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This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: needs more information

Serpentis COSMOS in Fountain is one of the null security COSMOS. As with other null security COSMOS content there is not much information available.


Agent Standing req Faction Location
Goligere Debanelis none Serpentis 9-VO0Q
Gomosabin Zerdanne none Serpentis 9-VO0Q
Juvoire Sche none Serpentis IR-WT1
Ravacesel Roque none Serpentis XF-TQL
Oguet Aene none Serpentis YZS5-4
Kaymotin Gradance 6.00 Serpentis A8-XBW
Bley Oreriel 6.00 Serpentis A8-XBW
Cliene Veine 6.00 Serpentis A8-XBW
Jarvas Ladier 6.00 Serpentis A8-XBW
Wessette Gauze 6.00 Serpentis A8-XBW
Jaquon Jalibar 8.50 Serpentis MN5N-X
Luthetion Preque 9.20 Serpentis MN5N-X
Hara Lafleur 9.90 Serpentis MN5N-X
Barou Lardoss 6.00 Gallente Federation IGE-RI

COSMOS sites

No known COSMOS sites.

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