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Scoping The Scene is the low sec choice for second chapter of Gallente epic arc. All NPC ships encountered here are Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser hull only, no Battleships. If you have the skills for traveling in low sec and a ship suitable for the task the low sec chapter is faster than the high sec option.

These missions will each reward you with a bit over 5% Scope corporation standing gain.


Mission 8 - Outside The Scope

ObjectiveReport to Veine Coructie in Vitrauze System
Rewards5,000,000 isk + time bonus
Mission briefing
Although our Regional Director would like this matter taken to the authorities, there is a more discreet option for handing this delicate situation. As a universal leader in the entertainment industry, Impetus maintains many close ties with other media outlets. One of our many partners is the Scope, who has been very kind in reviewing our various blockbuster holoreels over the past few years. I can send you to Veine Coructie, a local editor for the Scope. He is very trustworthy, and he can provide a lot of information about suspicious activity in the area.

I must warn you that choosing this route will take you into low-security space. Though I do not recommend this choice, there may be more lucrative opportunities with the Scope than here with the FIO. Any news agency would pay dearly for the information you have, and the Scope is one of the biggest news agencies around. However, there are more risks involved with this option.

Low-Security Space
Veine Coructie is in Vitrauze, a lowsec system of New Eden. CONCORD's presence is barely felt in that area, and pirates and other dangers lurk throughout. Be prepared for a fight while flying through lowsec.

However, the less secure the space, the more lucrative the opportunities. There are riches to be found in lowsec, if one can survive long enough to reach them.

Starting conversation with Veine Coructie in station completes the mission objective.

Tip: Make Undock Spot and Safe Spots in system first before docking and talking to agent.

Mission 9 - Hidden Camera

ObjectivePlace 1x Covert Recording Device (1.0 m3) in Storage Warehouse at Pator 6's hideout
FactionPator 6 (Minmatar)
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExElectromagnetic damage EM
Damage to resistThermal damage ThExplosive damage Ex
EWAREnergy neutralizing
Rewards10,000,000 isk + time bonus
Mission briefing
Our sources have caught wind of the situation, Hirmuolio Pine, though I'm glad you contacted us. We won't go public with this information yet, as that would be against our ethics as journalists. However, we will aid you in uncovering information on the missing child. Senator Ardanne has not always been kind to the media, but there's no reason to hold a grudge against him in a time like this.

We've been keeping tabs on the Pator 6 for a while now. They're mostly low-level criminals, but their name has been popping up a lot recently, especially in relation to kidnapping cases. I haven't seen them do anything this high profile, though.

Our first course of action is to see if we can plant a bug in a known Pator 6 hangout. Hodts Ergre, one of our more experienced investigative reporters, managed to acquire an access code to this place. We'd like you to place a covert recording device in their hideout. Hodts will open the gate, and you'll sneak in and plant the goods. This is a stealth operation, so it would probably be best if you fly something inconspicuous. I'm not saying you should go out there completely defenseless; as you know there are more pirates around here than just the Pator 6.

You can take any ship you want, but I highly recommend a frigate-sized vessel. A battleship will definitely tip them off that you‘re up to no good.

At warpin point Hodts Ergre (friendly) will let you though the acceleration gate. No faction standing losses from ship kills.

1st room

Hodts Ergre is attacked and his 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey is taken by some fleeing Pator 6 ships. The room has two acceleration gates, one of which is unlocked after rats are dead. Go throught the unlocked gate.


Frigate 5 x Frigate Pator 6 Comrade
Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate A
Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate B

2nd room A

The second room contains acceleration gate back to first room. Grab the 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey (0.1 m3) from the container that spawns next to one of the frigate wrecks and return to first room through the acceleration gate.

After you return to first room use the other acceleration gate that was locked. With the passkey it will let you into the third room.


Frigate 6 x Frigate Pator 6 Rookie
Frigate 2 x Frigate Pator 6 Veteran Energy Neutralizer Will drop container that contains 1x 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey

2nd room B

No NPC's, place 1x 'Covert Recording Device' (1.0 m3) in 'Pator 6 Storage Warehouse' container to complete mission onjective.

