Jaquon Jalibar

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Jaquon Jalibar
Jaquon Jalibar.jpg
Level 4
Location MN5N-X (-0.3)
Affiliation Serpentis Corporation

Improving Relations

Improving Relations
Level 4
Type Security
Objective Transport 1 x Federation Navy Squad Leader Insignia (0.1 m³) to -0.3 Jaquon Jalibar's Daredevil in MN5N-X. (Low Sec Warning!)
Rewards 1 x Daredevil Blueprint (2 runs, copy, material level: 20, time efficiency: 8). Bonus reward: 1,900,000 ISK (4 hours).
Extra This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.
Mission briefing
We have a policy here within the Serpentis that our more prominent members fly a suitable ship according to their status, both to give them an edge during combat and to uphold our image, especially within our borders. We have recently decided to extend this benefit to mercenaries or freelancers employed by us that have shown admirable bravery and skill in the field, or earned the right through countless hours of dedicated service to our corporations.

As you undoubtedly already know I have been assigned the task of allocating these ships to their deserved owners. After looking at your record, we decided that you, <Character>, are worthy of such an honor. There is just one catch, since you aren't an official member we need something in exchange for this gift. Cough up 1 x Federation Navy Squad Leader Insignia and the Daredevil Blueprint is yours.