 Their Loss, Our Profit
4 The Paths That Are Hidden
5.1a[1] An Honorable Betrayal
5.2a[1] Proof of Intent
5.3a[1] Return to Isha
5.4a[1] Re-examining Options
5b Two Steps Into Hell
5c Playing It Safer
6a[1] Almost Unmasked
7.1a[1] Some Light Theatrics
7.2a[1] Untouchable
6[2] Too Close for Comfort
7b[2] The Crimson Decoy
7c[2] Pre-Emptive Opportunities
8 A General's Best Friend

Chapter 2: Blackness Rising

9 Meet Sinas
10 Right Tool for the Job
11 The Breakout
12 Whisper of a Conspiracy
13 Practical Solutions
14 Forewarning

Chapter 3: The Bottom Line

15a[1] The Knowledge to Act
16a[1] Slipping Away
17a[1] Across the Line
15b[2] A Difference of Opinion
16b[2] Learning by Doing
17b[2] The Price of Silence
16c Home In Peace

  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j Hyasyoda path
  2. ^ a b c d e f Nugoeihuvi path

ObjectiveChoose your path
ExtraYou choice decides the final reward
Mission briefing
<Character>, good. I talked to that old friend of mine about a compromise between Ishukone and the other corporations, and we've managed to come up with a solution he believes they'll agree to.

We're meeting shortly, but I wanted to update you on the progress. I believe we can solve this amicably, without pushing Ishukone into a corner. I can't imagine a better result myself, given the current situation.

It comes down to you, though. I'm not about to pretend that Katsen doesn't still have other ideas about how to deal with this. My guess is that he wants you to keep digging, to properly back Ishukone into a corner. Well, you're free to go off and start that war if you think it's necessary, but I won't be there alongside you.

Sometimes conflict isn't the solution. Take it from a man who has been fighting his whole life. There's some things my guns could never change, <Character>. Either you understand that and you're with me, or you can go the other way and learn the lesson yourself.

I'll push for a compromise either way, but it would help to have you in my corner on this one, more than you might appreciate.

Learning by Doing >>
From the looks of things, you're not coming with me on this last leg, are you? I can tell you share Katsen's conviction on this. You want Ishukone to pay for looking after their own people and turning their back on the rest. Well, I can understand it, <Character>. It's admirable even, but not something I can support. You can't teach a Caldari ethics by holding a gun to their head; things just don't work that way, no matter how well-intentioned.

Well, like I say, this is something for you to figure out yourself. Maybe someday you'll recognize your error. Until then, safe flying my egger friend. Regardless of anything else, you've done more for me, and more for those people out there, than most others would do in a lifetime. I may disagree with how you're handling the endgame, but what got you here was a good head and a good heart.

Good luck with whatever you do, and try to remember what I said.

Home in Peace >>
If I'm honest, I wasn't sure that you and I would ever see one another again. I know that Katsen probably offered you all kinds of things to continue pursuing Ishukone. You didn't take it though, so good work. Maybe there were other temptations, perhaps? A few other bets you were hedging on the side? Hmm, yes, don't worry, I won't push the matter, but something tells me perhaps you're starting to appreciate things many Caldari forget to.

So then…let me catch you up. My friend and I believe a deal can be struck easily if we can put aside the question of moving recovered Ishukone personnel to their Headquarters in Malkalen. If you were to offer your help, it would lend a tremendous amount of credibility to the operation. Ishukone may not trust you, but they trust the Navy, and they will trust that you have the ability to do the job, if not the loyalty. Personally, I know you'll do what's right. You wouldn't be here otherwise.

There's a huge risk here though, <Character>. You'll be moving people from a low-security system in a warzone through to the heartlands of State space. Thousands of lives will depend on your ability to maintain a low profile.

The last choice, select:

  • Home In Peace: leads to 25m ISK and Caldari State Faction standing increase as final reward
  • Learning by Doing: leads to 20 Nugoehuvi Synth Blue Pill Boosters and Caldari State Faction standing increase as final reward
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