A Different Kind of Director

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Chapter 1: Impetus

1 Impetus
2 The Tolle Scar
3 Priority One
4 The Averon Exchange
5 A Different Kind of Director
6 Assistance
7 The High or Low Road

Chapter 2a: Scoping The Scene

8 Outside The Scope
9 Hidden Camera
10 Rendezvous
11 Handoff
12 With Authority

Chapter 2b: Eagle Grip

8 Into the Black
9 Poor Man's Shakedown
10 Underground Circus
11 Intaki Chase
12 Rat in a Corner

Chapter 3: Inertia

13 Places to Hide
14a Little Fingers
14b Oldest Profession
14c Octomet Plantation
15 Carry On
16 Studio I
17 Showtime
18 Where's the Line?
19a Everybody Has a Price
19b Safe Return

ObjectiveReport to Eron Viette
Rewards5M ISK + 1M ISK (6h)
Mission briefing
I'm glad to see that you're willing to stick around with us on this, <Character>. The person I've been instructed to refer you to is our Regional Director. I don't have his current location, but I can put you in touch with one of his secretaries. You can find her at Impetus offices in Stetille, Planet 2.

I can tell them you're on the way, if you think you have time to make the appointment?

Accept the Mission remotely.

Report to Eron Viette nine jumps away in Stetille II - Impetus Publisher.


  • You only need to run one encounter mission for this agent before moving to the next chapter hub, it may not be worth moving everything here just for this one mission.