A Different Kind of Director

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Gallente epic arc - Syndication
Chapter 1 - Impetus
Previous mission: The Averon Exchange
Next mission: Assistance

ObjectiveReport to Eron Viette in Stetille system (~9j)
Rewards5,000,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
I'm glad to see that you're willing to stick around with us on this, <Character>. The person I've been instructed to refer you to is our Regional Director. I don't have his current location, but I can put you in touch with one of his secretaries. You can find her at Impetus offices in Stetille, Planet 2.

I can tell them you're on the way, if you think you have time to make the appointment?

Mission can be accepted remotely. Starting conversation with Eron Viette completes the mission objective.

Tip: You only need to run one encounter mission for this agent before moving to the next chapter hub, it may not be worth moving everything here just for this one mission.