Mission 10 - Rendezvous

ObjectiveRetrive 1x "Ralie Ardanne's Belongings" (1.0 m3)
FactionPator 6 (Minmatar/Gallente), The Syndicate
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExThermal damage Th (minmatr ships),Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th (gallente/Serpentis ships)
Damage to resistThermal damage ThKinetic damage KinExplosive damage Ex
Warp disruptionElite Frigates
EWAREnergy neutralizing and target painting
Ship size limitT2 Battlecruisers and below
Rewards25,000,000 isk + time bonus
Mission briefing
The bug appears to be working well. We've been picking up a lot of messages from the Pator 6. For such a relatively small-time gang, they have quite a large network established. I don't know why we haven't noticed them earlier. We'll have to keep this bug going for a bit. There are a few breaking stories in there, or at least some info we could sell.

While the Pator 6 has a rather large foothold throughout the region, we heard one system repeated over and over again: Palmon. I asked some of my sources in that system, and they sent me the coordinates of some sort of junkyard with a lot of traffic from unlicensed Minmatar pilots. I have a distinct feeling that the kid is there, or at least he was at one point...

Hang on. We just intercepted a message from our bug. Looks like the Pator 6 is expecting company soon. Time to crash the party. See who the meeting is with, and try to bring back something we can pin on the gang. We need evidence that Ralie was there if we're going to bust this case open. Gotta warn you, though: A battleship won't be much good here. From what I've seen, they have a means of keeping battleships out of their hideouts. Thus, don't take one on this mission.

The acceleration gate at warpin is locked. Destroy all NPCs to unlock the gate. No Faction Standing loss for destroying these ships. At the deadspace entry point there are four heavy missile batteries and four Pator 6 cruisers. They can deal significant damage, along with neuting and some target painting, but no points. You don’t need to destroy the missile batteries (These give a 3.0% standing loss with the Syndicate faction).


Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Pator 6 Ambusher
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Pator 6 Veteran Ambusher Energy Neutralizer Target Painter
Sentry 4 x Sentry Pator 6 Heavy Missile Battery

First room

There are a lot of ships here: 10 cruisers and 11 frigates, a mix of Pator 6 and Syndicate. Fortunately, they are easy to kite in a frigate if you have an afterburner and do good damage from 10km or more. After all ships are destroyed, Agent gives instructions to destroy Pator 6 HQ Structure. Destroying Pator 6 HQ flags the mission completed. Retrive 1x "Ralie Ardanne's Belongings" (1.0 m3) and return to Agent.

Group 1 (36 km)
Frigate 3 x Frigate Pator 6 Frigate
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser Pator 6 Cruiser
Group 2 (44 km)
Elite Frigate 3 x Elite Frigate Pator 6 Elite Frigate Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Pator 6 Common Cruiser
Group 3 (48 km)
Frigate 3 x Frigate Syndicate Frigate
Elite Frigate 2 x Elite Frigate Syndicate Elite Frigate Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Syndicate Cruiser

Mission 11 - Handoff

ObjectiveDeliver 1x Kidnapping Evidence (0.1 m3) to 'Scope' satellite station
Mission briefing
Truth is the fundamental goal of any good reporter, and we've uncovered enough of it to create a media storm. The power of the press is unprecedented in its ability to sway the general public, create massive sympathy for an unknown issue, and to create a massive backlash against nefarious groups. When we present this evidence on the holovids, there's no hope for the Syndicate. Their reputation will be ruined if anything happens to the kid. This is the power of the media.

We have a satellite station that we like to use for these important broadcasts. It's safely hidden in a secret location in case there's any blowback from our special reports. Take this evidence and drop it off at the station. We'll use that to raise awareness of this case, blow it right open, and turn the wrath of the unwashed masses on the Syndicate.

This mission has no combat. Place 1x Kidnapping Evidence (0.1 m3) into 'Dead Drop' container next to Scope Station to trigger Black Eagles spawn and complete the mission. Do not attack the ships present in the mission.

Mission 12 - With Authority

ObjectiveReport to Ascain Adeset in Mesybier System
Rewards1,000,000 isk + time bonus
Mission briefing
That Black Eagle agent gave me the name of a TransStellar Shipping employee: Ascain Adeset. Looking in to our records, she's had a pretty nasty past, especially in the human trafficking business. She had a rather spectacular arrest about twenty years ago. Looks like she's been clean for a few years and is doing some legit business now. I'll bet that she turned rat in prison.

Ascain's currently located in Mesybier. Best to follow the Feds and talk to her.

Starting a conversation with Ascain Adeset after docking in station completes the mission.

Completing this mission leads to Chapter 3 - Inertia.

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