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Areas of operation

Abyssal Deadspace
Abyssal Proving Grounds

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Past operations

Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 1 & 2)
Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 3)

Triglavian minor victory systems are systems in which Triglavian Collective forces have permanent presence in empire space. These systems were won by Triglavian side during Third chapter of Triglavian invasion but were not the correct type to be eglible to turn into final liminality and be integrated into Pochven.

These systems are partrolled by Triglavian rats and are dangerous for people with zero or negative Triglavian standing.


Features that set Triglavian minor victory systems apart from normal systems:

  • Partrolling Triglavian fleets. These warp around the system and can be found on stargates, statons, asteroid belts and POCOs.

System wide effects

The Stellar Fleet Deployment Site in each Triglavian minor victory exerts system wide effects to the system.

Structure Name Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4
Dazh Liminality Locus 25% bonus to remote armor repair 25% bonus to remote shield boost 30% penalty to warp speed 50% penalty to maximum locked targets

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