Almost Unmasked

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Caldari epic arc - Penumbra
Chapter 1 - Proof of Intent
Previous mission: Two Steps Into Hell OR Playing It Safer
Next mission: Some Light Theatrics

ObjectiveReport to Arikio Kuretsu in Wuos (Wuos V - Moon 1 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mining Outpost)
Rewards250,000 + 1,690,000 (Bonus if completed in 6H)
Mission briefing
Ah, you're back, <Character>. Good. I hope your journey out toward Syndicate hasn't left you too burned out; I'm going to need you to act quickly on something else. It turns out we have one more loose end to tie up.

My people tell me that Hyasyoda have already launched an investigation into the blueprint theft. Worse yet, I am hearing talk about the sort of funding coming their way. The amounts are disconcerting — enough to pay for a capsuleer's services in addition to a whole fleet of mercenaries and investigators. The situation is dangerous for us, <Character>. Our tracks are well covered, but, as they often say at Hyasyoda, only the paranoid survive.

They've deployed their security wing, the Corporate Police Force, into “various locations of interest.” I've learned that Onirvura was listed as an area to investigate. They're right here in the constellation, setting up a temporary base for interrogation and imprisonment. Fortunately for us, the CPF has hired a mercenary crew to handle facility defense while they set up. This gives us an opportunity to strike at them without it constituting a direct attack on Hyasyoda personnel. That is simply not an option.

I cannot guarantee how long these mercenaries will be on duty, however, nor what kind of reaction your arrival on scene will provoke. What I do know is that if you can destroy the Logistics Center quickly, it will set them back weeks. The paths that lead back to us will undoubtedly have faded by the time they can resume their investigation.

Hyasyoda is one of the oldest of the Caldari megacorporations, having been formed shortly after first contact with Gallente when the Caldari were still in their Industrial Age. Throughout State history, Hyasyoda executives have always been conservative and cautious. As a result the corporation has informally claimed as theirs the age old Caldari saying, “only the paranoid survive.”

Report to Arikio Kuretsu in Wuos (Wuos V - Moon 1 - Hyasyoda Corporation Mining Outpost). 5 jumps in high sec to talk to Arikio Kuretsu - take a data analyzer and hacking ship for the next mission.