Across the Line

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Chapter 1: Proof of Intent

1 The Intermediary
2 Trust And Discretion
3 Their Loss, Our Profit
4 The Paths That Are Hidden
5.1a[1] An Honorable Betrayal
5.2a[1] Proof of Intent
5.3a[1] Return to Isha
5.4a[1] Re-examining Options
5b Two Steps Into Hell
5c Playing It Safer
6a[1] Almost Unmasked
7.1a[1] Some Light Theatrics
7.2a[1] Untouchable
6[2] Too Close for Comfort
7b[2] The Crimson Decoy
7c[2] Pre-Emptive Opportunities
8 A General's Best Friend

Chapter 2: Blackness Rising

9 Meet Sinas
10 Right Tool for the Job
11 The Breakout
12 Whisper of a Conspiracy
13 Practical Solutions
14 Forewarning

Chapter 3: The Bottom Line

15a[1] The Knowledge to Act
16a[1] Slipping Away
17a[1] Across the Line
15b[2] A Difference of Opinion
16b[2] Learning by Doing
17b[2] The Price of Silence
16c Home In Peace

  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j Hyasyoda path
  2. ^ a b c d e f Nugoeihuvi path

ObjectiveRetrieve Deteis Family (0.1 m3)
FactionCaldari State
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Warp disruptionElite Frigates
Ship suggestionBattleship
Rewards+10% Caldari State Faction Standing + Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab Blueprint Copy (1 run)
ExtraNo Caldari State Faction Standing loss; High damage
Mission briefing
Welcome back to Wuos, <Character>, it's reassuring to see you here, I have to admit. After all that time undercover, we were starting to worry that you'd forgotten your loyalties. Here you are though, and you've come bearing all kinds of vital information. Your loyalty and commitment is not characteristic of your kind, but then, everything about you has exceeded expectations. I have little doubt that on this last, most important mission, you will not fail me either.

Katsen Isha is a man gifted with considerable political acumen, and his known associates make for a long list of people I don't want to screw around with. We have learned a great deal from the information you've leaked us and uncovered much of the important details about this man. For the longest time, he seemed incorruptible and untouchable; a man with no bad habits, no sordid secrets and no exploitable desires, all surrounded by some serious corporate heavyweights. That impression of him has changed.

Although you helped us find a number of interesting things, we recently followed up on a lead you provided us and stumbled upon something that utterly dwarfs anything else so far unearthed. We have identified the one thing that he actually cares about; his family. We also have the coordinates of their current location in our possession.

It's unfortunate, I'm not about to pretend otherwise, but if capturing his family is the only way to get a genuine assurance of silence out of this man, then it is the path we must tread. Isha is bordering damn close to treason already, he deserves far worse. We cannot let Ishukone's operations be undone because of Nugoeihuvi's lust for profit. The notion that he would try to blackmail us on such a thing speaks volumes about the values held dear by NOH.

If you are willing to help us, then I can give you the coordinates of a central Nugoeihuvi Storage facility; a quiet but well protected little area that NOH staff use to store their ships and documents. Nobody would ever want to live there, and nobody actually living there would ever be that comfortable. It's the perfect place for a man with many enemies to hide what he values most.

Thousands of Caldari prisoners are depending on us to save them, and now it comes down to you, <Character>. Either our operation can continue under the radar, and thousands can be saved, or it can become a scandal that costs us ISK, our reputations, and the lives of countless Caldari. Isha must be stopped.

From Crielere; a parable told to all aspiring young Caldari
“There once was a great rich merchant,” she began hesitantly, suddenly all too aware that all eyes in the room were on her. But she plunged on regardless, steeling her nerves. “He lived to a grand old age and possessed every wealth a man could dream of. Many looked to him in awe or envy, coveting his treasures and desiring to imitate his great successes. Yet the old man was never happy and on his deathbed, a young clerk working for him asked: ‘You must feel that your life has been one great success story, what with all the wealth you have accumulated.'

But the old man replied. ‘My life has been one of misery and sorrow. As a young man I chose wealth over family, discarding the love of my life. When I die all that I will leave behind in the world is money. But money is the same all over, mine is no different from anyone else's. Once my wealth has been scattered, all that I will be is dust and vague memories. My life is a failure young man, don't make the same mistakes I did.'

Video: Typhoon

Ungated semi-deadspace pocket four jumps away in Ishisomo.

Blitz: create Bookmarks, destroy the Nugoeihuvi Caretaker, warp to the Office Facility and grab the Deteis Family.


  • You can freely warp inside the pocket
  • You always land at the beacon when you warp from the outside
  • Fire your long range weapon and warp to another location to avoid getting hit


Nugoeihuvi Central Storage Facility
This unassuming facility appears to house a number of different storage departments, allowing Nugoeihuvi staff to safely stow away anything from ships to chemical goods. As with most of these compounds, all goods are held in the strictest of confidence. Nugoeihuvi maintains complete discretion through the application of lethal force to anyone foolish enough to venture in to these dens of secrets. Regardless of their intentions, those who have crossed the line inside can never be allowed to live.

Defenders spawn when you attack or approach the Nugoeihuvi Caretaker at 130 km.

Initial Spawn (160 km)

Elite Battleship 1 x Elite Battleship Nugoeihuvi Caretaker

Structures (160 km)

Container 1 x Office Facility Locked until Nugoeihuvi Caretaker is destroyed. Deteis Family

Defenders (160 km)

Elite Frigate 13 x Elite Frigate Nugoeihuvi Elite Frigate Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 4 x Elite Cruiser Nugoeihuvi Elite Cruiser Target Jammer
Battleship 3 x Battleship Nugoeihuvi Battleship (Shogun)
Elite Battleship 3 x Elite Battleship Nugoeihuvi Battleship (Nagashin)
Elite Battleship 1 x Elite Battleship Nugoeihuvi Caretaker
Mission debriefing
You've done it, <Character>. You've actually done it. Those people are, without a doubt, Katsen Isha's family. We can guarantee his silence now, an absolutely excellent result.

You've brought a potentially disastrous situation to a clean and comfortable end. We are all indebted to you for it, particularly those whose lives will be spared when our rescue teams continue to find them out there, waiting for someone. Your actions give us all hope.

I know it hasn't been an easy journey for you; getting mixed up in the machinations of corporate agendas and personal grudges is never pleasant. It's the darker side to our society, and not something anyone ever wants to contend with. The way you handled everything however, it was exemplary. If only more Caldari would work for peace and stability like you did, we would be faring even better as a nation.

I'd like to give you something as thanks. I'm sure it's not much to a capsuleer like you, but all the same, we in Hyasyoda would like you to have it. We salvaged it from the research facility that Serpentis overtook – the same one you were misled into raiding. I like to think that it will remind you of everything you accomplished, and that good things can come out of bad situations if you only work at it.

Thank you once again, <Character>, and fly safe. We won't forget what you've done for us.