A General's Best Friend

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Caldari epic arc - Penumbra
Chapter 1 - Proof of Intent
Previous mission: The Crimson Decoy OR Pre-Emptive Opportunities OR Untouchable
Next mission: Meet Sinas in Chapter 2 - Blackness Rising

FactionGallente Federation
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistThermal damage ThKinetic damage KinElectromagnetic damage EM
EWARSensor Dampening
Ship suggestionFrigate with MWD
Rewards5,000,000 + 1,330,000 (Bonus if completed in 6H)
ExtraStanding hit for kills. No need to kill.
Mission briefing
Ah, <Character>, welcome back. Word filtered back to me that the Hyasyoda investigation came to an abrupt and explosive halt. Good work.

Now that we're in the clear, we're free to pursue the matter I mentioned earlier. There's someone I wanted you to meet. I'm afraid I can't do it myself; he and I must be careful not to be associated with one another. This is not for any good reason, <Character>, it is simply the way our judgmental world works. A Caldari Navy officer of his kind cannot afford the rumors that a friendship with me brings. You will learn though, in time, how little truth there is to them. You've already shown a great capacity to see through the surface of things, to the heart. You wouldn't be here still if that wasn't the case.

My friend's name is Sinas Egassuo. He is a man in a similar position to me, working quietly in the engine room, seeking results, not glory. He too, works as an Advisor, and almost every important operation undertaken by our Navy in the last decade bears his imprint. You will hear talk of Caldari patriots in your time in the State, and doubtless already have. This man is a living definition of one.

You will find him somewhere around Liekuri, just look for the Caldari Navy compound in the system, and be careful. He may not be known and loved by the Caldari people, but the leadership of the Gallente Navy is well acquainted with him and his work, and has long wanted him dead. His outfit deals with assassins and bounty hunters on a daily basis. Expect nothing less when you find the compound.

Oh, and if his surname seems familiar that's because you've probably met his sister. She works as a capsuleer liaison for the Navy's Command Division in Motsu. I wouldn't mention anything about her though; sisters are a sore spot for him.

The Patriot Faction
The patriot faction has become increasingly influential since the breakdown in relations with the Federation. The patriots are led by the mighty Kaalakiota Corporation although Lai Dai and Wiyrkomi are often just as vocal in their beliefs. The patriots cultivate the Caldari heritage, reminisce about the great Raata Empire of old and joyously celebrate the reclamation of their homeworld, Caldari Prime.

The mission consists of warpin area and one deadspace pocket. In waprin area

If you want to engage the ships and collect Navy Tags you will get negative standing hits for ship kill / aggression. The ships don't do a lot of damage up close. Best to align out as soon as the Gallente Navy Sin Battleship spawns to gain range. The Gallente Navy Arazu Cruiser fires Thunderbolt missiles which put out a lot of EM damage, so fit your tank accordingly.

Blitz: Quickly approach and activate Newly Constructed Acceleration Gate (Not locked) and proceed to second pocket. No need to engage Gallente ships. In second pocket approach the Caldari Navy outpost and complete the mission. A frigate with MWD will be able to take the acceleration gate before the defenders have time to attack it.


The defenders will de-cloak as you approach the Newly Constructed Acceleration Gate. The acceleration gate is 34 km away and not locked.

Gate defenders

Frigate 5 x Frigate Gallente Navy Nemesis Remote Sensor Dampener
Cruiser 10 x Cruiser Gallente Navy Arazu Remote Sensor Dampener
Battleship 6 x Battleship Gallente Navy Sin Remote Sensor Dampener

2nd pocket

The second pocket has no combat. Approach objective structure - Caldari Navy Outpost - to trigger agent conversation and mission completion. No structures drop loot.

This mission can be completed remotely and the next mission can be started remotely.

Completing this mission takes you to chapter 2 of Penumbra